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A Face in the Crowd

Relationships:  Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor

Characters: Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor, Alex Danvers, Lucy Lane, Veronica Sinclair, Jess, Maggie Sawyer

Additional Tags: Rockstar AU, 2 Day snapshot

Inspired by: @cozysinner the rockstar au

Summary: Kara Danvers catches the attention of rock singer Lena Luthor when she attends a concert, she isn’t a VIP that night so Lena turns to Twitter to find her.

Lena stands off to the side putting a bud in her ear, barely able to listen to the opening act. This is nothing new, she’s always nervous before they perform on stage. Her stomach clenching as the crowd’s singing or cheering gets louder. It will be easier once she is out on stage it always is. But getting out on stage, that’s the hard part. Even if it is worth it. Even if she gets off the stage feeling happy, her face flushed, her body sweaty and her limbs heavy with content. It is still hard.

A bottle of water is handed to her by someone off to the side, she knows she should give them a smile but she just takes it, grateful for the cold against her skin and takes short measured drinks before replacing the cap and handing it off. Tightening her pony tail one last time she grabs the bass being handed to her and looks for her thumbs up that the opening act has cleared and they are on. Looking at the group they all nod and she puts on her smile. It’s time to start the show.

“GOOD EVENING NATIONAL CITY! HOW ARE WE TONIGHT?” Lena points the mic out to the crowd listening to the screams, her smile has already started to feel more genuine, the stage lights giving her a new warmth, the crowds surge of energy filling her. The nerves are not quite gone, she has to get through talking to the crowd first while the group gets to their respective places and she can start singing. Pushing the bass behind her, Lena walks further out on the stage where it parts through the waves of people pushed as close as they can get. She walks along brushing fingers with outstretched hands as she continues to speak into the mic. “Are you guys excited?” Lena holds the mic down towards people standing closest to her, letting them scream at the mic. “And what about all of you at the back?” Lena points the mic high above her head to the back of the stadium. “It takes a lot of dedication to walk up all those stairs” Lena gestures to herself and those on stage behind her, “so we thank you!”

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         requested by anon, under the cut you will find a list of actors and actresses that are either deaf or have scenes in which they use sign language - as well as the movie/show that they use sign language in.    please like or reblog if you found this useful.     ❀   you’re lovely.

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