verry funny

Inspired by the well known scene from “the perks of being a wallflower” 

playing truth or dare is always something interesting :))

pairings: wolfstar, obviously 
words: 740

sirius to james: truth or dare?
james *proudly*: dare
sirius: I dare you to kiss the prettiest girl in the room on the lips. And notice I charitably said girl not person because let’s face it, I’d smoke all you bitches.

James hastily kisses Lily so she can’t back down and laughs flirtily when their lips part. Very content of himself, he licks his lip and turns to remus. “truth or dare?”

remus thinking nervously: dare?
james smirking: I dare you to kiss the prettiest person in the room on the lips. And let’s face it, we all know who it’s about.

Remus momentarily got in a cold sweat. His eyes turned to Sirius. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do this. Actually he sometimes even dreamt about it, but not like that. Not with all of those people. And first of all he didn’t know what would Sirius say to such thing. Maybe he’ll get angry at James and say he won’t do this. Maybe that would be the best solution. But Sirius was only smirking and staring at Remus with a verry funny face, a feeling on it that Remus couldn’t really guess.

sirius: come on Moony, let’s get this over with - he said casually.

Remus got closer to him and sat on his hills. Their faces were so close that he could feel his friends breath on his neck. He felt shivers of excitement all over his body and butterflies in his stomach. He looked at Sirius with this annoying smirk glued to his beautiful face. He couldn’t do it. How could he do it. They’re friends. And besides, all of those people were watching. He just couldn’t. He took a breath, he was going to say that. That he’s a coward, but he just can’t, but then, he felt Sirius’ lips touch his and exhaled into them. At first he froze, but after a moment he started to kiss back. And it wasn’t like James’ and Lily’s kiss, a fast touch and that’s it. It was so much more.

*is that, is that his tongue* Remus thought astonished, but it was so perfect, and he forgot of all the people watching, with a delicate moan he let his tongue slip into sirius’ mouth as well. And all was good, and amazing and he just could stay in that moment forever.

And then he heard them, all of them, wohooing, and whistling, and applauding, and he backed off as fast as he could, his face red af. And he felt it then, he was hard, he could feel the arousal in his suddenly too tight pants, so he became even redder, if that’s possible. He was so glad that he wore that oversized sweater, which covered everything. He came back to his place, quite embarrassed, but still, fond of that kiss, besides other’s reaction. And from then on, till the end of the game, Sirius would throw glances at him, with that smirk, which stopped being annoying to Remus, and he thought that it was really sexy to be honest.

The game ended and everybody were going to their dormitories, but Remus was procrastinating with that and he got the impression Sirius was to.

At last, they were the only ones in the common room and Remus got scared. He thought that he’s really stupid, that it was only a game and sirius surely wasn’t feeling the way Remus was.

remus, clearing his throat: okay then, so, akhm, I’m - I’m going to bed, I think

As he tried to turn to face the staircase, he felt Sirius’ hand on his wrist, his warm, pleasant hand. He looked at his friend, who he would love to be someone more to him, and saw, that Sirius wasn’t looking at him. Actually he was looking everywhere, but not at him. And he was blushing, he certainly was.

Remus mustered up all his gryffindor courage and took Pad’s chin, forcing the black haired boy to look at him with his mesmerizing silver eyes.

remus: what’s up Pad?

And before they knew it, they were kissing again, not knowing who started it, knowing only that they don’t want to end that delicate but eager kiss ever. And they touched and moaned into each other’s mouths and it was just right. At last remus felt something was right.

I’ll leave it here for you to decide what dirty things happened later on :)))

Peter x Reader: Christmas in July

“I don’t get it.” (Y/n) frowned.

   "What don’t you get?“ He asked, slipping his hand in hers as they passed through the halls.

   "Why don’t we just go into your private library and have tea there? We could even find your special book.”

   Peter smirked and squeezed her hand. “Sounds nice, but the book I’m looking for is in the west wing library. No one really goes there, so it hasn’t been touched yet.”

   She shrugged and continued to walk with him. Peter slipped his keys from out his pocket. They jingled as he unlocked the door.

   "My lady,“ he gestured for her to go in.

   "Thank you, Your Majesty,” she curtseyed.

   Peter grimaced; he knew what she meant by that joke.He had told to abandon formalities awhile ago. Now that they were courting, she would always do so to tease him.

   He rolled his eyes. When he finally found his book, Peter sat on the couch.

   (Y/n) walked around the room. “My goodness, it’s practically Christmas in here!” She gasped.

     Peter wasn’t lying when he said no one’s been here in awhile. Christmas in July–literally. How funny, she thought.

   The bookshelves were ornately embellished with green and red lace strips. The windows were decorated with bells and holly–well, most of them with holly.

   Between a few bookshelves, (Y/n) saw mistletoe hanging from a string. Very clever. She rolled her eyes.

   "(Y/n)!“ Peter called.

   "Yeah, coming,” she mumbled, but went on searching the shelves.

   "(Y/n), I thought we were going to drink some tea.“ Peter passed through the aisles until he found her.

   "I thought you said this library was small,” she replied evenly. She brushed her fingers against the book spines as she walked.

   "Well, it’s smaller than the other libraries.” Peter sighed. “(Y/n), come here! Please?“

   (Y/n) turned and nearly ran into him. She glanced up before quickly stepping back from Peter.

   He raised an eyebrow when she blushed.

   She pointed upwards. Mistletoe was hanging above him.

   He smirked, and she knew he was already formulating a plan. "Why don’t you give me a hug?” he spread his arms out.

   "I think I’m fine.“

   ”(Y/n), look! A cookbook filled with delicious recipes!“ Peter pointed to the book next to him.

   "Peter, according to my birth certificate, I wasn’t born yesterday.” (Y/n) crossed her arms. “You’re going to have to try better than that.”

     He raised his arms in surrender. “You got me. I could always pull you closer, because I’m stronger,” he suggested. “But that wouldn’t be so gentlemanly, would it?”


     "Eh, I’ll get you later.” Peter shrugged and began to walk away.

   (Y/n) frowned; she felt a twinge of disappointment in her chest. Why had he given up so fast?

   She walked forward until Peter forcefully held her shoulders and placed her underneath the mistletoe.

   "Peter, it’s July! Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?“ She protested.

     "Ridiculous, it may be, but if it’s another reason to kiss you, I’ll take it,” he chuckled. "Plus, Narnians take this very seriously.”

   She smiled despite herself. (Y/n) kissed her fingers and pressed her fingers on his lips. “There,” she patted his shoulder. “I’m going to get some tea now. You want–” she was abruptly interrupted as Peter yanked her back.

     Peter slipped his arms around her waist. He purposely gave her the puppy eyes, accompanied by the quivering lip.

   (Y/n) laughed at him. How could she say no to such an adorable face? Well, she could, but (Y/n) decided not to…this one time.

   She grabbed collar of his shirt, yanked him closer to her, and crashed her lips against his.

   When they pulled apart, Peter’s lips curled into a smile. “Better.”

     He straightened his collar. “You know, if you keep doing that, all of my collars will have wrinkles. Seriously, I have five or six shirts that have one wrinkle mark on each side.”

   "Verry funny,” (Y/n) deadpanned.

   "I’m kidding,” he grinned. He took her hands gently. “Even If it means having to unwrinkle my shirts every day,, it’s worth it as long as I see you.”

   He wrapped his arm around her in an embrace.

  (Y/n) looked around at the Christmas decorations once more. “You know, this is kind of strange,” she muttered. “But still sweet.”

“Kind of like you,” Peter nodded, earning him a slap upside the head.