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 “Aamito Lagum, Achok Majak, Ajak Deng, Ajuma Nasenyana, Alek Wek, Angok Mayen, Grace Bol, Mari Agory and Nykhor Paul. You never see them at Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Versace, etc.. Like Nykhor Paul said “…people need to expand their idea of what black models can do. Black beauty can be Chanel, black beauty can be Dior.” This needs to change. Black models with darker skin should/also deserve to be casted by bigger names/brands.”   - @amen69fashion

“None of them have any Vogue covers and are rarely used on any of the big campaigns. They don’t even book them for covers for smaller fashion mags or use them in editorials they way they use their lighter counterparts” - @fuckrashida

1D Plus Sized Series // Versace on the Floor- Harry (Requested)

You and Harry have been dating for quite a while and you’ve loved every minute of it. He was far from the typical scum bags you were used to dating. You don’t really know how it happened but he is literally the man of your Dreams. You never thought someone of his status would look at you, none the less tell you he was falling in love with you. Throughout your time dating, he’s taken it slow. It wasn’t like you were inexperienced or anything, you hand your fun in uni. But you could still count the number of guys you’ve had sex with on one hand, but you both agreed that feelings had come faster than the two of you could even imagine, so why rush things. Now the two of you both had your needs, so of course you’ve fooled around plenty of times. Harry even got you to cum two times the night you both said that you love each other. But you both agreed that you wanted to wait to have sex till you knew that you weren’t rushing into things and weren’t letting your feeling cloud your judgment.

You’ve been a bigger girl all your life, and it took some time for you to feel confident in your own body. But your confidence was off the chart now. Of course, you’ve had your moments when you hated yourself, especially when the paps got an unflattering picture of you, or when the fans made rude comments, but you’ve learned to push them down. Your strong self-confidence is something you pride yourself on. Plus, you had that extra boost of confidence whenever Harry sent you those naughty texts when the two of you were away from each other.

You weren’t one to initiate those naughty texts, but you couldn’t help it tonight. You were missing Harry and earlier in the day you stumbled upon the song, “Versace on the Floor” by Bruno Mars and it made you think of him. You were finally ready to have sex with Harry, to give your full self to him. You quickly typed out a text on your phone and sent it without a second thought.

Babe. I miss you so fucking much. How much longer are you going to be gone?

I miss you too. And I’ll be home tomorrow. I’ll be there when you get home from work.

Good. Cause I’m ready.

Ready for what, love?

Suddenly you didn’t know if you could start the naughty texts. You were getting shy. You knew Harry wouldn’t understand what you were hinting at. He was a guy after all, and with guys, you must be blunt and spell it out. But now you felt like you couldn’t say anything. You were trying to talk yourself into figuring out what to say when Harry sent you another few texts.



You weren’t the type of person to hide your feelings from Harry. He made it clear from the very start, that if this relationship was going to work the two of you had to have open communication between each other. But now you were scared to tell him. What if he wasn’t ready? You didn’t want to push him. You decided that you were just going to send him a link to the song. If he didn’t get it, or if he wasn’t ready, then you wouldn’t have the embarrassment of telling him. You quickly sent him the link to the song.

Just listen to this.

You set your phone on the side table by your bed. It had gotten later than you had realized and if you were being honest with yourself, you weren’t hundred percent sure you wanted to see Harry’s response to the song. Before you knew you the sound of your alarm clock was waking you up. You must have fallen asleep after you send Harry the song. You looked at the time, you had an hour to get ready before you needed to leave for a long day of work. You took a peek at your phone, but you didn’t have any text’s from Harry. You had a mix of emotions, you were happy that he hadn’t said no, but at the same time you would have hoped he would have at least made a cheeky little comment about you sending him something like that.

Your work day seemed to drag on. You were anxious to see your boyfriend. You missed him so much, but you were dying to find out what his reaction was to your confession.

When you pulled up to your small house, Harry’s black Range Rover was in the driveway, and a swarm of butterflies decided to take residence in your stomach. You were being silly, there was no need to be nervous, but you couldn’t help it.
The house was quiet. You figured Harry was taking a nap, exhausted from his day of travel. You kicked off your heals as you made your way into the kitchen. Sitting on the kitchen counter was a glass of red wine, which you happily picked up and took a sip. Placed next to the glass of wine was a beautiful bouquet of pink and white roses. You brought one of the long-stemmed roses to your nose and inhaled the beautiful scent. Suddenly, you noticed that there was note that had your name on it.

“Y/N. Every single day I am grateful for you. I’ve missed you so much. Come upstairs and find me. I love you. H.”

You quickly set the note down and made your way up to your room. The swarm of butterflies in your stomach were buzzing all over the place. You knew you would be nervous, but you didn’t think that you would be this excited.
When you make it to your room the door is closed, but you could hear Harry moving around from the other side of the door. You took a moment to calm yourself down before you opened the door.
Harry had truly outdone himself. The room was lit by a dozen or so candles, there were flower peddles on the floor, and he was sitting on your bed, sipping his wine while he waited for you.

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But that was before | Stiles fluff/smut

A/N: hi guys, this is my first time writing a short story so please give feedback :) I am planning on making another part to it which will be a little smuttier.

Plot: Stiles X reader. You return to beacon hills after some time away to find that Lydia is having a party and the girls are desperate for you to go, but you just want to see Stiles, who doesn’t know your back.

  *Y/N- your name, Y/L/N- your last name, Y/E/C- your eye colour

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

“Come on y/n” Malia begs for the fifth time today as she jogs up beside you “you have to come”
“And why is that exactly ?” You say as you continue to walk down the corridor towards chemistry.
“Because it wouldn’t exactly be a pack party without the whole pack”
You couldn’t help but laugh at her naivety “I hate to break it to you Mal but this isn’t a pack gathering” you grin as you pull Lydia’s party poster from your pocket and pass it to Her “it’s a school gathering”

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the life of a black teen

this just in: you cannot enjoy fashion/art made by queer artists/designers if you are homophobic. let’s give have an easy rundown of who it is you are discriminating if you are homophobic:

Giorgio Armani

Gianni Versace

Karl Lagerfeld

Christian Louboutin

Alexander McQueen

Christian Dior

Tom Ford


Yves Saint Laurent

Stefano Gabbana (of Dolce&Gabbana)

Dries Van Noten

Alexander Wang

Marc Jacobs

and that’s only the biggest names of the last 50 years. the list goes on, and the world of fashion, as it turns out, is built on queer artists.

‘Versace on the Floor’

The Elite Fics

This Fic is a result of the Pole I posted, were Kenny was the winner. I am writing this Fic to be based off the song ‘Versace on the Floor’ by Bruno Mars.

Pairings: Kenny Omega x Reader
Rating: M. M. Mature (Nsfw)
Warnings: Language, Smut
 Word Count: 1655
Author’s Notes: I know you guys are prob tired of Kenny Fics…BUT YOU VOTED FOR IT. Thnx.

 As you shut the Front door, your eyes caught a glimmer of red on the white marble tile floor. You turned placing your bags on the ground, walking towards the rose pedals on the floor, your heart beating faster as you took each step.

 “Kenny?” You called, walking up the stairs towards the bedroom, following the trail of velvet flowers to your bedroom door.

“Kenny?” You called once again, your voice shaking. He wasn’t supposed to be home for another 3 weeks.

As you pushed the bedroom door the rest of the way open, you gasped. The floor was covered in rose petals, the room dimly lit with tea-light candles, the room was slightly warmer than the rest of the house, the candle’s warm glow illuminating a gown that lay draped across your bed.

 You walked into the room further, now able to see a thick piece of paper laid on the gown, Kenny’s sloppy hand writing scrawled across the paper. You look around the room confused, flipping the note open.

       ‘Y/N, Put this on, then meet me down stairs. Don’t ask questions, for once. I love you.’

You grinned at his note. Looking down at the long dress that lay before you, its material shinning lightly against the flickering of the candles. As you lift the soft material you wonder idle if you should blow them out before heading downstairs; worried they might catch something on fire.

You chance a glance in the mirror as you bend to put the shoes Kenny had provided on your feet. The fabric hugged you perfectly. The scarlet dress had a deep plunging neckline, dipping to your waist, and was sleeveless. It had a split that made it’s way clear up your leg, stopping just at the top of your thigh.

The red shoes he had chosen, had a band that wrapped around your ankle, and a 6 inch heel. Slowly, you tested your balance in them, walking the hallway that lead to the stairs a little slow, enjoying the resounding clack of your heels.

As you reached the top of the staircase, note in hand, you spotted Kenny, his usually unruly hair pulled back into a bun atop his head, his large frame covered by a black suit. You made a mental note to get the tailer’s name, because the suit hugged him perfectly, showing his muscular arms, and tapering down his midsection, making your mouth water.

 “Wow.” He purred as he met you at the bottom of the staircase, reaching a hand out to take yours, his blue eyes shinning as they glide over your figure, his tongue darting out to wet his lips before his teeth catch his full bottom lip.

“Wow yourself Mr. Omega.” You giggle, reaching up to adjust his red bowtie, straightening it, and pulling his lips down to yours.

“I believe I was invited?” You hand him the note, smiling coyly at him, leaning forward to place your lips on his, your teeth replacing his on his bottom lip, nipping him lightly, whimpering quietly as he pushes you into his body. The material of your dress was so thin, you could feel the heat of his hand against your own as he pulled you into him.

“I do believe you were.” He says, pulling away, looking you over once more. “But, after seeing you in this, I really just want to see it on the floor.” He continues, running his hands down your sides, making you shiver and close your eyes, your head lulling back a little.

 “Mmm, anything you want, you did buy it.” You smile as his lips find your bare neck, the scruff on his chin tickling and pricking your sensitive skin.

“Mmmm, Only the best for you baby.” You can feel his grin on your neck, and down your collar bone as his lips trial their way down the dip of your dress, his fingers digging into your hips, pulling you deeper into him.

“Kenny, please?” You whimper as he pulls away, gripping you by the waist and leading you into the kitchen, lifting you by your hips onto the cold Granit counter-top.

“Please what baby, all you have to do is ask.” He grins, bending to his knees, running rough hands over your bare leg.

You lean your head back as his fingers glide down your thigh, over your knee and down your legs slowly, stopping at your ankle to unbuckle your heel. As he moves his fingers, he presses his face to the inside of your thigh, his stubble making you squirm as his tongue runs the length of you to your knee slowly, driving you crazy.

“Please, you know I need you.” You moan out softy as he pulls your shoe off, his eyes coming up to meet yours as he kisses your now bare instep.

“Need me to what Y/N? Ask me.” He continues, moving his fingers to your other foot, making quick work of your remaining heel.

“Take me.” You say, a command, not a question. His eyes darken when they meet yours, his lips part slightly as he takes in a breath, his gaze locked with yours.

“Your wish is my command.” He says as he stands, shrugging his jacket off, and dropping it in the seat of a bar stool that sat to your left.

He pulled you forward so that your hips were pressed together, your heat rocking against the strain in his pants as he walked you towards the stairs, his mouth never leaving your neck as he made his way to your shared room.

 “K-e-nn-y,” You say around his mouth, your lips crashing together nosily as he enters the room, pressing you into the wall just inside the door, “Watch out for the candles.” You giggle as he kicks his shoes off, bringing each of his knees up one at a time, to just under your ass, reaching down to push the heel of the dress shoes off with one hand, and balancing you with the other.

He let out a low moan as your teeth found his jaw, just in front of his ear, nipping him, then running your tongue over the reddening flesh of his neck and jaw.

 “I need you Kenny.” You purr into his ear seductively, your teeth grazing his lobe and making him stiffen further underneath you, his fingers gliding the zipper of your gown down, and letting it fall so that it pooled around your exposed breasts, revealing your hardening peaks to him.

 His eyes travel to your face for a moment before he spins, and makes his way across the room, setting you down at the foot of the bed, his eyes locked on your body as the silken cloth cascades down your body like a waterfall, falling to the ground before you silently.

“Lay back.” He nearly pleads, and you can the outline of his cock straining against the material of his dress-paints.

You do as you were told and lean back on the bed, spreading your legs so that your dripping sex is exposed to him, your eyes never leaving his.

“Touch yourself.” He says, slowly and with adept fingers he unbuttons his shirt, pulling it from his waist line to reveal his perfectly chiseled abs and chest.

You lean your head back against the pillows, gliding your fingers down your body and running them over your sensitive bud for a moment before dipping one into your soaked core.

A low, husky growl comes from his throat and he over you in a moment, his naked skin pressed to yours. His tongue fighting yours for dominance, as his hard cock pressed into the inside of your thigh, digging into the skin there and making you grind your hips into him.

“Y/N, I want you so bad. Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” He coos into your ear softly as he reaches between you, aligning himself with your opening.

“Oh, Kenny!” Is all you can manage as the tip of his large shaft pushes into you, stretching you ever so slowly, making you whimper, and wrap your arms around his shoulder, your nails clutching his back.

“Say my name again baby.” He orders, moving his hips so that he is pushing into you harder, his hips meeting yours in a relentless pace.

“Kenny, oh Fuck Kenny!” You cry out, pushing your hips to meet his thrusts, your mouth finding his as you both gasp for air around your tongues.

“K-K-Kenny! I’m going to c-c-cum!” You wail as he pulls you up so that he is leaned back, with you on top.

“Let it go baby.” He groans, your hands finding his chest. You begin to bounce, moving up and down on his cock, pushing it deeper than before into you, the feeling sending you flying over the edge into your orgasm, nails digging into his chest.

“Fuck, Y/N!” He Moans out your name, pushing his hips up to meet you as he cums, sending rope after rope of cum into you, filling you.

You collapse on top of him, a smile on your face as you lay draped over his chest, your fingers intertwining with his much larger ones.

  After a moment you both catch your breath and he smiles down at you, blue eyes shinning.

“I guess I like the Versace better on the floor.” He chuckles, making you grin a tired smile.

“Me too, welcome home baby.” You purr before falling asleep in his large arms.

Karamel Ultimate Wishlist

We’ve been blessed by Supergirl 2x13 for all of the Karamel sweetness we got. But as a hardcore and crazy (and probably obsessed) person when it comes to Karamel; meaning never fully satisfied about all things Karamel, so I made a Karamel wishlist consisted of scenes or act or dialogue or descriptions of simple gestures (literally everything) that I really hope to see on the next upcoming episodes.

There are things that us Karamel shippers - generally, and I - especially, wanted to see in the next upcoming episodes. So here’s to your review, I present to you the Karamel Ultimate Wishlist

*PS: it’s a long list, and I’ve tried to gather as many as I can from you, but if I missed something you are so welcome to reblog and add some of your own Karamel wishes. so we can checklist ‘em altogether!

What I* want to see happen next :

□ Set after 213, they’re waking up on the couch hugging each other
□ Cuddling on that couch!
□ Morning kiss(es)
□ Can I just wish they have a Karamel waking up on the bed scene - maybe with a shirtless Mon-El, that’d be AWESOME! 😍😍
□ Another Karamel breakfast with pancakes
□ Mon-El cooks breakfast for Kara - BONUS* : wearing an apron, and he is shirtless
□ Kara introduces Mon-El as her boyfriend, and vice versa
□ Mon-El bringing Kara flowers
□ Smitten Kara
□ Karamel “for good luck” like-in-the-comic kiss
□ Casual hello and goodbye kisses*
□ Make-out session on the couch
□ Make-out sesh on the bed
□ Heavy makeout session on the couch
□ Heavy makeout sesh on the bed
□ Heavy hot steamy sexy makeout sessh. Period. #ItllBeTheDeathOfMe #ButIMeanHowCanTheyNotHaveOneTheTensionsAreCrazy
□ Another hungry passionate kiss scene
□ A HUG - that is really tight, close, and comforting*
□ Intense eye contact their signature eyes-fucking-game
□ Heated communication through intense eye contact*
□ Silent communication between the two of them in a room with plenty of other people*
□ Alex reverse that “look at you, love ray!” to Kara 😍
□ They’re kissing and Mon-El was trying to open the door to her apartment with his lips attached to hers, they continue their hungry kiss, she started to discard his jacket and he took off hers, but they stopped immediately to be greeted with Alex *cough cough* who sits on the couch with this certain “wow” look on her face

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Me arreglo el pelo todos los días , me pongo perfume, me visto decente , trato que cuando estés cerca comportarme sin llegar a ser aburrida, río sin que mi risa llegue a los extremos de foca, te envío puntas muy obvias, niego a otros por ti, y tu ni me miras.
Edgar Ramirez, Darren Criss to Star in Ryan Murphy’s ‘Versace: American Crime Story’ on FX
Edgar Ramirez and Darren Criss are the first stars to officially sign onto Ryan Murphy’s “Versace: American Crime Story,” Variety has learned.
By Elizabeth Wagmeister, Cynthia Littleton

Edgar Ramirez and Darren Criss are the first stars to officially sign onto Ryan Murphy’s “Versace: American Crime Story,” Variety has learned.

“Versace” will mark the third installment of FX’s “American Crime Story” anthology, following the award-winning “People V. O.J. Simpson” and the upcoming second season that will revolve around the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

“Versace” will explore the murder of Gianni Versace, who was killed on the steps of his home in Miami Beach by serial murderer Andrew Cunanan, who killed five people that year and then killed himself on a house boat, eight days after killing Versace.

Ramirez will play Gianni Versace, and Criss will play Andrew Cunanan.

For Ramirez, the project marks the Venezuelan actor’s big foray into American television. His recent credits in the film world include Jennifer Lawrence’s “Joy” and Emily Blunt’s “Girl on the Train.” For Criss, the series marks a reunion for the “Glee” alum and Murphy. He also appeared in a few episodes of Murphy’s “American Horror Story.”

No other casting has been announced at this point. Despite tabloid rumors, Murphy told Variety earlier this year that Lady Gaga will not play Donatella Versace, telling us, “When you’re going to do a show like Versace, it’s a five-month commitment, it’s a very big show, we’re shooting it all over the world. So I just don’t think with her schedule, I knew that it would never had worked. But I would love to work with her on something in the future.”

The Versace-centric season will be based on the book “Vulgar Favors” by Vanity Fair writer Maureen Orth. Tom Rob Smith will write various episodes and serve as executive producer with Murphy, Nina Jacobson, Brad Simpson, and Brad Falchuk. Fox 21 will produce.

“Versace” begins production next month, but is not expected to air until 2018. “Katrina” — which recently cast Annette Bening — will also air in 2018, but before the “Versace” season.

Ramirez is repped by CAA, Jill Littman of Impression Entertainment Group and attorney Bob Wallerstein of Hirsch Wallerstein Hayum Matlof + Fishman.

Criss is repped by CAA, Ricky Rollins of Hyphenate Creative Management and Adam Kaller at  Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren, Richman, Rush, Kaller & Gellman L.L.P.

[Miraculous Ladybug]: I’m Not Your Bro

So I’m a sucker for Gay!Chloe headcanons and @ladyserendipitous came up with a fantastic one that I simply had to write :P

Words: 785

“Adrien, darling, there you are!” Chloe waved from her seat in the cafe. “Not that I don’t totally adore seeing you, but can we make this quick? I have a nail appointment I can’t afford to reschedule.”

Adrien pulled his scarf off, fell into his seat, and huffed before he took a gigantic swig of his coffee. “Okay,” he said, leaning his elbows on the table and pressing his fingers into his temples. “I think…we need to have a little discussion…about your Instagram post yesterday.”

Chloe pouted in thought and tapped her finger against her lips. “Yesterday…Instagram post yesterday, oh! You must be talking about that new clutch that I bought. Adorable, isn’t it?”

Adrien glared. “Chloe…”

“No? Hm. Are you talking about the new Versace dress I got? I thought you didn’t like Versace – ”

“Okay, Chloe?” Adrien hissed, leaning over the table. “Please tell me that you didn’t think I wouldn’t notice the fact that you were kissing my ex-girlfriend in one of your posts.”

Chloe took a swig of her coffee and raised her eyebrows. “Oh my goodness, I completely forgot about that! Wasn’t it cute though? We went ice skating.”

“When in the hell did this even happen?” Adrien whined. 

“Well,” Chloe started to explain. “A couple of days after you broke up with her, she called me asking where she went wrong, if I saw any signs, if you told me anything, yadda yadda, blah blah, boring boring. And because I’m such a good friend, I didn’t gossip to her about you. Instead, I felt sorry for the poor thing and took her out to use up all of my membership credits at the spa. It made her feel a lot better.”

Adrien lifted a brow. “You do realize you’re glossing over a very important part of this story…”

“Ah, well. I guess we sort of clicked? She’s a gorgeous woman, Adrien. Super funny. Wonderful sense of style. She’s a superb singer, did you know that?”

Yes!” Adrien exclaimed. “I do! I dated her! Kinda the point here!”

“Well you were silly to break up with her,” Chloe scolded. “Oh, and we went for lunches and boat rides on the Seine, and she took me to a show a couple of weekends ago, and she’s the funniest texter, Adrien. And we kissed yesterday when we went ice skating and it was so romantic, you should’ve been there.”

“You can’t just pluck up my exes Chloe, that’s so not cool!”

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Oh please, that’s such an arbitrary opinion…”

“This is classic bro code stuff,” Adrien explained, pointing his finger against the table cloth for emphasis. “You’re not supposed to hook up with your bro’s ex. That’s rule number one.”

“I’m not your bro!” Chloe huffed. “I’m a beautiful angel coming to scoop up some horribly repressed but stunningly beautiful woman who clearly needed a female touch.” She chuckled to herself. “Repeated female touches…”

“Chloe for God’s sake…”

“Plus that rule shouldn’t count if said ex initiated the kiss and decided for themselves that they’re batting for a different gender. If anything, I’d like to see this bro code. There are a few amendments that I think should be made.”

Adrien covered his face with his hands and suddenly had the sense that he was losing his hold on the conversation. “Can you at least…I dunno, ask me first? This is so awkward.”

Chloe smirked. “It’s only awkward because your heteronormative brain says that it’s awkward.” She leaned over the table and placed a perfectly manicured finger in the middle of Adrien’s forehead. “We agreed we would try to work on this.”

“Why is this getting flipped on me?” Adrien complained. “Chloe, I only broke up with her a month ago.”

“Oh so now there’s a time limit for this sort of thing?” Chloe sighed and placed a hand on her forehead. “Ugh, this is simply too much. You’re going to have to give me all of this in writing. I can’t possibly be expected to remember this all for next time.”

“Well it’s too late now! The damage is done.” Adrien paused for a moment and blinked in confusion. “And what do you mean for next time?”

Chloe smiled sweetly. “Oh darling, you shouldn’t crease your brow so much. You’re going to cause wrinkles before your time. You have your image to think about, you know.”

“Oh my God, this isn’t happening…”

“Mm!” Chloe pulled out her cellphone and started flipping through her pictures. “Do you want to see pictures from when we went to the Louvre? She’s simply adorable, look how excited she got when we visited that new exhibition! Just the sweetest, most precious thing.”