versace brand

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  • Akutagawa: We need to get better designer deals. We need to get Gucci on board.
  • Chuuya: We all know Versace is the better brand. Gucci is like the Gap of the designer world.
  • Mori: Honey, you're like the Old Navy of the fashion world so you better sit down.
  • Chuuya: I am sitting down. Bitch.
  • Akutagawa: But seriously, how do we get a brand deal with Gucci?

this just in: you cannot enjoy fashion/art made by queer artists/designers if you are homophobic. let’s give have an easy rundown of who it is you are discriminating if you are homophobic:

Giorgio Armani

Gianni Versace

Karl Lagerfeld

Christian Louboutin

Alexander McQueen

Christian Dior

Tom Ford


Yves Saint Laurent

Stefano Gabbana (of Dolce&Gabbana)

Dries Van Noten

Alexander Wang

Marc Jacobs

and that’s only the biggest names of the last 50 years. the list goes on, and the world of fashion, as it turns out, is built on queer artists.

lmao at all of you complaining about the prices. what did you expect? this isn’t asos or urban outfitters. versus is a brand under versace, one of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. stop acting like all of your clothes are versace and it’s the only brand you buy from. y'all are out there acting like even your toilet paper is versace and all of a sudden zayn’s prices are the highest you’ve seen in your entire life. zayn’s collection is actually cheap compared to versace’s usual prices so stop being ugly just so you can hate him a little more.