Author and Graphic Designer “Veronica N. Davis” came back for her third shoot this year. She is quoted to have said “Jasemine, you made me laugh. You are so silly that you nearly made me forget about the weather. You helped me convey the emotions I wanted to get across. Thank you!”

Be sure to book a shoot with me. Don’t let the weather stop you from greatness!

Hey guys!

Just caught up on AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM and I started thinking…..about Evan’s character Kit Walker and how he was married to an african american girl…Why did Veronica cross my mind!?!?! 

I went and ordered her new book TOMORROW NEVER CAME, but I am seriously perfect would it have been, you guys?! If playing the role of Alma Walker was Veronica Davis?! 


PS Happy belated birthday Mr. Peters! (Jan 20th). He’s only 4 years older than Veronica so I feel like if ever they do work together omgosh they’ll have similar things to talk about…i may be taking this too far lol!

Kit Walker and Alma Walker in my head is Evan and Veronica now though….

Judge me. Don’t care.

TEETH! TEETH! TEETH! TEETH! TEETH!…rhymes with Keith lol Partridge  I prefer David Bruce Cassidy, k sheesh.

Anyway ladies and males…

Imperfect teeth especially…appeal to me.

That’s why when I was 12 I fell in love with a legend – David Cassidy. (his fans are still as crazy today as they were 40+ ago and thats cuz girls like me keep appearing…he is a timeless man with so much spirit such a cool man, i would be proud to be like ‘yep DC’s my grandpa lol….I know…weird silly….)

Now at 31 I’m in love with someone who could EASILY be a legend – Veronica N. Davis (her following is ridiculous and today on twitter there was a Team VND Conference discussing how to get her on the big screen lol…specifically THE VAMPIRE DIARIES jaja)

She recently mentioned she is a DC admirer and I was like “she’s 21 with the oldest spirit but I agree with her admiration”. So I made this graphic. her and all the people she admires/likes.

Even someone who is both our fave authors – DEAN KOONTZ! (this guys pumps out novels like its nothing! i am so jealous!)

But oh my gosh…David and Veronica’s teeth are perfect!

I know youre gonna say Im weird silly tumblr lol but I really don’t give a fuck what you think.