The Mars Minute, Playlist Edition: Primadonna Girl

Welcome to a new feature of the Mars Minute (and back to the Mars Minute in general!)!! From time to time when we encounter an episode that is the perfect vehicle for a specific character, we’ll create a playlist dedicated to that character. 

Never forget the wonderful tragic girl Lilly Kane. Lilly Kane who likely haunts Logan to tell him (beg him!!) to stop wearing orange.

LILLY: Check you out, Veronica Mars. You’re like a rocker chick now. You and I? We’d have a lot of fun together…yeah…if, um, you know, if I wasn’t dead and stuff.

VERONICA: Why are you here?

LILLY: Don’t you watch any horror movies? My soul is doomed to walk the earth until justice has been served.


LILLY: Yeah, that, and, as kind of a side project, I dispense fashion advice.

In honor of Lilly Kane and her snappy comeback post-mortem fashion advice giving glory we’re dedicating episode 1x06, “Return of the Kane" to Lilly Kane and creating a playlist in her honor.

We’re very pleased to introduce "Run, Whirlwind, Run,” a fanmix made with love by yours truly.

[listen here]

It’s a wide array of fun upbeat dance numbers and others that hint a little more at the tragic girl beyond all the glam. Click the link above and help us remember the death and life of the fabulous Lilly Kane. 

Feel free to reblog or comment with other songs remind you of Lilly Kane and we’ll do a follow-up post that lists them all.

c'mon now sugar; a playlist inspired by Veronica Mars 

  1. we used to be friends- the dandy warhols
  2. safe and sound- capital cities
  3. young blood- the naked and famous
  4. stars- grace & the nocturnals
  5. when did your heart go missing?- rooney
  6. halcyon- ellie goulding
  7. closer- tegan and sara
  8. goodnight and go- imogen heap
  9. foundations- kate nash
  10. bad girls- m.i.a.
  11. pompeii- bastille
  12. out of my league- fitz and the tantrums
  13. the district sleeps alone tonight- birdy
  14. take a walk- passion pit
  15. siberia- lights
  16. midnight city- M83
  17. 40 day dream- edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
  18. how to be a heartbreaker- marina and the diamonds