grace52373: “iamanticaptainswan: “ ok. so i know a lot of people are going around saying e/mma isn’t an affectionate person or doesn’t do pdas and i get why some people might argue she is and to an...

Oh good lord, the stupid it hurts….

Emma was closed off and VERRRRYYYYYY non-physical in season one and two, because SOMEONE had so utterly fucked her over she was left with nine billion trust issues and refused to let anyone in. And, on rare occasions that she did, she was fucked (e.g. Graham)—I mean, seriously, it isn’t that hard to understand!

And yes, she was more open during the Epic Twu Booty Call—the WHOLE FUCKING MESSAGE/CONCEPT WAS THAT SHE WAS STILL, DESPITE THE SHITTY ABANDONMENT CHILDHOOD SHE ENDURED BECAUSE OF SCALY AND QUEEN-QUEEN, A FUNDAMENTALLY OPTIMISTIC TEEN, EAGER FOR AFFECTION!!!! However, what with being sexually abused without benefit of a condom, framed, betrayed and abandoned—and giving birth to a baby at seventeen while chained to a bed, that all changed and she retreated far behind her walls.

and even when she was with that dude zelena turned into a flying monkey she had no problem kissing in him public (though it was just a kiss on the cheek hello)

Similarly, yes, she was willing to let him in somewhat because she was fucking memory wiped, you pea brain and having NOT given Henry up for adoption, she spent the next years with her beloved son, happy and with family. That’s the whole freaking point, once again!!!

even (though i hate to admit it) early c/s the pecks on the cheeks felt in-character with who emma was as far as how much affection she felt comfortable giving in public.

Funny, I seem to recall BagelSwanners bitching endlessly about how long and tacky early CS kisses were. We didn’t have a “peck on the cheek” (and it was done as a cute, sort of ironic thing) until almost mid-season 4. There were no shortage of hella hot lip locks before that…..

Also, of course, Gracie knows sooooo much better what Emma does and doesn’t do.

this version of e/mma, however, is extremely off putting with the way she drapes herself over h/ook to the point she looks like a dead-eyed ragdoll h/ook needs to drag around

I don’t think she looks “dead-eyed” in the least, kinda lust-eyed, sure….but Emma doesn’t look dead at all. And gee, imagine that, an engaged woman who had been separated from and briefly thought all was over with her fiance is into tapping that as much as possible….

Naturally, if they weren’t all kissy-faced, that would CLEARLY show that they don’t love each other at all. Meanwhile, I’m just laughing at the butthurt!

okay so heres the thing

i’m considering getting beta readers for my first draft but idk how many people would be willing to? like you guys would be getting a chapter a week hopefully and they’re 2k-3k words a chapter (working on longer chapters sue me)

but if you’re interested lmk. Its kind of dystopian/post-apocalyptic that stays in one developed city. Its still verrrryyyyyy early on- im almost done with chapter 4 at this point so yknow

but yeah? i’ll give more details if you guys are interested 

(even if ur not i wouldn’t mind spreading the word so if you wouldnt mind reblogging thanks u guys)

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da fuck is cole wearing?! and why does he still look good even though this outfit doesn't match at all, it's kinda like hawaii vacation meets business man from the early 2000s

Actually more like nerd white dude from a surfer movie (of which, full disclosure, I am almost as big a fan of as I am noir!) from the early 60′s. Those pants are pretty retro TBH (and he wore them yesterday, as well. Apparently our boy is a careful packer and actually read and follows those lecturing articles on DumberTravel about making things work twice and washing shit out in your hotel room sink over night)…

Today he’s coupled it with a Hawaiian shirt that picks up the tiny stripe in his pants. Which are also verrrryyyyyy (as I observed yesterday) Sterling Archer. 

Plus, sad to say….the boy IS a bit hipster, here and there. At least nothing from his hideous Royal Robbins hat collection (I mean honestly Cole, everything else they make is great, but you chose their HATS???) has made an appearance thus far….

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it seems like jughead was standing next to ethel right before the punch. What if chuck said something bad about ethel, jughead defended her and that lead to the "fall out" between betty and jughead?

First off, then that makes Betty (who almost tried to kill Chuck while he was defenseless) a colossal hypocrite. Which she isn’t. Secondly, from what I can tell, Chuck get slapped and punched in the Andrews living room, Juggie and Ethyl are chatting in the kitchen. And we really have ZERO knowledge of the sequence, due to stills and splicing.

That said….and we here get into the core issue of nearly EVERY theory entered on this, Jason’s murder and a variety of other theories: you guys fail to look at the motivations behind the behavior and the behavior itself. Oh and subsequent teases and spoilers:

Juggie is verrryyyyy upset and his reaction is verrrryyyyyy visceral—we’ve seen there is ONLY 1 person who he has that sort of passion for: his woman. While Chuck’s saying something rude to Ethyl might well provoke Juggie to go over, tell him the fuck off, BETTY come and slap Chuck and Chuck then bad mouth Betty and THEN Juggie punch Chuck, that would negate Juggie as the aggressor.

Additionally, Chuck has a 90 catrillion time bigger beef with Betty than he does Ethel…Betty nearly boiled him, got him kicked off the team and then wrote an expose about it in the school paper. Ethel just provided the locale.

We also know, while I’m sure Ethel and Juggie share a nice chat, he doesn’t really care all that much about her. This will be the first conversation they’ve ever had…and when she read her poem, quite frankly, Jughead seemed waaay more interested in his bag of Fritos.

Additionally, it’s pretty apparent the punch is spiked with Molly, not alcohol—because for them to be that stupid on booze, they’d also be puking. That sort of oblivious, joyous, NO inhibitions (particularly for Archie)—-is some sort of drug.