So i’m about to make an official veronicadammit user account. Message me telling me what you’d like to see in it or if you guys would even be interested. Hmm, i think this will be a change. The account will consist of the typical makeup, hair and fashion tutorials, hauls and DIY’s! My first video will probably be posted tomorrow ranting about my experience w/ tattooing. Thanks!


I’m sorry, yenno? It’s not like i wanted this to end. I just couldn’t be more than your friend because i don’t need extra drama in my life right now. You meant something to me, you still do. I know you don’t want to be my friend because you feel like you cant and that’s fine. I just hope you’re okay and i hope you don’t think that you didn’t mean much to me…but you know, you never did take anything i said the correct way.


So I’ve never officially drove before. I’ve parked and reversed before, no big deal. Tonight was different though. I drove OFFICIALLY for my first time! Around streets and parking lots to start…but then i wanted to go bigger. I drove home! From city to city on the freeway! It was so intense and so incredibly fun. I passed right by one sherriffffff and two cops! Helllla epic. Ahah! I had a great night and i know it’s just the beginning. Thanks for popping my driving cherry Chris! (=


I’m a girl who loves camping, so i’m thrilled to be going in a week. When people say they hate camping, it makes me blink twice. Everyone has their own opinions and i respect that, but it’s such a cliche when a girl says that they hate it. C'mon, it’s not that bad to get a little dirty. In my opinion, as long as there’s a toilet and i have some TP…I’m good. I’ve never met a guy who doesn’t like camping, and i’d be ashamed if i did. Biggest pet peeve: when someone is quick to judge something that they’ve never tried.


I love the feeling of finally being okay w/ myself. Finally being content w/ being single and summer. I just want to have a good time and i’m not trippin’ about anything else. I think i’m ready for anything that life will throw at me next. I think the worst days will only make me appreciate the best days even more. Tonight for instance made me numb. I loved the feeling of being care free w/ Jared. It made for an interesting night. Those are the nights i want this summer. Care free memories.


I know i’m not worthless because i know i have a purpose. Sometimes i feel like i just want to run away from the city i live in and the people around me. I know i probably feel this way because of the generation i live in. I may be a teenager, but i don’t feel like one. i feel way older than everyone around me because of the thoughts that go through my head about the world. I may say and do stupid things, but how else am i going to have fun w/ myself? It’s weird because i honestly don’t feel like im suposed to be alive. I feel like, i was put on this earth and i’m stuck here till i die. To me, that just isn’t fair. If it was my choice then i wouldn’t be alive to deal w/ people, pain, suffering and the things not everyone should go through.