versace symbol

Hello Tumblr Friends. Just got back from my weekend away.  One of my best friends, and the person I have traveled the world with (next stop Thailand!!!) relocated to Miami of all places in November and her birthday is upcoming so I went out to celebrate with her. Anyhow, as you know, timing was interesting as I later learned May was the month ACS would be filming in Miami. Shannon is NOT a fandom friend and while she will ask questions, she made me promise “no crazy fandom shit” which was fine as it was our weekend, but she did agree to indulge me and walk me past the Versace House Saturday between the beach and our late lunch.   Just off the beach and before you arrive there is a lot with what must be 50 trailers for the show. Really put into perspective how big this production is and I thought I would share:

We walked past the house and unless you are staying or having dinner there you can’t get inside. And we walked on to this Mexican restaurant down the street. And before anyone gets excited, no celebrity encounters but it did turn out to be an interesting experience  

We wanted a seat outside and were told it would be 20 minutes so we decided to have a Margarita at the bar. We were enjoying are cocktails and chatting with Chris the bartender when this guy came in to order take out as “the kitchen at the Versace house is closed and he is starving.”  We got our new friend to order a drink and started chatting. Turns out he and his partner, Ray, whom he met when he was Ricky Martin’s understudy in Les Miz, are kind of obsessed with “Gianni darling, it sounds weird when you call him Versace.” He had met him many, many years ago when he was working as a Calvin Klein Model.  Apparently the hostess had forgotten us which turned out to be our good fortune, as my new friend Todd offered to take us on a tour of the house.  And I wanted to share some photos as clearly it is a topic here in the Darren fandom and while Darren won’t be filming inside, part of the show will be taking place there and of course the murder took place outside.

Ray and Todd were adorably obsessed.  They have matching Versace Tattoos and Todd even has a phone case. And he was wearing slippers with the Versace symbol when he took us on the tour.  I certainly cannot complain about an afternoon having a glass of wine on the balcony of such a gorgeous place.  And I thank Todd and Ray for taking some time out to show us around.And honestly I feel like these pictures don’t even do it justice. It is stunning.  

Dear Chris,

I am eagerly anticipating the release of your book.  I just hope that Froggy

Is able to escape from Morina’s mirror

And that Red and Froggy have the happy ending the have earned and deserve.  

I will not be ok if this does not happen.

P.S. I find your choice of Serpentina to be interesting as the individual guarding the mirror.  Perhaps it is related to the Versace Symbol?

I think I see what you did there;)