An amazing photoshoot day with the wonderful Madison and Kateri! RIP Cat ears that were taken by the murky pond.







Skullgirls:Lab Zero

oversteep asked:

About Frau's hair~ If you could find a wig already sectioned for twintails, it'd just be a matter of reinforcing the wide part of the tails with blunted styrofoam cones or stiff layered fabric and covering it with the wig fiber. I'd say go for it! :)

Oh yea, I read up on some tutorials about that. I have never cosplayed a character with such gravity-defying hair before. O_O;

The most I have ever done to a wig was trim and style the bangs. ;w; I have never styled anything to the point where it would rival Cloud’s hair… The thought of wearing a wig like that for a whole day scares me… I am not ready for such responsibilities…

But thank you for giving me such useful advice! Maybe one day I will find the time and money to do a Frau cosplay… One day… ;u;