luke0maker  asked:

Drake: Yeah, he was verry cool with me, even after I Tell him I was not from your race... And that's How I know your old nickname, I Saw you when you was very Young to, not Just your brother... But's strange... I was in your universe 2 years ago and now you're a adult... I think the time is different in our universes but I'm Glad Is all good with the cute kid I Saw some time ago... (he is talking about Faris) and I can ser you looks a bit like me now, right?

romaniagirl200  asked:

Just saw one of your layouts of idk dami/dick fucking and Jason seeing them and i was wandering if Are you gonna finish it? Btw your art is verry cool!❤


I created that layout as a passion project for me to work on after I finish my comic with Lacemonsterbats.

Kinda of an incentive to get my lazy ass into gear so to speak. lol

Thanks so much! <3 Please stop back anytime.

northstarlabaka  asked:

Hum hello...Sorry for disturbing you, but I search a gift for my mom birthday. Something that could help her with her sore leg (she broke her ankle and since she hurt her every time she walks). Il already brought a Malachite because at the store this is what they proposed to me for her problem. Maybe you have an idea. It would be verry cool to help a baby witche. Keep doing what you do I love it. May the moon be with you ! 😄💕🌙

Thank you for the nice words!

I hope that your mum feels better soon.

Malachite was a god thing to get. I would pair it with moonstone. It’s soothing, especially for females, and will make her feel better. It is also a very good gift to give to a mother, by a daughter, traditionally.