“The movie wasn’t “fan service”. If it had been, the mystery would have been stronger, the plot more logical, the character interaction more meaningful, and the fans less disappointed.”

Note: Although generally fans were actually satisfied, Rob Thomas already stated that the movie was more nostalgic, not a fan service. Meaning that he needed to make a movie with a limited time and a limited budget to push for the revival.



I love how, even after all these years, when things go to shit? Logan instinctively looks to his external conscience for instructions, and follows her cues.

Veronica is back, and sympathetic, which renders all the raised iPhones immaterial. Logan doesn’t care about the peasants (who are about to release scandalous fetishizing video to the interwebs, natch).

V then summons a reason to chase him onto the patio, and I so dig the next bit. She is tiny and blonde, an evil pixie; he is super-aggressive, twice her size. But she’s forever grabbing and halting him, chewing him out, yanking him fearlessly around by the balls. And he lets her, never lifts a finger against her (or against any delicate thing). Adores her, because she doesn’t see him as a threat.

I think the gender-role-swap works for Logan because he fears he can’t draw appropriate lines. He doesn’t want to become Aaron, but he’s a flawless manipulator, and not so hot at self-control. If he lies still, and lets Veronica climb on top, there’s no way he can overwhelm her with emotion or lust. He submits because he’s powerful. And she seeks control because she’s vulnerably small.

She chatters rapidly about her theory, panting while catching her breath, shirt mysteriously more unbuttoned than it was five seconds ago. Logan gazes down her cleavage, relaxing beneath the flood of bobcatty verbiage–it feels comfortingly familiar. After ten deep breaths (his, or maybe hers) he’s calm enough to make his ‘I love you, you lunatic’ face, and accept the ass-chewing for threatening Sean. The universe seems to regain its balance, until….

Piz, you have the shittiest timing. Not to mention another terrible haircut.


Veronica: “So what are you like now?”

Logan: “You know, tortured… ever since I got my heart broken.”

Veronica: “Hannah really did a number on you, huh?”

Logan: “Come on, you know I’m not talking about Hannah. I thought our story was epic, you know, you and me.”

Veronica: “Epic how?”

Logan: “Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined, bloodshed. EPIC. But summer’s almost here, and we won’t see each other at all. And then you leave town… and then it’s over.”

Veronica:” Logan…”

Logan:” I’m sorry about last summer. You know, if I could do it over…”

Veronica: “Come on. Ruined lives? Bloodshed? You really think a relationship should be that hard?”

Logan: “No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.”