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I can't believe we're getting a Veronica Mars revival... AGAIN, we already got a movie and books, this cast and crew is just too good to us!!!

The reminder that we will get a whole new SEASON  of Veronica Mars next year is a daily source of joy in my life. Literally. Every day I think of this and I feel unironically blessed. Just yesterday, I was telling @justanothercinemaniac how incredibly awesome it is to be using the words “VM” and “new season” in the same sentence. The cast and crew and the fandom are awesome!!

I’ll keep saying this till the day I die: what a great time to be a marshmallow!

P.S: everyone should watch the show, mkay?



Unaware of the self-absorption grenade that’s landed in their midst, Logan and Veronica progress, outside, to the heavy-flirting stage of adrenaline letdown. He’s still a bit wild around the eyes, but snarking, and she’s crept substantially closer while looking up from beneath her lashes.

They’re interrupted by an exasperated Mac, because OF COURSE Logan and V are out here arguing sexily while Rome burns. I love the look she gives Logan as she approaches, I’d forgotten they used to be pals. ‘You’d better not create another Freshman Year-level disaster here, bud. Am so serious’.

(I will never give up my headcanon that Mac can afford to work for Veronica for free, at the end of the movie, because she banked ten mil from the massive success of Please, VM Hulu Revival writers, make my dreams come true).

Veronica gets waylaid (just kidding, that happens later against a pillar) and Logan strides off while she’s distracted to wreak havoc.

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What was the dialogue in the original script?


Logan and Veronica make their way through the other travelersdoing drop-offs and pick-ups in front of the airport. The twowalk in awkward silence. Finally…


    How was your flight?


    Good. …I would’ve been fine in coach. 

    (beat, fearing she sounds ungrateful) 

    But thanks.

    (then, filling space)All this rain, huh…


    Wow. There’s the sun. You ever get tired of all this fabulous weather?

    LOGAN (smirking)

    Good for the crops.


    Yes, the temperate climate here has its advantages.

The two continue to weave in and out of pedestrian traffic, letting it separate them. It’s the body language of strangers. The two eventually arrive at Logan’s BMW M6 CONVERTIBLE parked right on the curb. Logan opens the door for Veronica. As Veronica gets in…


    Look at us – falling right back into our old rhythms.

Logan closes Veronica’s door, stuffs her bag in the trunk. He makes his way out into the rain, pulls a ticket out from under his windshield wiper, gets in.


Originally Rob wanted Veronica to return to Neptune in the rain (mirroring her last scene in the series), but it was scrapped due to the budget so there are alternate lines for rain and non-rain. Both are pretty clunky.

The in-movie line, “So how ‘bout them Dodgers?” works much better because it non sequiturs and shows Logan poking fun at how lame Veronica’s attempts at chitchat actually are. Plus, it actually beaks the ice. In the script, LoVe was supposed to stay awkward.

One nugget from the script that I do love though – In addition to a $49 ticket to Palm Springs, Logan wasn’t going to bat an eyelash at parking smack dab in front of the airport, incurring a ticket that cost hundreds, to keep Veronica from raindrops.

(However, I actually do think it makes more sense that this grown up version of Logan - who probably also doesn’t want Veronica to think he’s an entitled ass - didn’t actually do this.)


Apparently no one in the Navy was actually called “Maverick” or “Iceman” — real call signs were embarrassing, ridiculous, or patently disgusting. “Stewbeef,” “Big Bird,” “Purge.” Logan’s was simply “Mouth” for reasons Veronica took to be obvious.


television meme [4/4] mystery
veronica mars: tragedy blows through your life like a tornado, uprooting everything. creating chaos. you wait for the dust to settle and then you choose. you can live in the wreckage and pretend it’s still the mansion you remember. or you can crawl from the rubble and slowly rebuild. because after disaster strikes, the important thing is that you move on. but if you’re like me, you just keep chasing the storm.