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There were lots of rumors about Y/S/N’s split. Reactions were divided. Some fans were very delighted that their idiol is “finally single”, others were devastated because, we can’t lie, Y/N is such a dolly, she is very kind and definitely very gorgeous. We can now announce that Y/S/N is still together and still verry pretty good. Holiday has only started and Y/N already joined her boyfriend on his world wide tour. Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor Calder recently joined the tour, which means that “besties” are together again. The photo on Y/N’s instagram says it all: “ Big comeback of the best duet! x I missed you a lot @eleanorj92!" 

As we know Y/N is also friends with Luke Hemmings from 5SOS. A few days ago, these two were photographed while leaving the cafe, all the social network sites were screaming about the affair. Not long after, Luke’s tweet confirmed our belief,  that  these two are nothing more than just friends. 

We have one more thing to tell you. In the latest One Direction interview, the lads were asked many questions, as always but one of them was connected to Y/S/N.  Niall was talking about Y/N for quite a long time, the boys were teasing him of course, they were doing kissy faces and all that… Let’s get to the point- when Niall was asked about Y/N he admitted that he likes to record her silly behaviour ” from time to time". He was dared to post one of those videos on his instagram AND he actually did this! Now we can all admire Y/N’s silly little dance.

Not only she’s very pretty but also funny. Congratulations on your choice Niall! We definitely like Y/N A LOT!