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One in the same

Jughead Jones x Reader

Something a bit different, hope you’s like it. Enjoy!

The chime of Pops caught the attention of one booth in particular, a red headed boy, a blonde girl, a raven haired girl and a raven haired boy wearing an oddly designed crown beanie. The four of them looking towards the door with the diner being almost empty, curious to see who was popping in. There stood a girl with brunette hair, sporting a flower crown which struck Jughead as a little strange since the summer weather had passed for this year but then who was he to judge. Staring intently at the girl as she gave Pops her order, he was dying to know who she was? Where did she come from? Why the hell is this girl in Riverdale?

“She must be new” Veronica mused breaking Jugheads intense stare on the unknown girl. Eyeing her up and down she didn’t particularly see her as competition in anyway. “Cute sense of fashion” She shrugged turning back to her group of friends.

“Maybe we should introduce ourselves?” Archie suggested staring over at the girl, her fingers mindlessly tapping on the counter as Pops got her order, completely unaware of the attention she had brought to herself.

“She might feel a little ambushed” Betty inputted. “She could be new after all” The blonde shrugged as she sipped her strawberry milkshake.

“I’m going over” Veronica announced, ignoring Betty’s protests. Straightening out her checkered pink dress, she made her way to the new mystery in town.

“Hi, Veronica Lodge” The raven haired girl introduce, startling the girl in front of her. “Oh hi” The girl shyly smiled accepted Veronica’s outstretched hand.

“Y/N Y/L/N” Tucking a strand of loose hair behind her ear. “So are you visiting town or are you new here?” She pried, fixing her pearl necklace as she spoke.

“New” The mysterious girl nodded. “But it’s temporary” She explained, feeling slightly uncomfortable with the stares from Veronica’s friends.

“Well let me introduce you to the gang” She grinned taking Y/N by the arm. “Guys this is Y/N Y/L/N she’s new here” Veronica introduced her as she took her seat back beside Archie.

“It’s nice to meet you” The blonde smiled at her making her feel more comfortable. “I’m Betty Cooper”.

“I’m Archie” The red head spoke taking Y/Ns attention away from the blonde with the lovely emerald eyes. “Nice to meet you both” The shy girl spoke timidly.

A nudge in his ribs from Betty made him groan out in pain, forcing his attention away from his laptop screen. “Jughead Jones the Third” The beanie wearing boy grumbled.

“The third?” She asked slightly amused. “Generation thing” He sighed putting his laptop away.

“I like your hat” She smiled at the brooding teenager, a blush colouring her cheeks. “Thanks” A slight smile gracing his lips.

“I like your flower crown” He eyed the girl before averting his gaze back to the table.

His three friends sharing a look between them, never actually hearing Jughead compliment or willingly interact with someone he doesn’t know.

“That’s your order ready” Pops called placing three rather large bags onto the counter, the brunette turning to smile at the man calling a quick thank you before he disappeared.

“Big family?” Archie enquired eyeing the bags on the counter. “Something like that” She nodded. “It was nice meeting you’s but I should really get going” Slightly waving at the group of friends as she collected her food.

“I’ll help!” Jughead called jumping over the back of the booth, his friends following his movements in shock and amusement. This girl ignited something inside of him, it was a foreign feeling to Jughead but a feeling that didn’t make him uncomfortable.

“That’s really not necessary” The girl protested already struggling to carry all three bags. Sighing in defeat as she struggled to find a suitable way of carrying them. “Thanks” She blushed, Jughead taking two of the bags into his large hands.

“Don’t mention it” He shrugged smiling at the girl who’s brown eyes had him captivated. His three friends watching as they both left Pops completely forgetting their existence.  

“So where did you move from?” Jughead questioned as they walked away from the bright neon lights of Pops. “Kind of all over” She spent most of her life in a different city or sometimes even a different country. “Have you lived here all of your life?” She asked returning the attention back on Jughead.

“Unfortunately” He laughed, liking the slight warmth that filled him hearing her laugh for the first time, it was full of heart, almost like a child’s, it sounded freeing.

“After all it is the town with pep” He tried to air quote, hearing her continuous laughter making him smile at the sound.

“So I’m guessing we’ll be seeing you at the glamorous Riverdale high tomorrow?” He asked continuing his joking around.

“I’m only here for a few weeks maybe months but I’ll be there” She smiled at the raven haired boy, turning left down a street that wasn’t familiar to Jughead, his heart slightly feeling deflated that a girl he’s finally interested in wouldn’t be staying for long.

The closer they got to Jugheads new interests destination he was shocked when they finally arrived at thorn hill. “You’re related to Cheryl Blossom?!” Jughead almost shouted, feeling shocked that the beautiful brunette with the sparkling brown eyes and unusual flower crown is related to the family that everything they touch turns to dust.

“We’re cousins” She admitted, almost sounding like she was ashamed to admit it. “Thanks for your help” She mumbled taking the bags from Jugheads hands, who seemed to be in too much shock to actually move. Walking through the gates of hell she knew that the possible group of friends she had made tonight wouldn’t be having anything to do with her by morning.

Turning around to find Jughead still at the entrance of the closed gates, shaking his head as he tries to wrap his mind around this new found information, unaware of the brown eyes staring at him, pinning for him.

Unknown to them both what was still too come.

Part 2

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Other than PLL and Teen Wolf what are the top 5 shows you'd recommend?

Just based off of my personal preferences at the moment..

Eye Candy (personally I think it’s how PLL should’ve been done)

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Veronica Mars (it may be off air but it’s just always amazing)

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Containment (I mean yes it’s about a deadly outbreak but it’s so goddamn good and chris wood just yum)

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The Royals 


Make it or break it (gymnastics/drama)

Hellcats (cheerleading/drama)

Privileged (fetus Lucy Hale)

The Secret Circle

hey @randamhajile, i think i got a little carried away with your request its just too cute!! ;_; i think that in this au if veronica and sarah were to meet it would be in some super nice fancy place and veronica would like have no idea that its her hero sarah right in front of her…. and they fall in love….. and then all the fun stuff happens and they start dating and all that!!! aaa!!! ////
anyway hope you like! happy gay valentines day everybody!!!!!!

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Thankyou guys so friggin much for all the positive feedback and support on my Jughead Serpent Au, you guys make me so happy to write these stories!

He was practically floating on air, the goofy smile that seemed a permanent fixture on his face today was driving his friends crazy, and that only spurred him on, what fun was a secret if you didn’t use it to mess with people?

“Come on man, what’s with the stupid face? You haven’t stopped grinning since you drove up this morning. I didn’t think you even knew how to smile?” Dean teased, elbowing Jughead in the side and impatiently waiting for an explanation.

“What? A guy can’t be happy around here. Maybe I really like what’s on the lunch menu today.” He shrugged lazily, pulling a long drag out of the cigarette hanging from his mouth, a few of the Serpents stood outside Southside high while Jughead leaned against his motorcycle, the extra wide smile still playing on his lips.

“You eat everything, you don’t care what’s on the menu” Keith rolled his eyes, shrugging his jacket off and taking in the late fall, early summer sun “this wouldn’t have anything to do with our very own ball of sunshine, little miss Betty Cooper, would it?” He smirked knowingly.

There were hushed laughs and immature “ooooohhhsss”

Jughead popped the collar of his jacket, rolling his eyes
“And if it is? I can’t help the fact that someone like her wants to be with me, she’s.. special” He smiled proudly.

A few of the boys began cracking up and some of them made obnoxious fake throw up noises.

“Yeah whatever, find a girl like mine and you’ll Change your mind real fast” he threw his hands at them, putting his cigarette out.

“You’re dad will be happy.” Keith said knowingly, his eyes sympathetic.

Dean looked worriedly at Jughead, for a boy his size, he was most definitely all bite no bark

“You ain’t just with her because of what your dad said right? About us getting in Riverdales head? Because Betty’s real nice and I don’t want to see her get hurt.” He said slowly, warning evident in his voice.

“You don’t have to worry about that, what me and Betty have is real. My dad has nothing to do with the way we feel about each other, if it gets him off my back for a while, so be it. But im not letting him anywhere near this relationship. I’m not letting anyone near this relationship.” He cast his eyes too a group of particular nasty Serpents in the corner who were eyeing Jughead with an unfamiliar look.

“Figured we’d stop by Pops again after school, as corny as that place is, the burgers are some of the best.” A lanky Serpent named Jacob said,a few of the other boys voicing there agreement.

“Sounds like a plan.” Jughead nodded Cooly, pulling his phone out and sending a text to his favorite girl

JUGHEAD: wanna grab a milkshake after school? On me ;)

He bobbed his knee anxiously waiting for the text, quickly opening his phone as it lit up.

BETTY: wouldn’t you much rather it be on me? ;)

He nearly choked on his own breath after reading the message, his eyes going wide, another message popped up and he eagerly opened it.

BETTY: I have no idea where that came from. What are you doing to me Jughead Jones? ;) a milkshake sounds amazing, bring your friends I’ll bring mine. Can’t wait to see you. Miss you.

He clutched the phone in his hand, his heart instantly feeling lighter, she had such a damn effect on him, it scared him sometimes, but the excitement overshadowed the fear and he found himself anticipating seeing her face.

The day went by quickly and before Jughead knew it he was pulling into Pop Tate’s Parking lot, the rumble of motorcycles following him as his gang parked their bikes, heading for the door in a rowdy bundle. Jughead stood beside Keith and Dean, his eyes scanning from the doorway, softening when he spotted Betty standing beside a booth on her tiptoes, looking around for Jughead, when she caught his eyes, she grinned leaning down and whispering something in Veronica’s ear, the dark haired girl turning towards him and rolled her eyes playfully.

The three boys made their way over and stood before the booth awkwardly, Archie moved over from his seat, and dean dropped beside him, shaking the entire table with his mass.

“Woah there big boy!” Veronica laughed, her hands coming out to steady herself as Archie clapped him on the shoulder
“We sure could use you on the football team!” He laughed as Dean grinned shyly.

Betty slid into the booth, Jughead sliding directly beside her, his arm instantly coming to rest on her shoulders. Betty looked up at him with light eyes
“Hi” she whispered.

Jughead brushed a strand of hair from her eyes and smiled “hi”

The conversation was light and fun, Archie and Jughead realizing how much they had in common and Keith and Veronica discussing fashion, a secret passion of Keith’s. Kevin had pretty much fallen in love and Dean was just happy to eat and listen to the stories, occasionally setting both the girls into fits of giggles at his barking laugh.

An hour later, the perfect bubble they had been in burst with a very audible pop.

“Elizabeth Cooper! What on earth do you think you’re doing?!” The shrill voice of a middle aged women, followed by a man who looked exceptionally like Betty rang through the tiny diner.

Betty stiffened in Jughead arms, her whole body shaking slightly as she stood almost robotically.

“Mom. Dad” she whispered, taking shaky steps out of the booth

“What are you doing here?! Don’t you know you have tutoring? And Latin class? And what’s this I hear about you ending Cheerleading practice early? What’s the matter with you?!” She screamed in her daughters face.

Betty shook her head
“It’s Friday, I was just..” she was cut off by the older man clutching her wrist

“Don’t talk to your mother like that, keep your mouth shut, let’s go.” He tugged Betty towards the door, the blonde losing her footing and tripping slightly, her eyes downcast as she winced.

Jughead was out of the booth in seconds flat, his eyes lethal as Archie followed closely behind, Jughead gripped Betty’s fathers hand that was wrapped around Betty’s wrist

“Let her go.” He growled as Hal Cooper, stared shocked at his hand

“You don’t know who you’re messing with boy” he hissed as Alice waved her hands frantically.

“You’ve been hanging around these people. Their kind ” she spat, her eyes narrowing on Jughead as he shook his head still glaring at Hal, he opened his mouth to speak but was quickly cut off when Betty stepped forward.

“Don’t talk about them like that. They have more class in one finger than you do in your entire body.” She said dangerously, standing toe to toe with her shocked mother.

“You don’t know anything about them.” Betty spoke

Alice shook her head
“I know enough. I know enough to know these people are nothing but trash, nothing but thugs, nothing but..” suddenly a glass soared past the older woman’s head, smashing against the wall behind her head, sending glass flying as Betty stood in front of her, her hands shaking

“You need to leave.” She hissed , her eyes dark as the entire diner went dead silent, to make matters worse Chuck and his football players stormed in through the front doors, noticing the motorcycles in the front they had come for a fight. Noting the tension, they stopped abruptly and watched.

“Elizabeth, we’ll discuss this at home.” Alice Cooper said her voice shaky, as she touched a hand to her chest.

“No.” she said finally, testing the word out on her lips “no I’m not going with you.” She finished finally.

Hal laughed bitterly
“Where will you go? Who’s gonna want you? Now that you’re some Serpent Slut?” The man smiled wickedly.

Betty looked down at her hands helplessly and Jughead stepped forward, coming up to grip her now bruised wrist.

“She’ll stay with me.” He said, tugging her towards the door, his arm coming around to wrap around her protectively as he ushered her towards the door, shoving past Chuck and his friends as they shouted, an all out screaming war broke out.
Chuck reached for Betty’s hand

“Think about what you’re doing Betty, think about your decisions.” He said dangerously, threatening her.

Jughead pushed her softly ahead of him and turned to chuck, slamming him against the wall
“You touch her, you look at her, you even breathe in her presence, I will kill you. I swear to god, I’ll make you wish you were never born.” The boy fell against the wall as Jughead released him.

Jughead turned back to see Veronica and Archie and Kevin slipping out the back with Dean and Keith right beside him. The dark haired boy jumped on his bike, reaching a hand out for Betty, who looked at him nervously.

“Do you trust me?” He shouted over the noise.

With one final glance back at the chaos behind her, Betty gripped his hand and climbed onto the back of the bike, her hands wrapping securely around her waist.

“You ready angel?” He said when she dropped her chin to his neck.

She pressed her nose to his pulse point and nodded

“Take me away Romeo.”

Winchesters in Riverdale (Part Nine)

After a hunt gone wrong, Y/N Winchester, the 17 year old half-sister of Sam and Dean Winchester, her older brothers, and Castiel are transported to Riverdale, a town in a different universe. While Sam, Dean, and Castiel attempt to find a way back home, Y/N struggles to fit in in the community of Riverdale. In a universe with no monsters to worry about, there’s so many questions that need answering.

Can she ever try to be normal after hunting for all of her life? Who’s the good-looking, mystical teen with the beanie who’s always at that diner? And will anyone discover that secret she’s been hiding for the last year and a half?

Masterlist with all other parts for this story

Gif by @jonesbetts

A/N: The scene I used for inspiration for this chapter (and the song that’s used) is right here if anyone wanted to check it out!


You were able to stay home from school for the entire next week. After Jughead and Veronica found out your secret, you wanted to avoid everyone and get back to your universe as soon as you could. You told Sam and Dean you could stay home and further research the Celtic spell the two of them had found or even travel to obtain some of the ingredients they needed. Since they were antsy to leave as well, they allowed you to miss school in order to help them out.

If Sam and Dean knew something was up with you, they didn’t say anything. Usually you were annoyed if they danced around a topic but you were grateful for it now. It was now Saturday night, the day of the dance. You had decided after the events of last weekend that you weren’t going to the dance. Despite this, you kept looking at the clock, counting down the hours until the dance at eight.

You were leaving tomorrow. The spell was done. All that it needed to do was sit for 24 hours. By nine am tomorrow, you would be home and you could forget this fiasco ever happened. However, even if you weren’t talking to your friends, it hurt you to think of losing them. You had ignored texts from all of them, eventually just settling for turning your phone off by Sunday night. You hadn’t looked at it since.

At seven pm, there was a knock on your door. Thinking it was either your brothers or Castiel with questions regarding the spell, you quickly got up to answer it. What greeted you instead when you opened the door was a surprise.

Jughead Jones, still wearing his beanie and clad in a black suit and tie, was outside your door, holding out a single red rose. Your eyes widened.

“Ms. Winchester.” he said.

“Mr. Jones,” you said back instinctively, still in shock. “W-What are you doing here? How’d you find me?”

Jughead smirked.

“I’m here to take you to the dance. Oh, and Veronica told me.” he said.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and looked down.

“Oh.” you said softly as you took the rose.

Of course she did.

Jughead sighed, sobering up.

“Can I come in?” he asked.

You toyed with the idea for a minute or two before eventually nodding, waving him in. He walked into your motel room, looking around it as you closed the door behind him.

“Not too shabby.” he joked, turning to look at you again.

You gave a small smirk as you put the flower into the only vase you had; a glass of water sitting next to your bed.

“Yeah, well, it’s not for very long.” you said, not totally lying.

Jughead nodded, thinking you were soon moving to a bigger place. The two of you were silent, eyes settling for looking at the ground.



The both of you chuckled.

“You first.” you said.

Jughead smiled.

“I-I really just wanted to tell you that, um, I don’t care,” he said. “That you have a kid. I don’t care if you have six kids. I don’t care that you have all these secrets. Would I like to know? Yeah. Of course. I can tell these things are tearing you apart. I want to help. I want to be that person you talk to about all your problems. I like you, Y/N. A lot. And if you could do me the honor of accompanying me to the dance tonight, I’d be the happiest guy alive. Oh, and I’ll try not to ask any probing questions, but you know me.”

You giggled at his words.

“Well, Mr. Jones, after that beautiful speech, I see no reason not to go,” you said. “But do I have enough time to get ready?”

“I came here an hour early for a reason.” he deadpanned as he sat down on your bed.

You laughed.

“Of course you did,” you said. “Well, just let me take a shower and I’ll—”

A loud knock at the door interrupted you.

“Y/N!” a voice called.

You frowned.

“What even…”

You walked over to your door, opening it. Sam, Dean, and Castiel were all standing outside, craning their necks to see who was inside your room.

“Is he there?” Dean asked gruffly. “The kid, is he there?”

You rose your eyebrows at him.

“Yeah, he is.” you said.

Your brothers and the angel barged into your room, making Jughead quickly stand up. Dean narrowed his eyes at the raven-haired teen.

Jughead, was it?” he asked.

“Uh, yes,” the teen said, quickly walking over to the taller men.

He held out his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you.” he said.

The men looked at Jughead’s hand.

“Hmm.” Dean snorted and Jughead slowly lowered his hand.

“So, Y/N,” your eldest brother began. “I couldn’t help but notice that Jughead here is all dressed up but you’re not. Care to explain?”

You rolled your eyes at Dean’s tone.

“He came here early to talk to me. Is that such a crime?” you asked.

“No, not at all,” Sam said. “But you need to get ready. That gives us the perfect opportunity to talk to him. Alone.”

Jughead turned white as a sheet as Dean smiled wolfishly.

“I swear to God if you guys—” you began.

“We just want to talk!” Dean said as he held up his hands in surrender.

You sighed.

“Just talk. That’s it.” you warned looking at the three men.

“Talking is all we need.” Dean said smugly.

Jughead swallowed, his eyes wide with fear.

“Alright.” you sighed.

“Great. Jughead, why don’t you come with us back to our room? We can have our little chat there while Y/N gets ready.” Sam offered.

Jughead nodded slowly.

“Okay.” he croaked.

Dean slapped a hand on the smaller boy’s back as he lead him to the door.

“This’ll be fun.” he said.

Castiel gave you a sympathetic look as the four of them left your room, leaving you alone.

You sighed.

You needed to get ready as fast as you could.

At twenty minutes to eight, you emerged from your motel room donning your beautiful black dress and small black heels that you had borrowed from Veronica the day before you got your dress. You only had a touch of makeup on; some eyeshadow and some lip gloss. You looked beautiful.

You knocked on your brothers’ motel room door, taking a deep breath. Castiel opened the door, eyes widening when he saw you.

“Y/N,” he breathed. “You look beautiful.”

You smiled.

“Thank you, Castiel.” you said.

He held the door open all the way, ushering you in.

The rest of the guys who were sitting on the beds looked up at you. Jughead beamed while Sam and Dean looked just as surprised as Cas did. They quickly got up.

“What do you guys think?” you asked as you gave a little twirl.

“You look amazing, Y/N.” Jughead said.

You smiled at him.

“Thank you, Juggie.”

Dean snorted.

““Juggie.”” he repeated quietly.

“Dean.” Sam scolded.

But you and Jughead didn’t notice. You were too busy smiling at each other. Staring at each other. Trying to remember this moment.

“Well,” Dean cleared his throat. “Guess it’s time for you kids to hit the road. Don’t wanna be late, I guess.”

You and Jughead nodded as the teen made his way over to you.

“You really do look stunning.” he whispered in your ear, making you giggle.

“Remember what we talked about, Jughead.” Dean warned.

Jughead nodded.

“Yes, sir.” he said.

Dean looked pleased at being called “sir,” but he refused to give Jughead the satisfaction of seeing his approval.

“Go on then.” he said.

You and Jughead left the motel room, the three men trailing behind you. You saw the lone car in this motel parking lot and raised your eyebrows at Jughead who smirked.

“It’s Archie’s. Convinced him to let me borrow it for the night.” he said as he pulled the keys out of his pocket, jingling them.

You nodded in approval.

“Not bad, Mr. Jones,” you said. “Not bad at all.”

Just as the two of you got into the car, you heard two voices behind you.

“Have fun!” Sam called.

“But not too much fun!” Dean blurted out, making you and Jughead blush.

You closed your car door and Jughead sped off, the two of you on your way to the dance.

When you entered Riverdale High’s gymnasium, you were shocked to see how much decoration there was. Multicolored streamers were everywhere and the gym was decked out in white Christmas lights complete with a random disco ball hanging from the middle of the ceiling.

“You like it?” Jughead asked, looking at you.

You instead looked down as your intertwined fingers and smiled.

“Yeah. I do.” you said.

Jughead blushed, making you giggle again.

“Y/N!” a voice called.

You turned around to see Veronica who was looking at you with wide eyes.

“You came!” she exclaimed.

You smiled and nodded.

“Guess I did.” you said.

She sighed.

“Y/N, I feel terrible,” she began. “I shouldn’t have tried to confront you on the—”

You cut her off with a tight hug, not letting go.

“Y/N?” she asked softly.

“Thank you,” you whispered. “Just… thank you.”

You pulled away to see Veronica smiling at you.

“Okay.” she said quietly.

A pop song started to play loudly in the background and you felt Jughead take your hand again.

“You wanna dance?” he asked.

You nodded and turned back to Veronica.

“I’ll see you around?” you asked.

She beamed, nodding.

“Of course!” she said. “I wanna hear all about how this little thing between you and Juggie came to be.”

You smiled before you allowed Jughead to pull you towards the middle of the dance floor, your heart falling as you realized that was probably going to be the last time you ever saw Veronica Lodge. Your thoughts were momentarily forgotten once you saw Jughead’s blinding smile as he started to dance. You began to dance as well only for the song to suddenly change to a slow song.

What would I do without your smart mouth?
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out

Jughead smiled shyly and held his hands out for you. You took one of them slowly as your other hand rested on his shoulder and his free hand rested on your waist.

You’ve got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down
What’s going on in that beautiful mind

The two of you looked down bashfully, eyes glancing up at each other every now and then.

I’m on your magical mystery ride
And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright

Taking a chance, you decided to rest your head on the area just below his shoulder. You felt him tense before he finally relaxed, his cheek coming to rest of your head.

My head’s under water
But I’m breathing fine
You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind

You could feel and hear Jughead’s heart pounding furiously in his chest. You looked up at him only to see his blue-green eyes returning your stare.

‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you

With that, Jughead dipped down and captured your lips with his in a soft, sensual kiss. Your body felt like it was on fire and you deepened the kiss, feeling Jughead’s telltale smirk against your lips. When the two of you finally pulled away for air, Jughead was looking at you with so much love in his eyes that you thought your heart might burst.

“You wanna get out of here?” he asked.

You nodded, smiling.



A/N: Final part will be up either tomorrow or Tuesday! :)


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CONCEPT: Veronica and Cheryl are like BFF, they’re bitchy and rich and popular girls in school. And then there’s a new girl - Betty Cooper  who immediately attracts the attention of Veronica. Cheryl is jealous of Veronica because she’s secret crush on her and Veronica likes Betty but at the same time she kinda feel something for Cheryl. In the end - Betty sees Veronica and Cheryl kissing and realizes that she has feelings for Veronica…


Zombies, Run! chronological mission order

Have you ever wondered where the side missions fit into the season two story line? Or where all the supply missions, race missions, airdrops, etc. fit in? @abelrunners and I did, so we looked into it and finally composed this list. Last updated after the Spring VR 2017. We haven’t included the Audible production, “The Way Of All Flesh” (but it would fit in between Spring VR 2016 and S1M1).

Hope this’ll be helpful! :)

RMs (Radio Mode) should be listened to during the appropriate seasons after normal missions. Keep in mind that certain missions unlock RM clips.

Pre-Season One:
• Spring VR (Virtual Race) 2017: Training Mission #1
• Spring VR 2017: Training Mission #2
• Spring VR 2017: 5K or 10K
• Spring VR 2016: Training Mission #1
• Spring VR 2016: Training Mission #2
• Spring VR 2016: 5K or 10K
• S1M1 (Season 1, Mission 1): Jolly Alpha Five Niner
• ZR5K (Zombies, Run! 5K app): W1W1 (Week 1, Workout 1)
• ZR5K: W1W2
• ZR5K: W1W3
• ZR5K: W2W1
• ZR5K: W2W2
• ZR5K: W2W3
• ZR5K: W3W1
• ZR5K: W3W2
• ZR5K: W3W3
• ZR5K: W4W1
• ZR5K: W4W2
• ZR5K: W4W3
• ZR5K: W5W1
• ZR5K: W5W2
• ZR5K: W5W3
• ZR5K: W6W1
• ZR5K: W6W2
• ZR5K: W6W3
• ZR5K: W7W1
• ZR5K: W7W2
• ZR5K: W7W3
• ZR5K: W8W1
• ZR5K: W8W2
• ZR5K: W8W3

Season One:
• S1M2: Distraction
• SUPPLY: Decoy Duty
• S1M3: Lay of the Land
• SUPPLY: Ammo Run
• S1M4: A Lost Child
• SUPPLY: Fuel Run
• S1M5: Paul Revere
• S1M6: Supply Run
• S1M7: A Voice in the Dark
• S1M8: The Old Milll
• SUPPLY: Medicine Run
• SUPPLY: Food Supply Run
• S1M9: Recovery
• SUPPLY: Tech Supply Run
• S1M10: Tess
• S1M11: Back to School
• S1M12: Alternates
• S1M13: A Regular Meds Run
• S1M14: Patient 29
• RACE: ABEL 5K: Ultra-Violet
• RACE: ABEL 10K: Visiting Van Ark
• RACE: ABEL 20K: Jeffro Complex
• RACE: CANTON 5K: Big Cheese
• RACE: CANTON 10K: Etymology
• RACE: CANTON 20K: Plasmapheresis
• S1M15: Virtuous Circle
• SUPPLY: Entertainment Run
• AUTUMN VR 2016: Training mission #1
• AUTUMN VR 2016: Training Mission #2
• AUTUMN VR 2016: 5K or 10K
• S1M16: Scouting Mission
• S1M17: Information Exchange
• AUTUMN VR 2015: 5K or 10K
• S1M18: Eavesdropping
• S1M19: An Unimportant Mission
• S1M20: Listen In
• S1M21: Siege
• S1M22: Horde
• S1M23: Aftermath
• S1RM.

    Interval Training should be played during S1 after M3 and before M20.

Season Two:
• S2M1: Back Once Again
• S2M2: From the Ashes
• Airdrop #1
• S2M3: Walking On Broken Glass
• S2M4: We Used To Be Friends
• Airdrop #2
• S2M5: Ghosts
• S2M6: Let The Dogs Come out
• S2M7: Mummy’s Hand
• S2M8: Chicken Payback
• Airdrop #3
• S2M9: All Together Now
• S2S1 (Season 2, Side mission 1): Canada
• S2M10: Holding Out For A Hero
• S2S2: Headcount
• S2M11: The Kids Are Alright
• S2M12: Relight My Fire
• Airdrop #4
• S2S3: Whack-A-Mole
• S2S4: Times New Roaming
• Airdrop #5
• S2M13: SOS
• S2M14: You’re Rocking The Boat
• S2M15: Hounds of Love
• S2S5: Top 40
• S2S6: Trefoil
• Airdrop #6
• S2M16: Electric Dreams
• S2M17: The Object Is A Hungry Wolf
• S2M18: Dark and Long
• S2M19: Dare
• S2M20: Toxic
• S2S7: War Is The Answer
• S2M21: Always Take The Weather
• S2S8: Interview With a Girl Guide
• S2M22: No Future
• S2M23: Galvanize
• S2M24: London Calling
• S2S9: Zombies, Row!
• S2M25: Con Te Partiro
• S2M26: S-Express
• S2M27: Banditos
• S2S10: Zombies, Climb!
• S2S11: Zombies, Stretch!
• S2S12: Search And Rescue
• S2S13: Actual Cannibal Rescue Mission
• S2M28: Ghost Town
• S2M29: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
• S2M30: Panic
• S2S14: Circuit Training
• S2S15: Quartermaster
• S2S16: Zombies, Bike!
• S2M31: Hello
• S2M32: Tightrope
• S2M33: Athena
• S2M34: Ready To Go
• S2H1 (Halloween): Living Dead Girl
• S2H2: Horse Play
• S2H3: Wai Chu Xiao Xin
• S2M35: Dog Days Are Over
• S2M36: One Way Or Another
• S2M37: Sweet Escape
• S2M38: Jailbreak
• S2M39: Psycho Killer
• S2M40: Little Lies
• S2M41: You Know My Name
• S2M42: Road To Nowhere
• S2M43: The Final Countdown
• S2M44: Something Good, 08
• S2M45: Going Underground
• S2RM

Season Three:
• S3M1: Break Your Heart
• S3M2: The Safety Dance
• S3M3: Rescue Me
• S3M4: Left To My Own Devices
• S3M5: Walk of Life
• S3M6: Career Day
• S3M7: Life’s A Happy Song
• S3M8: Believe
• S3M9: I Don’t Want To Get Over You
• S3M10: The Man Who Sold the World
• S3M11: Stray Cat Strut
• S3M12: Ready To Start
• S3M13: Autopilot
• S3M14: Keeper Of Secrets
• S3M15: Veronica
• S3M16: Battle Born
• S3M17: Carry Me Home
• S3M18: I’ve Got A Theory
• S3M19: Descent
• S3M20: Only Love Can Break Your Heart
• S3M21: Sin In My Heart
• S3M22: Your Cheatin’ Heart
• S3M23: I’m With Stupid
• S3M24: Return To The Forbidden Planet
• S3M25: The Road Goes Ever On And On
• S3M26: Brand New Start
• S3M27: Blue
• S3M28: A Little Night Music
• S3M29: Where’s Your Head At
• S3M30: Submission
• S3M31: Scream And Shout
• S3M32: Dynamite
• S3M33: Upside Down
• S3M34: I Crush Everything
• S3M35: Leave My Brain Alone
• S3M36: Old World
• S3M37: Back In Your Head
• S3M38: We’re Needed
• S3M39: It’s Raining Again
• S3M40: Addicted To Love
• S3M41: Interiors
• S3M42: Insane In The Brain
• S3M43: Love Is A Stranger
• S3M44: Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
• S3M45: Aquarius
• S3M46: Shoot The Runner
• S3M47: Comfortably Numb
• S3M48: Reunion Tour
• S3M49: Sowing Season
• S3M50: Listen All You People
• S3M51: Bad Moon Rising
• S3M52: Shiver Me Timbers
• S3M53: There Is Power In A Union
• S3M54: The Milkman Og Human Kindness
• S3M55: Into The Light
• S3M56: Natural Anthem
• S3M57: Rollercoasters
• S3M58: Up
• S3M59: Mambo Number Five
• S3M60: Sacrifice
• S3RM

Season Four:
• S4M1: Pound The Alarm
• S4M2: We Built This City
• S4M3: Post War Blues
• S4M4: Super Bass
• S4M5: Better The Devil You Know
• S4M6: Brain Damage
• S4S1: Life Day
• S4M7: Does Your Mother Know
• S4M8: With A Little Help From My Friends
• S4M9: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
• S4M10: Futures
• S4M11: Lullaby
• S4M12: Strange Disease
• S4M13: History Repeating
• S4M14: Church of The Poison Mind
• S4M15: Sweet Things
• S4S2: Hierarchy Of Needs
• S4M16: Old And Wise
• S4M17: The Living Daylights
• S4M18: Down Down
• S4M19: There’s No I In Team
• S4M20: Nitroglycerin
• S4M21: In Da Club
• S4M22: Runaway Baby
• S4M23: Goodbye To You
• S4M24: Livin’ On A Prayer
• S4M25: Another Brick In The Wall
• S4M26: Grown Ups
• S4M27: Hit Me Baby One More Time
• S4M28: Honey Honey
• S4M29: Monster
• S4M30: We Are Golden
• S4M31: Got My Mind Set On You
• S4M32: Tower Of Song
• S4M33: One Of Us
• S4M34: Who Are You
• S4M35: You Win Again
• S4M36: Back In Black
• S4M37: Cherish
• S4M38: The Game Has Changed
• S4M39: Bed Of Lies
• S4M40: Choice
• S4RM

Season Five:
• S5M1: You Spin Me Round
• S5M2: Run To You
• S5M3: Thorn In My Side
• S5M4: Hanging On The Telephone
• S5M5: Voodoo Child
• S5M6: Changes
• S5M7: Sail Away
• S5M8: Liar Liar
• S5M9: Brothers in Arms
• S5M10: Wrong Song
• S5M11: All About That Bass
• S5M12: Everything Is Beautiful
• S5M13: Drive My Car
• S5M14: Step Into My Office, Baby
• S5M15: Poker Face
• S5M16: You’re Still The One
• S5M17: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
• S5M18: Here Comes The Rain Again
• S5M19: Sweet Dreams
• S5M20: Stay Alive
• S5M21: Staying Alive
• S5M22: Hit Me With Your Best Shot
• S5M23: Hungry Like the Wolf
• S5M24: Come Undone
• S5M25: Village Green Preservation Society
• S5M26:We Have All The Time In The World
• S5M27: For Your Eyes Only
• S5M28: Live And Let Die
• S5M29: Renegade Master
• S5M30: Lazarus
• S5M31: Want You Gone
• S5M32: Inspector Norse
• S5M33: Ice Ice Baby
• S5M34: Cold as Ice
• S5M35: Break The Ice
• S5M36: Let It Go
• S5M37: Nothing But Love
• S5M38: Get The Party Started
• S5M39: Follow Me, Follow You
• S5M40: The Room Where It Happens

  • Archie Comics has been adapted into a gritty teen drama. Which I am not actually watching, but…
  • Betty and Veronica” is what tvtropes calls the thing where a character has one safe, wholesome love interest and one interesting, dangerous love interest.
  • On the show, there is apparently a nonzero amount of gay between the actual Betty and actual Veronica.

Taken together, this all leads to the following entry on the Riverdale tvtropes page:

For Betty, Archie should be her Betty and Veronica her Veronica, but Archie’s secrets make him less safe than Betty expected, while Veronica is unfailingly kind and supportive, which would mean that Archie is the Veronica and Veronica is the Betty.

…which is amazing, and I am elated that thirteen billion years of universe and millennia of human history have culminated in somebody writing that paragraph.

That is all.

Behind the Rear Window - Ch.2

Don’t expect a new chapter every day but I was aware that the first one doesn’t really give you too much and I already had this written so I couldn’t resist!

Ch.1 / Read here on AO3

“Is she worth it?” The commanding voice broke Jughead out of his heat induced daze. He didn’t even flick his eyes away from the courtyard before addressing the speaker.


“Whoever you’re staring at out there. Is she worth the sentence when she reports you for being a peeping tom? In the olden days they burnt your eyes out with a red hot poker – I can’t imagine anybody is worth that,” Veronica prattled as she hung her coat and hat on the rack by the door. “I’m all for window shopping but never with such extreme consequences.” Jughead’s lips lifted in a subtle smile at her words. He’d make sure he settled his features back into their disapproving nonchalance by the time she rounded the chair to face him.

“I’m not staring at anyone; I’m impartially observing the nature of the unguarded home occupant,” Jughead retorted wryly, lifting his heavy eyes to meet hers. She was wearing pale blue today, white belt cinching in her already slender waist where her hands lay accusingly. Her lips were painted a light red and her dark hair fell in their usual ringlets about her shoulders. Jughead shook his head imperceptibly – he should have guessed that Veronica Lodge didn’t sweat, even in over one hundred degree heat.

“That’s what they all say,” she replied, knowing full well that they didn’t. “And before you know it you’ll be watching the world through bars instead.” He rolled his eyes at her overdramatics and pursed lips, watching as Miss Legs brushed out her waves in the reflection of a serving tray propped up against her sink. Veronica rummaged through her handbag, pulling out a small case and snapping it open to reveal a thermometer. She wedged it hastily between Jughead’s slightly parted lips before he had a chance to return any sardonic remarks.

“I’ve told you before not to sleep in that chair, at least a dozen times. You’ve already got this,” she paused, tapping a painted nail against his cast, “I really don’t think, having known you, you’d appreciate a back brace,” she said, arching a dark eyebrow. Jughead watched her breeze through his apartment, bypassing the mess and finding whatever she wanted with little fuss. Veronica shook out the clean bed sheet, spreading it over the temporarily set up table shoved unceremoniously against the furthest wall from the window, shielded partially by the chimney breast. “I knew a guy, once – he was a patient of mine. Never saw him outside of his office, always hunched over that desk of his, even scheduled our appointments there. Some kind of financial advisor, I think. Couldn’t recall a time I saw him look into another person’s eyes while talking to them. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him that he was hiding from something,” she recalled, shaking her head as she plumped a pillow, tugging at the corners of the case.

“Do you have a point?” Jughead asked around the thermometer. Veronica worked mechanically, pulling a multitude of bottles out of her apparently bottomless bag.

“Would you like to know what happened to him?” she asked, striding over to pinch the device from his mouth and check the reading. Jughead licked his dry lips.

“This isn’t a story about the in-too-deep business man who throws himself out the tenth story window, is it?” he enquired dryly. Veronica huffed, something she seemed to do a lot in Jughead’s experience. He had thought that perhaps it was just him that incited such a disgruntled reaction and took a little sick pleasure in the fact.

“No. He’s still there,” she revealed. Jughead looked at her with a furrowed brow, noting the way she regarded him as if she had just imparted a great discovery. With a hand resting on the back of his chair she rolled her eyes his continued staring. “I don’t want to come back one day and find the dry bones of the once great Jughead Jones, by this window where I left him.” Jughead scoffed as he turned back to the window in what he was aware was ironic defence. Mr Caretaker had ventured downstairs, door thudding with a little too much force before he knelt by his bed of roses. Jughead watched the way he stabbed at the soil with his garden fork, prongs repeatedly piercing the dirt.

“You have a hormone deficiency.” Veronica’s statement startled him. He turned back to find her staring between him and the thermometer.

“You can tell that from my temperature?” he questioned disbelievingly. Veronica was good at her job, but not that good.

“Weeks spent staring at those sunbathing beauties and not one of them has managed to raise it by a degree,” she commented flippantly as she shook the stick to cool it down. Jughead began to shift in his seat, preparing for the next part of their appointment.

“I told you I wasn’t staring at them. And even if I was they hold little interest for me,” he added, a defensive note creeping into his usually flat tone. Veronica grabbed him under the arm, hoisting him up expertly before helping him hobble to the table. Shedding his shirt, Jughead lay across the material.

“Are you lonely, Jughead?” she asked with a genuine curiosity that made Jughead’s jaw clench. He’d long gotten over her unprofessional penchant for calling him ‘Jughead’ rather than ‘Mr Jones’.

“Are you unfulfilled, Veronica?” he fired back, eyes still hard and focused on the peeling corner of the wallpaper in front of him. She slapped the cold massaging lotion on his back a shade harder than necessary, making him wince.

It was a badly kept secret that Veronica Lodge did not need to be an insurance company nurse. Barely concealed purls, perfectly manicured fingers, and Jughead had been around enough designer clothes in the past few months to know that what Veronica wore would not be described as cheap. And yet here she was, hands pushing out the tight knots in his back, sore from lack of movement and less than advisable sleeping positions. Her family money appeared to be a desirable asset but it just wasn’t enough to get her through the endless days. Jughead knew that ‘lacking’ feeling well.

“You thought anymore about her?” Veronica asked, steering the conversation back to him.

“Betty Cooper,” Jughead sighed, resting his chin on the backs of his laced fingers. Veronica laughed as she worked his back.

“Betty Cooper,” she repeated. Veronica knew well enough who she was; if she had deigned to be a society girl then their circles wouldn’t be too different. Saying that name in the rundown apartment of a photojournalist on this side of town wouldn’t have even occurred to her, however, if he hadn’t already let it slip himself a few weeks prior.

“She’s trouble,” Jughead remarked, cryptically.

“I don’t think those two things are compatible,” Veronica quipped, thumbs pressing against the grooves in his spine and making him grunt. “Blonde hair, pink lips… what’s not to like?”

“She’s not the girl for me. She’s too perfect,” he said, hoping the sadness in his voice wasn’t as apparent to Veronica as it was to himself.

“‘Too perfect’. What’s ‘too perfect’?”

“She’ll want to get married.”

“And what’s so wrong with that? I think a little married life will do you good,” Jughead heard for the second time that morning, thoughts drifting back to Mr Caretaker – he wondered if his roses were still living.

“I don’t think the two things are compatible,” he repeated her words from earlier, knowing she would be giving him her signature eye roll as he spoke. And again for the second time that day the unwelcome image of his father invaded his mind, this time accompanied by the partially blocked view he had of his mother leaving their trailer for the last time, garnered from behind the half closed closet door he’d hidden in.

“Miss Cooper is a well-rounded, pleasant mannered, delightful young woman,” Veronica listed as if she were reading from a brochure. “And she gives a better view than anything out that damn window,” she added with her usual snark.

“Betty Cooper belongs to society. Hell, she is society. I need someone who is willing to go anywhere, do anything, to chase the story. And love doing it. I’ve seen the shoes she wears and they are barely suitable for chasing down a cab,” he mocked. He felt his chest tighten in betrayal as he spouted out words to Betty’s detriment.

“Shoes are merely dressing. You know that underneath them we all have the same feet, right?”

“In Betty’s case they don’t touch the ground.”

“Then she’ll have no issues with flying.”

“Caramel! Where are you, sweetheart?”

“Keep your damn dog away from my flowerbeds!”

Jughead’s brow furrowed as they lapsed into silence, eyes glancing at the carelessly slung copy of Bazaar magazine without his permission. The world faded to black and white as Betty’s image grinned back at him from the open pages – she’d been reading it last time she came to visit; a puff piece done on herself by some tired journalist looking to escape the monotony of the society pages, she’d informed him. Still, the photographer had done a decent job of capturing her essence. Her green eyes shone with something akin to mischief as they stared into his own. Oh, he was well aware of the effects of that mischief…

“It just won’t work. There’s a rational way to approach the situation-” Jughead began with a sigh.

“There is no rationality where love is concerned,” Veronica cut in, dragging a rough towel over his skin. His stomach clenched.

“I just have a bad feeling,” Jughead confessed, not entirely sure what he was addressing. All he knew was that there’d been a twisting in the depths of his gut recently, an uncomfortable churning that he wasn’t sure he knew how to identify. Veronica laughed, shrill and unsympathetic.

“That, my darling, is from sleeping in this damn chair.”

anonymous asked:

hey could you do 6 and 99 together with archie and jughead where the secret is you have a really embarrassing first name and it's just super friendly and fluffy and not romantic because guys and girls can be friends....

6. “Stop looking at me, like that!”
99. “Tell me a secret.” (w/ Archie and Jughead.)

“Truth or death (Y/N/N)?”

You glanced up as you heard Veronica speak, blushing as you noticed that everyone was looking at you expectantly.

“Uh, dare,” you mumbled.

“I dare you to…..tell us a secret,” Veronica said.

You looked around the room, noting all the interested faces.

“Well,” you started. “(Y/N/N) isn’t my real name. Its a nickname.”

It was like a scene from a movie. The room got quiet, the only sound being Archie and Jughead’s gasps.

“(Y/N/N) isn’t your real name?” Archie shrieked. You shook your head.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Jughead said right after.

You shrugged. “You never asked.”

“Well what is your real name?” Kevin asked.

You smirked mysteriously before turning away. “Betty! Truth or dare?”

You were sitting in Archie’s room, next to Jughead. Both boys were playing a video game while you read a book. In less than five minutes, they had both lost and they turned to you, exasperated.

“What’s your name?” Archie asked.

“(Y/N/N),” you replied.

“Your real name,” Jughead clarified.

You sighed. “Guys why is this such a big deal? I don’t like my name. There’s a reason why I go by (Y/N/N). Kind of like Jughead.”

Archie turned to Jughead. “She’s right.”

Jughead rolled his eyes. “Yeah, but you guys know my real name. Its Forsythe.”

You and Archie snorted, laughing at his name. You guys were so loud that Fred decided to check up on you.

“Everything alright in here?”

“Yeah dad,” Archie answered. “Just trying to find out (Y/N/N)’s real name.”

Fred chuckled. “You guys still don’t know?”

The two boys looked at each other before rushing at Mr. Andrews, begging him to tell them what your name was. Mr. Andrews simply chuckled and shook his head before walking away.

“Please, please, please.”

Three hours later and your two best friends were still begging you to tell them your name. Sighing, you finally gave in.

“My name is (Y/N),” you mumbled.

The boys went silent. “What?”

“My name is (Y/N)!” you shouted, finally getting it over with. You glanced up to see both of them lookin at you. “Stop staring at me like that! I know its a weird name.”

“No, uh, its not,” Archie finally said. You scoffed.

“No, he’s right,” Jughead chimed. “Its nowhere near as bad as Forsythe Pendleton.”

All three of you chuckled as they wrapped you up in a big bear hug.

“Why were you so ashamed?” Archie asked.

“I dunno Arch,” you whispered. “I’m just so used to (Y/N/N) that I don’t like (Y/N) anymore.”

“Well you better start getting used to it (Y/N),” Jughead said as you scowled at him before laughing.

All three of you began laughing, which led to you toppling over, making you laugh even more.

As you lied on the ground, you knew that you could never replace the two boys. They were your best friends, your brothers, and you would always stick together no matter what.

(Ok so this one was kinda rushed but I hope y’all enjoy <3)

Cell Block Tango (1/?)

Summary- Where Tony needs more people on his side, so he brings a convicted murderer, and ex-assassin/acrobat onto his side, and Peter takes more of an interest in Velma Kelly than he’d like to admit.

Warnings- Descriptions of violence, blood and murder, and strong language.

AN- Enjoy! can’t wait to fully write this story! Also, I see Velma Kelly as Ariana Grande or someone like that, and then another character later on (Mona Faye) would be Rihanna

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VELMA KELLY had her claim to fame when she was charged and found guilty of the murder of her sister, Veronica and boyfriend Charlie. Not that played innocent for a second, she never denied she did the crime just stated she blacked out, and had no memory of the event.

It took fifteen minutes for jury to agree that Velma Kelly was indeed a murderer, at the age of seventeen.

She wasn’t ashamed of her crime, it wasn’t something she backed down from. Instead she reasoned with the judge, telling him he would’ve done the same if he walked in on his wife doing a spread eagle with the neighbour.

She was sentenced with life in prison and a tariff of twenty-five years. Not to breathe proper air or feel the sun on her skin until she was  forty-two.

Just before she walked out of the courtroom, and to the car that would take her to her home for god knows how long, the judge asked her for any final words.

She spoke, loudly and clearly, making sure the journalists at the back would be able to hear her.

“How come I am sentenced to life, when the people you call ‘Earths mightiest heroes’ are no better-”

Taking one look around she noticed the man dressed exceptionally better than those surrounding him, tinted glasses covering his eyes, as if they would dramatically change his appearance.

But Velma was far too smart, also his iconic facial hair was recognisable even from the stands.

“Take your golden boy and best science experiment. Captain America, the man who would save us all, yes?”

She heard multiple murmurs, but all she cared about was the man in the Tom Ford suit, who leaned forward.

“Then how come he’s protecting one of the most wanted men in the whole world. Shouldn’t you be after the Winter Soldier rather then me? Or do you really put that much trust into your 'heroes’?”

Tony watched her leave, no sign of regret or fright, instead a smirk. Because she knew she made everyone in the room question who they thought was protecting their country and world.

Including Tony.

So it didn’t surprise Velma much when she was escorted down the hallways of the prison, that had been her home for six months, towards a very impatient Tony Stark and  a cautious Thunderbolt Ross.

“Well, are we going to stand around all day. Or are you going to explain to me why the golden boy is now a fugitive?”

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