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so what bands have you seen live?

In no particular order:

  • Trivium
  • Iron Maiden (twice)
  • Machine Head
  • Metallica
  • Cartel
  • VersaEmerge (doing a Britney Spears cover set)
  • Say Anything (doing a Misfits cover set)
  • The Receiving End of Sirens
  • Volbeat
  • The Wonder Years (twice)
  • Alice Cooper
  • System of a Down
  • blessthefall
  • Reel Big Fish
  • The Birthday Massacre
  • Tonight Alive

I’ll also be seeing Babymetal in May!

I’ve seen other bands, too, but I either don’t remember them or didn’t like them and saw no point in putting them on that list.

Now you’re sitting at your candle-lit table…
Red dress and glass case, you’re on display.
Now your customary conversation is right on track.
Are you nervous? Your lips are quivering with fear
of saying the wrong thing. Don’t be afraid.
—  Cities Built on Sand//VersaEmerge

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- name: skyler, sky, skye, art or however you please
- favorite fandom: … i try to stay away from the ~fandom side~ of things because it tends to make me stressed so
- countries you’ve lived in: brazil
- languages you speak: portuguese and english fluently. and i know spanish and the basics of french.
- favorite film of 2015: i think it was ‘inside out’
- last article you read: i can’t remember 
- shuffle your song library and put the first three titles here: You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch - VersaEmerge; Damned if I do ya, damned if I don’t - All Time Low; Won’t Get Fooled Again - The Who.
- last thing you bought online: the last thing i paid forwas enrollment to a psychology lecture. the last thing i bought was years ago and i think it might have been books and cds at amazon, but i’m not sure.
- last person you dreamed of: oh, shit. i can’t remember.
- any reoccurring dreams: a few, but i’d prefer to keep them between me and my psychologist (:
- any fears/phobias: no phobias, but i’m afraid of needles and bees. 
- how would your friends describe you: ‘the girl who is always on her computer, for fuck’s sake, *insert my real name*, stop looking at the computer screen while you talk to us’
- how would your enemies describe you: i don’t have enemies so
- would you take a bullet for someone: maybe
- if you had money to spare, what would you buy first: i think i’d actually invest some money first

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music recommendations? IDK what kind of music you tend to like, but check these out, in case you like them: moon ep by m|o|o|n, fixed at zero by versaemerge, and heart that's pounding by sally seltmann

I really liked m|o|o|n, I think I remember hearing Hydrogen in a club once? 

how did I pull off getting this url without hyphens or weird spelling nonsense?

answer:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but I’m hella glad I did. it’s the first versaemerge song I ever fell in love with and still remains one of my favorites.

I needed a change so here I am.


Live Music Master List

Here’s a running list (because I like to make lists) of live shows I have have been to and am planning to go to. When I get around to it I will add in the venues.

  • Sugarland 10/27/2004
  • Panic! At The Disco 3/30/2007
  • My Chemical Romance + Muse 4/24/2007
  • 99x Big Day Out: Plain White T’s + The Bravery + more that I don’t really remember 6/2/2007
  • Disco Balls and Blow Up Dolls Tour: Metro Station +TYGA + Cash Cash +The White Tie Affair 11/9/2009
  • 21st Century Breakdown Tour: Green Day + Kaiser Chiefs 8/1/2009
  • Craig Morgan + Big & Rich 8/23/2009
  • Love Drunk Tour: VersaEmerge, Rocket to the Moon + The Maine + Cobra Starship + Boys Like Girls 11/8/2009
  • AFI 11/16/2009
  • Hoodwink: The Maine (Everclear) + Say Anything (The Misfits) + Motion City Soundtrack (Nine Inch Nails) + Save the Day (Weezer’s Pinkerton) 4/30/2010
  • Bamboozle Day 1: Hanson + Escape the Fate + I Set My Friends On Fire + Bullet for My Valentine + Something Corporate 5/1/2010
  • Bamboozle Day 2: All the Day Holiday + Hey Monday + Fun. +nevershoutnever + Ke$ha +Motion City Sountrack 5/2/2010
  • Too Fast For Love Tour: Cobra Starship + 3OH!3 + Travis McCoy + I Fight Dragons 6/7/2010
  • Green Day + AFI 8/9/2010
  • 30 Seconds to Mars 1/28/2011
  • Wake Up! Tour: Me Talk Pretty + Hawthorne Heights + Madina Lake + The Young Electric 1/21/2012
  • Fall Out Boy + New Politics 6/12/2013
  • Too Weird to Live! Too Rare to Die! Tour: Panic! at the Disco + The Colourist 2/07/2014 (CANCELED: Broke Floor)
  • Styx & Foreigner 5/24/2014
  • The Gospel Tour: Panic! at the Disco + Walk the Moon + Youngblood Hawke 8/16/2014
  • New Politics 10/21/2014
  • The Academy Is… + Partybaby12/5/2015
  • Twenty One Pilots + Echo Smith + The Finish Ticket 10/6/2015
  • Camp In Day One: Cracker + Kevn Kinney - 1/28/2016
  • 105.7’s Party Gras: New Politics + Kick the Robot 2/6/2016
  • (maybe yeah? Maybe no?) Vinyl Theatre + The Finish Ticket 2/19/2016
  • of Montreal 3/26/2016