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You're Curvy

You’re Curvy

Liam: And you honestly try to hide. Always wearing baggy clothing, anything to disfigure your figure. You didn’t even wear shorts in the summer because you thought they made you look bigger. This was all before Liam, though. After meeting him and eventually dating him you began to feel confident and sexy. Liam never missed a chance to praise your body or to touch it. He put you and your curves on a pedestal and to be completely honest, he probably wouldn’t let you down.

Niall: Your groaned as you tugged down your high waisted shorts. “Stay the fuck down!” You grumbled irritated that they kept coming up and nearly flashing your ass. Like it wasn’t obvious you had a big one already. “Princess. You’re fine.” Niall reassured his hand resting on the small of your back. “No it’s not,” you refused. “I should’ve never wore these. My thighs look terrible.” You said defeated. The hot sun beating down on you. You stood in the heart of Disney Studios of Disneyland in Orlando. Niall pulled you to the empty looking merchant shop. “Y/N stop! You are absolutely beautiful and their are probably millions of girl here jealous-”

“That your with me?” You interrupted. Niall rolled his eyes. “No that you have such a great figure. You have the things Nicki Minaj paid an arm and a leg for, for free!” You smiled at him. Your insecurities calming down. You kissed his cheek. “I’m sorry.” You murmured sheepishly. “You’re right. I’m hotter than hell, babe.” You wrapped your arm around his waist. Niall only kissed your temple. “I’ve been trying to tell you.” He said with a smile.

Zayn: You squeezed Zayns hand before taking a step away from him and you noticed 5 girls come up to him. He smiled and took pictures, singing various objects. “You are such a cow.” You looked to your left and saw one of the five girls standing there. She was la pretty blonde. Thin too. “Is that supposed to offend me?” You scoffed in disbelief. “Sweetheart. Originality is key.” You shrugged her off. “You know Zayn is only with you out of pity.” She tried again. You sighed then gave her your full attention. “Listen to the next words coming out of my mouth,” you took a step to her. “I don’t give a damn about what you think you know, About what you think of me, or what you have to say. As far as Zayn goes you don’t know shit about him. Or you would know that he has told me I am the best he’s ever had, in more ways than one. That he tells me all the time how he will never find the love that he does with me or,” you flashed your hand in her face showing off the engagement ring you got the other day. “That he wants to marry me. So I don’t know who pissed in your cereal but I could care less. And just know who will be holding in to these curves later on tonight.” Her face was red. You didn’t know if if was out of rage or embarrassment but you could care less. Two tan arms wrapped around your waist. “I hear you telling nothing but the truth.” Zayn said loud enough for the girl to hear. He sent a glare in her direction. But ignored her otherwise. “Let’s go baby. I’m ready to hold on to those curves.” He smirked leading you away from the girl.

Harry: You turned to the side as you observed yourself in the mirror. The fitted red dress hugged you snugly, but it also hug the bit of the stomach that you had, making it more prominent. You sighed as you sat down on the bed and took off the red heels and dropped the to the ground. The dress following the shoes. You went into your walk in closet feeling discouraged. Harry came out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and a toothbrush hanging from his mouth. “I thought you were wearing the red dress.” He said around the toothbrush. You shook your head and he gave you the one minute signal. He walked out the closet then appeared a minute later. “Why not?” He asked pulling down his custom tailored grey Versace suit. “It looks disgusting on me. My stomach is just,” You made a sound of disgust. “Let me see it.” He said. You begrudgingly went back into the bedroom and slipped it on. “See?” You pointed to your stomach. “Baby you look fantastic. You must be seeing things.” Harry tried to reassure you. His words were genuine. “Harry, no. Look at how much my stomach shows. I look like I’m pregnant! As soon as I step out your fans are going to say the most awful things. And I’m just tired of being put down.” You confessed to Harry. He looked at you for at time before he walked over you. As he kneeled in front of you, confusion hit. But before you could ask he kissed your stomach through your dress and repeated the process before kissing his way up your body. Finally landing on your lips. “Fuck them.” He said crassly resting his hand a on your hips. “You are beautiful, this dress looks great on you, I promise. What they say doesn’t matter to me. Why should it matter to you?” You nodded your head. “Ok I’ll wear the dress.” You gave him a smile. He pecked you once more before he continued getting dress. You wore the dress confidently that night and didn’t get to many bad comments on how you looked.

Louis: You embraced your curves. Wore them as a badge of honor. This was what attracted Louis to you in the first place. And you weren’t afraid to show skin, whether it be your ample chest or astounding ass. You were perfectly comfortable. “Y/N what are you doing?” Louis asked sitting on the couch watching tv. “Going to get food from the kitchen, obviously.” You answered walking into the kitchen. “Yeah but why do you only have on underwear?” Louis called into the kitchen. “Because it hotter than satans balls in your apartment.” You called back getting crushed ice from the freezer before making your way to the couch sitting next to Louis. He looked at you seductively. “Well if you’re really hot,” his lips grazed the skin of your neck. “You can take it all off.” His hand slipped inside of your panties. A smile made it’s way to your face as you opened you legs wider. Then Louis cell rang. “Ignore it.” You suggested closing your eyes. “It might be important.” He said grabbing the phone with his free hand. “Hello?” He smiled and then looked at you. “I don’t know about a water park, mate. It’s pretty wet over here.” He chuckled and you hit his chest. “I want to go.” You whispered. He nodded. “Come get us in a hour or so.” He hung. And stood from the couch finally taking his hand out your panties. “Come one. Let’s go shower.” And so you got dirty while getting clean.