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Imagine Veronica accidentally letting slip that Betty has a crush on you.

“Y/n, please tell me you’re attending the Grand Opening. Betty would definitely love to see you there,” Veronica teased, a glimmer in her eyes as she watched you retrieve the books from your locker.

Shutting your locker, you turned your attention to Veronica. “What do you mean Betty would definitely love to see me there?”

northsider (pt. one) | sweet pea

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a/n: my last one kinda flopped but I don’t really care haha. if you could give some feedback that’d be really nice though! hope you enjoy! if people like this, I might write another part lmao

requested: nope

characters: sweet pea x reader, veronica lodge, jughead jones, archie andrews, reggie mantle, cheryl blossom

word count: 1,294

summary: when the serpents transfer to riverdale high, sweet pea becomes intrigues with a certain northsider…

warnings: really mild swears


It wasn’t a secret that Northsidere and Southsider just didn’t get along. It was a rivalry that lasted years, snide remarks and fights by the dozen. People were adamant that the Southside and Northside would never be civil.

Of course there were some who tried their best to keep the peace. But to no avail. For the two sides were stobborn, and there was honestly little to no chance of redemption.

Or so it seemed.

It was a shock to everyone when Southside High closed. Nobody had expected it. And believe me, it was an even bigger shock when it was announced that the Southside High students were to transfer to Riverdale High. There was complete uproar. Of course, peopel like Reggie Mantle and Cheryl Blossom were completely against it, not wanting the Southside “scum” to infest their school.

However, there were some who were different.

Like you, for example. You were completely for the Southside High students to come to Riverdale. There were multiple reasons for this, though there were two main ones.

The first was that, finally, your best friend Jughead Jones would finally be back in Riverdale. It had been hell without him, considering the two of you were never seen without the other. Of course you had still been able to see him occasionally, going to Pop’s almost every other day. But he had just been so busy with all of his Serpent responsibilities that it was just extremely hard for him to make time for you anymore. But now thathe was coming back, you could finally hang out again, like you used to.

And secondly, you had always been one for equality and peace. You honestly just wanted the North and South to get along. In your mind, this was the first step to acceptance between the two sides that had despised eachother for so long. And of course, you wouldn’t mind making a few friends along the way.

“Hey, Y/N!” You heard a voice call you as you rummaged around in your locker, trying to find your English homework thathad somehow disappeared. You swung around, meeting the chocolate eyes of your friend, Veronica.

She smiled widely at you. “You know what, Y/N/N? You look great today, wow! Do you always look this good?”

Rolling your eyes at her, you shut your locker in a sharp movement, giving up on the missin English work. “Okay, what do you want?”

She let out a medolic laugh, flicking her hair behind her shoulders. “You know me so well, goddammit.” She looked you in the eyes. “Right, so you know how the Southside students are coming here today?”

You nodded, not really seeing where she was going with this.

“Well, I was just wondering if… you’d like to be a part of the welcoming committee with me?”

You scoffed and put a sassy hand on your hip. “Uh huh, and who else is on this "committee”, hm?“

She sighed. "Fine, it’s just be me, you, and Archie. But please, Y/N, no one else wants to do it! Besides, I know you wanna make them feel welcome! Pleeeeea-”

“Fine, I’ll do it.” You finally relented, enjoying the rant she’s previously went on. Gasping, she pulled you into a quick hug, muttering quick “thank you!”’s under her breath.

“Quick, they’ll be here soon!” And with that she dragged you off to the front entrance of the school. You were nervous, of course. You’d heard the rumours of the Southside students, though you hoped they weren’t true. That they were violent, brutal, and cruel. But you knew they couldn’t be true. Jughead, for example, was none of those. He was your best friend and honestly you just couldn’t see him as a cruel person.

With the entrance in sight, you saw that Veronica and Archie had set up a table with the Serpents timetables and a list of extracurriculars, this making you smile at her thoughfulness. You arroved at the table, Archie already there and immediately outting his arm around Veronica.

“Wow, you actually persuaded her, huh?” He said in mock disbelief.

She laughed. “I think you underestimate my persuading skills, Archiekins.”

You rolled you eyes at them both and set your eyes on the door. Outside, you heard multiple roars of motorbikes, this alerting you to the long awaited presence of the Serpents. You nudged Ronnies’s arm and nodded towards the door. She nodded back and put on a smile.

In walked around thirty people around your age, all clad in leather jackets with visible snake tattoos on many. They definitely looked intimidating, stalking up to the table which you stood behind.however, you soon noticed Jughead at the head of them all, automatically smirking as he walked up to you. He mimicked your facial expression, the same smirk apparent on his face.

“Been a while, Y/N/N,”

“You dick, it’s been three days,”

He laughed at this, your retort also drawing a chuckle and smirk from a fair few other Serpents. One of these chuckles came from the most intimidating of all in your opinion. Standing tall at over 6 foot, the Serpent was gorgeous. A sculpted body with a hard jaw, compete with hair that could rival a God. You caught his eye for split second before quickly looking away, a blush apparent on your cheeks.

“Y/N flirting with Serpents? Why am I not surprised?” Everyone flew around as the one and only Cheryl Blossom flounced down the stairs, accompanied by Reggie as well as her personal fanclub of minions.

Jughead stepped forward. “You leave her out of this, Cheryl-”

Putting a hand on his chest you stopped him from walking forward. “Don’t worry about it,” you muttered.

Cheryl smirked at Jug and continued. “As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by one of you cretins, I will not be having slow, underachievers bringing down our school’s above average GPA,”

“Yeah, you thugs better go back to where you came from if you know what’s good for you,” Reggie joined in, crossing his arms in an intimidating manner. All the Serpents squared up, a short girl with pink hair seemingly getting ready to slap someone across the face.

That’s it.

Before any of the Serpents could say anything, you spoke. “Listen, Reggie, Cheryl. You have no right whatsoever to call them thugs. If you haven’t noticed, they’re not the ones who are causing trouble in the hall for no reason right now. You know for a fact that they have nowehere else to go now, so even mentioning it is quite idiotic on your part, if you don’t mind me saying. Now, if you wouldn’t mind moving your asses out the way, we have a tour to give.”

It’s an understatement to say that everyone was beyond shocked at the harsh words coming out of your mouth. Everyone knew you as the sweet, popular girl who would never even dream of being horrible to anyone. Not to say that you were a pushover because that was far from the truth. You said it how you saw it, just always in a very eloquent way.

Cheryl and Reggie were speechless, which was definitely a first. Archie and Veronica smirked beside you, inwardly laughing at their stunned expressions. “You heard the lady,” Archie began.

“Scram,” Veronica finished.

Sighing, Cheryl gave you and the Serpents behind you one last look of disgust before flouncing off, Reggie following the distressed ginger close behind.

Turning around, you saw a wide smile on Jughead’s face. You returned it. Quickly gathering up the list of Southsiders you were showing around, you turned to the large group of people, reading off of your sheet.

“Now, which one of you is Sweet Pea?”

Traitor // Malachai ~ Pt. 1

Plot: Cooper!Reader is a Ghoulie member who is secretly dating Malachai, the leader of the Ghoulies. After keeping the secret hidden for so long from her twin sister Betty, she finally finds out about her sister and the Ghoulie at the drag race. When Archie calls the cops and gets Malachai and a whole bunch of others arrested, she declares war on the Northsiders.

Word Count: 2226

Requested: Yes / No

Pairing: Cooper!Ghoulie!Reader x Malachai

Warnings: Like 3 curse words, Cooper!Reader, drug use, probaby ooc Malachai, trash writing & probably heaps of mistakes due to lack of proof reading.

A/N: I feel like I wrote this and I was in love with it but then it just didn’t sound right but I’m going to post this trash anyway. This’ll be a three part series for the Ghoulie leader Malachai, part two will be based more on flashbacks on readers relationship with Malachai because he’s obviously locked away for like three months. I hope you enjoy! Not my gif, credit to owner!

When it came to comparisons between you and your twin sister Betty, it was clear which one was the most valued. Of course, it was Betty. Her perfect blonde ponytail that sat high on her head and her pretty green eyes left your dark brown hair and even darker eyes no match to her. She had every feature of both our parents, and yet no one was sure why you were so different compared to her. Friends of the family always used to joke about you being the milk mans, and of course that angered your father because of your mothers past – something you weren’t meant to know about.

This caused your father to start to resent you, and despite the DNA test that proved you were his, he still never changed his mind. And so, his hatred for you spread to your mother, he convinced her to send you to Southside High so you weren’t in the way of Miss Perfect Betty. Pretty soon they both started to dismiss your existence, hardly noticing you when you were home, and never calling when you didn’t didn’t come home for days on end. All of their concern was pumped into perfect Betty.

The only one who noticed was Betty. She seemed to notice everything.

“Sneaking out again are we little sister?” She called from your doorway one night. You had only been home a couple of hours and it was to grab a few things before you ducked out again. But of course Betty had to catch you. She always seemed to be everywhere at once. You had sighed loudly, before turning to your sister. “They hardly notice when I’m here Betty. I just had to grab a few things.”

She walked further into your room, stopping just in front of you before taking your hand in hers. “Are you okay? You’re not in any danger are you?” She’d questioned with worry clear on her face. Betty had been the only one who seemed like she cared what you were doing, cared if you were okay. You looked down at your joined hands before pulling yours free. “I’m fine Betty. Just.. Just mind your own.” You snapped before jumping out the window and picking up your bag, taking off down the street towards the southside.

Once you were almost over the tracks, you’d heard the familiar sound of Reggie Mantle’s car pulling up beside you. You gave him a quick glance before stopping and leaning your folded arms against the door of his car. Chuck Clayton sat in the passenger seat, and a few other Bulldogs in the back. “Y/n Cooper, what a lovely surprise,” Reggie laughed, not being discreet as he looked your body up and down.

You smiled sweetly at him, remembering when you two would mess around a couple months back. “Reggie Mantle, and Chuck Clayton! Damn, a girls dreams all coming true in one night!” You teased, and the boys chuckled between each other. “Oh, I know I’m still in your dreams babygirl,” Reggie shot back, trailing his fingers lightly up your arm. You quickly grabbed his hand to stop him. “Careful Reggie, you’re playing a dangerous game with a man’s girlfriend that doesn’t like it when others touch her.”

Reggie sighed, before getting to the point. “Right, well there’s a party tonight and we need some Jingle Jangle. My dealer isn’t getting back to me, and I know you can get it.” He stated. You quickly stood up and looked around, making sure there wasn’t any wondering eyes. Coast was clear.

You reached into your pocket, before pulling out several straws of the drug. “$100, Mantle.” You smirked. He knew you were overcharging him, but Reggie was practically putty in your hands, so he more than willingly coughed up the money. “Pleasure doing business with you doll,” he called before they drove back towards Northside. The breeze picked up, and you quickly pulled out the studded leather skull jacket from your backpack, sliding it over your shoulders before making your way to the Ghoulie house.

You threw the rolled up bundle of money onto the table and tossed your school bag onto the floor, before pouring yourself a drink. From the leather couch beside you, Malachai watched you as he sipped from the bottle in his hand. “What’s that?” He nodded to the money you’d tossed down. “Business is booming love, Mayor McCoy just raided Southside High and confiscated almost everyone Jingle Jangle, arresting up Serpents and shit. I got out of there before I could get snatched up by Keller, and once the remanding students heard that I had some JJ they practically fell at my feet, offering double to price for one straw,” you replied with a bright smile.

Malachai tilted his head and laughed, linking his fingers between yours before he pulled you into his lap. “That’s my girl,” he praised before dipping his head to connect his lips to yours. He smell was intoxicating, a mix of liquor and cigarette smoke filling your lungs as his lips moved against yours hungerly.

Malachai’s hand came down to run lightly against the smooth skin of your thigh, his other hand knotting in your hair to keep you in place. A soft moan slipped from your lips feeling his nails digging into your skin, your hands cupping his face as you bit at his lower lip.

“Easy there babygirl, you don’t want to start something you can’t finish,” he mumbled into the kiss, making you giggle. “Who says I can’t finish it Mal?” you asked sweetly, shifting in his lap, making him groan. He pulled you from his lap, sitting you beside him. “I have a business meeting in a bit princess, with that Serpent Prince and his ginger friend. Max is going to drive you home, we can’t have Jughead seeing you and running back to Betty.”

You nodded, understanding that his meetings were serious business. You stood and picked your bag up, throwing it over your shoulder as Tallboy walked into the room. “Tallboy, why am I not surprised?” You laughed, noticing how uncomfortable he was with you knowing that he was 100% on the Ghoulies side. “Y/n Cooper, the surprise is mine,” he shot back. “Don’t worry, you forget you seen her here and she’ll forget that your helping the enemy.” Malachai said from beside you.

“Right?” You nodded yes to his question, giving him a quick kiss goodbye before you left out the back with Max.


“Y/n! Y/N!!” You heard Betty calling out to you as she rushed up the stairs. You’d just gotten home and thrown your Ghoulie jacket under your bed. Your twin came bursting through your bedroom door, before falling onto your bed. “Jughead challenged Malachai,” she rushed, and you immediately sat forwards your sister gaining your full attention. “What!” you were curious, but so excited to finally see the Serpents fall.

“Veronica and I tried to sneak into their garage, when we were brought in and Jughead and Archie were making a deal with Malachai. Jughead challenged him to a race, if they win the get the Wyrm AND Sunnyside Trailer Park while still being able to deal their filthy JJ. If the Serpents win they their remain on top and the Ghoulies have to stop dealing at Southside High.” She finally breathed after ranting everything off to you.

Stop dealing at school? That’s where you made most of your money. If we were cut off then we may as well flush our business down the drain. “I need you to come help me and Jughead get the car ready. Get dressed, we leave in 15.”

She shut your door behind her when she left. You quickly dialed Malachai’s number and were grateful when he picked up immediately.

“Uh, are you insane?” you cried down the line, careful not to draw Betty’s attention. You heard his deep laugh on the other end and bit your lip to keep from smiling. You were mad at him, stay focused. “Relax baby, it’ll be a walk in the park. And once we win, we’ll have their pub, their home – and I’ll have serpent princesses sister.” You could hear how proud he was with himself, and you couldn’t stay mad for long.

“Okay fine, I’ll see you there Mal,” you mumbled before hanging up. You chucked on some denim high waisted shorts with a black zip up crop top, you pulled your hair out of it’s messy bun and let if fall down your back in waves. “It’s time y/n!” Betty shouted up the steps to you. You finished painting your lips a deep red before sliding your boots on. Grabbing your Ghoulie jacket from underneath the bed. You shoved in into your buckle bag along with your phone and wallet before running down the stairs and hopping into Reggie’s car.

“Alright, let’s do this!” Tallboy screamed and the crowd erupted in cheers. You bit your thumb nervously as you watched Malachai smirk with his friends from the other side of the road. You were stood by yourself behind Kevin as you all stood around Archie’s dads truck. “Not the type of drag race I ever imagined myself going to but at least the guys are hot!” His eyes watching Malachai like he was a meal. You felt your jealousy spike as you glared daggers into the back of Kevin’s head.

Your eyes locked with Malachai, and he took it as the perfect moment to make his way over to you. You looked down quickly, trying to become invisible from the eyes of your boyfriend. “Damn babygirl, if I knew you’d look so good I’d of-” “I beg your pardon? What did you just say to me?” Betty snapped at him, and you physically cringed.

“Oh I’m sorry darling, I wasn’t talking to you,” he laughed at your sister, and you finally looked up at him. Everyone around you had turned their attention to you and Malachai – their mouths practically hitting the ground, but all you could see was him. He extended his hand to you, and without hesitation you placed your hand in his. “Uhm, excuse me but, what!” Betty shouted at you, her eyes squinting and her brow creasing.

“Oh calm down big sister. You didn’t think you were the only one who could date a gang member did you?” Malachai’s arm was slung loosely around your shoulders, laughing with you as you both walked back over to his car. He spun you around and caught you by your waist, glancing up over the top of your head. “Your friends are fuming princess.” You shook your head, reaching up to touch his cheek. “No baby, my friends are right here.” He leaned down and gave you a quick kiss, before standing back up and pulling his skull necklace over his head.

“Hold onto this for me babygirl,” he said as he placed the bit of jewelry over your head, smiling as it hung down the front of your top. “I’ll see you when I get back babe,” he called over his shoulder as he went to meet Jughead in the middle of the road.

You stood with Max and another female Ghoulie, Sammi. The eyes of every Northsider on you as they snickered about you. Betty was sending you the most filthy looks, but you just gave her a small wave before you turned your attention back to the race.

“No, this is complete bullshit!” She shouted after the boys took off. You noticed her storming towards you, angry clear on her face. “You’re a traitor!” She screamed at you as you felt the sting of her hard slap across your face. You felt the anger start to bubble inside you and before you could register, you slapped her back – causing her to fall against Veronica who was behind her.

“A traitor to what Betty? Mum and dad who casted me out so I didn’t get in your way? Or Jughead and his serpents? News flash Betty, the only people who ever gave a damn about me was the Ghoulies. So please scurry off back to the Northsiders and leave me be.” She opened her mouth to argue back, but Veronica stopped her.

“Come on B, she chose her side.”

The sound of sirens rang around and once a Ghoulie ran up to yous, announcing that the cops were rounding up Ghoulies, everyone started to scatter. Jughead and Archie pulled up, Tallboy screaming at Jughead immediately, only come to find out that it was Archie that called the cops. You shoved the ginger boy, tears in your eyes. “Where is he?!” You shouted at him. “Keller arrested him y/n, now get in the car.” Jughead demanded. You glared at Archie, digging into your pocket for your knife.

You held it up to Archie, your tiny hands shaking with the anger that was coursing through you. “You just made the biggest mistake of your life Andrews. This little snake act you’ve just pulled, just declared war.” You spat out at the boy. “Get in the car y/n, now!” Jughead shouted at you again. You looked down your nose at the two boys, before turning your back on them and climbing into Sammi’s car.

The Northsiders were going to pay..


Dating Cheryl Blossom would include

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  • You were friends with Veronica, Betty, Archie and Jughead
  • The girls convinced you to try out for the cheerleading team
  • Cheryl being amazed by your dancing
  • She was always checking you out in the changing room after practice
  • She quickly started flirting with you when no one was around
  • It became your thing
  • But you thought it was just a joke for her
  • Until one day she asked you to stay longer to show you your new solo
  • When you tried it you tripped and she caught you
  • And kissed you
  • It turned into make out session
  • You decided to go on a date with her
  • She was actually nice to you
  • As you got to know her you started falling for her
  • You didn’t tell your friends at first
  • So when B&V saw you making out in the changing room they were surprised
  • Betty was against it
  • But Veronica knew Cheryl so she was happy for you
  • When they all saw how Cheryl was treating you they were all rooting for you
  • Cheryl was always spoiling you
  • Shopping together
  • She loves buying you lingerine
  • She likes doing your make up
  • Spa days
  • Holding hands 24/7
  • She was very protective
  • She would tear down anyone who even looked at you in a weird way
  • She’s so soft around you
  • And she loves cuddling with you
  • She always lays her head on your chest to hear your heartbeat
  • It calms her down
  • She wraps her arms around your waist
  • And you play with her hair
  • You buy her a giant teddy bear so she can cuddle with it when you’re not around
  • She buys you flowers all the time
  • So many hickeys
  • You always steal her clothes
  • And she has that smirk when she sees you in it in school
  • She is very supportive
  • She always asks you for advice when it comes to the new choreography
  • Or anything in general
  • Cheryl loves just talking with you
  • She always calls you love or babe

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Requests are open.

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Flower Power


A Reggie x Reader where the reader starts giving Reggie a flower each day and he’ll wear it in his hair and lots of fluff please?


A/N: This one was so cute to write, so I hope you guys enjoy. Also sorry for being a bit slow on uploading requests my cat likes to bother me while I write. Tomorrow I’m going to be busy, so don’t expect much tomorrow sorry. Also the reader will be a Lodge in this imagine and is moving in to Riverdale with her family after what her dad did.

Words: 1207

Summary: Reader is new to Riverdale and she hears all these rumors about Reggie Mantle from her sisters (Veronica) friend Betty, but she believes in goodness in everyone even Reggie.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Reggie and Reader cuteness overload.

Moving was hard, moving away from all your friends and everything you’ve even known and starting from scratch was harder. Your mother Hermione always talked fondly about her time at Riverdale. She and your father grew up there and since your mother had some property there, you were now moving from the radiant awake city that was New York.

What made it easier was your sister Veronica, she was the more stylish one, and you were only a few months apart. She was your partner in crime, you don’t think you could survive without her.

You moved into Riverdale in the middle of the downpour. The chaos of a murderer on the loose and the beloved quarterback Jason Blossom life came to sad end.

Veronica made friends with a sweet girl named Betty in the summer and Betty introduced you to her friends. Kevin had no filter which you loved, Archie was complicated (but he was good at music and hoped to join the football team when school started a bit of a cliché). Jughead Jones the Third he claimed, was a bit of a mystery, but a great writer.

One day you were all hanging out in the park, when you saw him alone with his dog.

“Who’s that?” you interrupted the conversation and pointed at the tall figure with luscious black hair.

“That’s Reggie Mantle” Kevin answered.

“Reggie” you cheered and Veronica gave you a smirk.

“He’s kind of a player (Y/N)” Betty chimed in.

“So is Veronica, that doesn’t mean I can hate and judge my sister” you chuckled as she gave you a nudge in the shoulder as the group laughed.

“He’s also a bully” Jughead spoke while typing away on his laptop.

“Sorry that he bullies you, but bullies do have a reason for bullying even if it’s not the best argument, they have a reason” you reasoned.

“Why’d you think he bullies me?” Jughead retorted as he lifted his eyebrow.

“Oh, just a hunch” you replied with a smile on your face “I’ll be back” you shared with them as you stood up from the bench and walked towards Reggie, not wanting to be empty handed you picked up a daisy from the grass.

“Cute dog, does it have a name?” you gestured at Reggie.

“Vader” he answered as you reached your hand out to give him the daisy as he gave you a puzzled look.

“I come in peace” you reassured as you placed the small flower on his right ear.

“My name is (Y/N)” you pointed out as Vader was running after his tail.

“Reggie, you new around here?” he questioned as he fixed the daisy in his ear.

“That obvious, or is it the fact that in small towns everybody knows everybody” you chuckled.

“Well that, and you’re talking to me” he implied with a small smile.

“Well, I don’t know you and if I listened to what everyone had to say I could miss out on some great things” you claimed with a smile on your face and he chuckled.

You and Reggie actually became great friends. He confided in you on things he’d never say to anyone, you would even go jogging together every morning and you made sure to always have a flower for him, and he always sweetly placed it in his ear. He also promised to leave Jughead alone.

Tomorrow was going to be your first day at Riverdale High. Your mother, Veronica and you occupied the dinner table as Smithers brought you your food.

“So mija” your mother spoke “I heard you have been hanging out with Reggie Mantle a lot” your mother directed at you.

“Yeah, I have, he’s a really great guy” you claimed.

“Rumor has it-” your mother was cut off by you.

“Rumor has it what?! Mom, I cannot stand it when people label people before getting to know them. We are who are, not what people say we are. I am not a corrupt money taker like people claim because of my father’s mistake. Reggie is who he is, he shows a different side to the world and it is a privilege to know the real Reggie. Besides he just lost a friend to a murderer on the loose in your beloved Riverdale mom. I don’t want to hear any more of this.” You ranted and dropped your fork, now at a loss in your appetite because of your mother.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I- I was out of line, and you are so correct” your mother concluded and Ronnie took your hand in hers.

The school day was about to start and Betty was assigned to show you and Veronica around. Betty pointed you to your first class as you scanned the hallways for Reggie to give him his flower of the day.

“Do you really think he’ll take your flower in front of the whole school and his neanderthals?” Ronnie questioned you as Betty gave you a small smile.

“If he doesn’t, then you were all right. I wasted my time getting to know a great guy who was too scared to show his true self to the world, and I’ll never speak to him again.” You proclaimed.

You left Betty and Veronica and made your way to Reggie who was at his locker with his posse.

“Hey Reg” you spoke up a bit nervous because you were really hoping he wouldn’t turn you down because you enjoyed hanging out with him.

“Hey (Y/N)” Reggie turned away from his posse.

“Hmm, you’re wearing a cap” you gave him a sad smile.

“That’s okay” he answered with a chuckle as he placed the flower on the hole of his snapback.

You couldn’t help but place a huge smile on your face as he showed of his flower of the day for all the school to see.

Later you were home alone your mom was working at Pops and Veronica was trying out for the River Vixens with Betty, since Smithers had just stepped and you jumped when you heard the doorbell ring.

A bit scared since you were binge watching Criminal Minds and there was a murderer on the lose you grabbed a bat and opened the door.

“Whoa! (Y/N) you can but the bat down it’s just me” Reggie removed the bat from your hands and dropped it as you let him in.

“What you got there?” you cheered at the bouquet of flowers Reggie had in his hands.

“Um” Reggie scratched his head as he still had his flower of the day on his forehead clinging from the snapback “I- I was hoping you would accompany me to the homecoming dance this Friday” he confessed as you took the bouquet.

“Oh my god” you gasped at the bouquet.

“Yeah um it has every single flower you have given me” he concluded as you pulled him into a hug.

As soon as he let go you planted a kiss on his soft lips and mentally thanked the universe for letting him into your life no matter what anyone said.

“So that’s a yes” Reggie cheered as you both let go.

“For you, a thousand times over (This is a quote from The Kite Runner)” you smiled.

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Dating Jughead Jones -

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Requests will be up soon, I promise. Thank you all so much for over 10,000 followers ! :)

•Road trips

•Letting you play with his hair

•Letting you wear his beanie

•Going with each other everywhere and anywhere

•Your parents honestly loving him and being fully willing to support him in any way

•Helping with his novel

•Horror movie marathons despite Jason’s murder

•Studying leading to make out sessions

•Jug is so scared to tell you he is asexual because he thinks you might leave him

•But you surprise him when you are so supportive oml his little-relieved face

“Wait? You-You aren’t going to leave me?”

“Of course not. I fucking love you, Jughead. Asexual or not, I always will.”

•After that I mean you guys don’t hold anything back

•You literally could talk about the most boring thing ever and yet still talk about it for hours

•Low key PDA

•Like when you’re at Pop’s, he gently grabs your hand under the table

•Or at school, low-key wraps his arm around your waist

•But oh boy, if Jughead gets jealous…

•That kid wraps his arm around your shoulder, kisses your cheek in front of whoever it is he’s jealous of and gives him that stare

•Jughead is so worried that you will leave him for someone else

•Constantly reassuring him that he’s perfect

“Jughead, stop worrying. I’m not going to leave you, especially not for Reggie.”

•Cuddling p much all the time at home

•Jughead respecting you and you respecting him

•Jughead honestly so protective of you after Jason’s murder and vice versa

•You guys have this plan on where you are going to go when you finish school

•Because as soon as you’ve finished, you guys are getting the hell out of Riverdale

•You, Archie and Jug being best friends like before

•Jug sneaking into your room after your parents go to bed, just so he can cuddle you

•Everyone shipping you two so hard

  • sweet pea: where's my fucking knife??
  • someone: there are kids around, can you say that in a nicer way?
  • sweet pea: may i please have the location of my fucking knife?

Texts with Boyfriend!Sweet Pea

I honestly love Sweet Pea so much someone protect.


“she looks nice today.” Cheryl stated out of nowhere, “i mean, her dress is last season and her nail polish is faltering-” 

“why are we staring at Veronica?” you asked.

“well you like her dont you.” it was rhetorical, “i mean, you’ve spent a lot of time with her recently.” you could almost hear what she had left out, ‘more time with her than me.’ Cheryl had never been jealous before since people knew you two were together, but Veronica was new blood. unpredictable. 

and Cheryl hated it.

*Jughead presenting Betty to his family*

Jug: This is my girlfriend Betty

*points to Veronica*

That’s Betty’s girlfriend Veronica

*points to Cheryl*

That’s Veronica’s girlfriend Cheryl

*points to Josie*

That’s Cheryl’s girlfriend Josie

*points to Valerie*

That’s Josie’s girlfriend Valerie

Serpent!Jughead Jones: Hurt me harder -Smut-

Summary: After Juggie took his father’s Serpent jacket, Y/N just couldn’t help herself. She was honestly more turned than ever. She wanted it different this time. She wanted Jughead to fuck her like a Serpent would.

Warning: Total smut. Just full of sin. Choking, biting, lil bit of dirty talk, full on cursing, daddy kink, and probably some bruising. Oooh and some fluff at the end lol.

*This is not a request*

Reader’s POV

Our little make out session was sadly cut short by a knock on FP’s door. Juggie rushed to find his shirt, as we were half-naked, while I tried my best to cover myself up. Jughead of course went out the door, seeing as it was the South side Serpents. After the whole ‘FP going to jail’ shebacle, he was sent to South side High. Honestly the worst few days of my life. But, we’re good now. Sort of, anyway I peeped through the window just in time to see one of the guys handing him his father’s old serpent jacket. I could see the smile etched into his face, as he slid his slender arms into those leather sleeves. Jughead was officially a South Side Serpent. His smile faltered, when his greenish-blue eyes met my Y/E/C ones. He thanked his fellow members and slowly sauntered into the warm trailer. He finally looked at me with the most disconsolate face I’ve ever seen. I shook my head as I walked his way. “Y/N I-” I cut him off with a passionate kiss. “Baby, it’s okay. If anything i’m highly turned on.” His eyes were then filled with lust. He grabbed me by the waist, pulling me closer. We went back to where we started, me on the counter with my arms around his neck. He was trying to get the jacket off, but fuck no baby. You keep that shit on. “No, no, no, you keep this on.” I said, referring to the black leather jacket. He just moaned, and god it was the hottest thing. I pushed him away, as I hopped off the counter. Only to be pushed on the bed. “Not today baby girl.” He mumbled. He spread my legs roughly. “Look at this pretty little kitty.” “What? You just gonna stand there and look, while I fuck myself?” I asked as I slid a finger up my slippery folds. He swatted my hand away. “I’m the only one who gets to do the fucking here, do you understand?” I muttered. “I said, do you understand?” I spoke louder this time. “Yes, daddy.” He smirked at my submissiveness. “Good girl.” He trailed a hand down my thigh, sending shivers down my spine. He got down onto his knees I could feel his breath on my heat, it made me even wetter. “Please daddy.” I begged him. I wasn’t afraid to beg. I knew it turned him on. “What do you want daddy to do?” “I want you to eat me.” I groaned out. “Too bad, darling” He growled. I was so frustrated. How could he do this to me? I was going to protest, but once I saw the look in his eyes, I shut my fucking mouth. Juggie was never this controlling. I fucking love it. He climbed on top of me. “We’re going to do something even better.” He said as he ground his hips against mine. Causing both of us to moan. I reached down to his waist. Pulling him closer to me, so I could unbutton his pants. He sat up, pulling his pants down, mid-thigh as his cock sprung out against his stomach. He positioned himself at my entrance. I jerked my hips into air, trying to get some type of action. I moaned as I felt his tip dig into my heat. I could see the pleasure spread across his face. He wasted no time thrusting himself into me. I nearly screamed at the contact. God, it felt so good. His moaning was making everything better. I could feel his grip on my thigh. There’s definitely gonna be a bruise there tomorrow. “Oh my god, I’m so close daddy.” His thrusts were getting faster. “I want you to choke me. Please choke me daddy.” I managed to get out. He wrapped his slim fingers around my throat. Giving it a squeeze. “Harder” I moaned. He squeezed harder this time. Hard enough. I could feel myself getting light headed as my orgasm was starting to build up in my belly. Jughead was thrusting harder than ever before. It was great. “I’m so close daddy.” “Me too, baby,” He was getting sloppy. I could tell he reached his climax. I felt dizzy as I came down from my orgasmic high. He pulled out and collapsed beside me. I wrapped my arms around him as I turned onto my side. “My baby is just like his daddy now.” “You’re not disappointed that I’m a Serpent?” “God no. I have no problem at all with you being one. I’m not like everyone else in Riverdale. I still love you with all my heart Jughead.” He smiled “I love you too.”

  • veronica: i don't know what you're talking about i'm a badass bitch
  • betty: *exists*
  • veronica: plEASe hAve mErCy
Wedding Date - Jughead Jones

Pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

Word Count : 1,013

Warnings : none

Requests are open!


Sitting at a round table, you were admiring the view in front of you. Your older sister, happily dancing with her newly wedded husband.

“Isn’t this beautiful?” you asked your long-timed boyfriend, Jughead Jones the third, who was sitting right next to you. The usual beanie who was normally on his head, was nowhere to be seen. His raven locks gave him the cute, boyish look that you loved. You were kind of glad that he had tried to dress formally for the celebration. He looked down and smirked before answering,

“Is that a trick question?” You playfully nudged him in his side, knowing he was messing with you.

“You’re supposed to say yes!” He chuckled at you and took your hand in his, bringing warmth and a fuzzy feeling in your stomach. Even though you guys had been dating for already a few years, he always had the same effect on you.

“She is pretty, but you’re pulchritudinous.” You raised your eyebrows, giving him a puzzled look. Jughead had that way of coming up with words you’d never heard before. He was a box full of surprises.

“English, please?” He sweetly laughed at your confused expression and replied,

“It basically means that you are a delight for my eyes.” The blood rushed to your cheeks, probably giving you a small pink tint. Your boyfriend could feel your embarrassment and tried lighting up the mood,

“Don’t be shy (y/n). You are the most alluring and divine creature I’ve ever seen.” A smile crept up your face as Jughead said those words to you.

“Well, you’re pretty foxy yourself.”

“Foxy?” Jughead said back dazed and amused by your new vocabulary.

“Yeah, foxy! It means artful, cunning, knowing- which I personally think describes you perfectly.” You explained. At this moment, something seemed to shine in his blue orbs. He leaned towards you, for only you to hear,

“Have I ever told you that I love you?” You gazed back at him.

“Only every day.”

A dorky smile appeared on him as you kissed his cheek. The next minutes had passed in a comfortable silence, both of you appreciating your surroundings. You and your sister’s friends had token hours to decorate the backyard for the wedding.

Usually you weren’t the arts and craft type but you loved your sister fondly and would do anything for her on this special day. Fairy lights we’re hanging on trees and across the dance floor. All the tables had a bouquet of sunflowers in a translucent vase. Balloons were scattered everywhere across the floor. You had also tried some diys from pinterest but didn’t really get an interesting ending. In other words, they turned out horribly. An enticing tune was playing in the background which you were quietly humming.

Seeing your sister like that made you so happy. It made you think about your future with Jughead. If you two would ever get married. As you were lost in your thoughts, you hadn’t noticed your boyfriend getting up, and offering you his hand for you to take.

“Will you give me this dance?” Your boyfriend asked. The music had turned to a slow song. One of your favourites. You smiled and him and gladly took his hand.

“Of course.” Hand in hand, you and your boyfriend made your way to the dance floor where other couples were starting to appear. Jughead placed his hands on your waist and yours gently rested on his shoulders. The two of you were lightly moving to the rhythm of the romantic sway. You looked up, your gaze meeting his.

“Have you ever thought about us? Like, in the future us?” His eyebrows furrowed and peeked at the sky, thinking before saying,

“Sometimes.” He answered, “I like to think of us being together after school. Going to college would be fun. Maybe settling down after?” You bet your bottom lip.

“Yeah I’d like that…” You trailed off, “And what about after? What would you want? Would you want… this?” You asked motioning to the world around you.

“You mean the wedding?” You nodded, “I wouldn’t mind calling you wifey and being your hubby.” You both laughed and grinned and his comment. “Wouldn’t it bother your parents though? I know your dad isn’t very fond of me.”

“My dad isn’t the one who’s going to be deciding who I’m going to spend the rest and most of my days with. Besides, my dad’s moving to Arizona in the next month or so. It’ll only be me and my mom. You know she cares about you.” I said back.

“I’m sorry about your dad. I know you two don’t have the best of relationship right now, but just try to make the best out of the time you two have left together.” Jughead knew that your parents had separated when you were only a child. You couldn’t clearly remember how they announced it but every time you thought about it, your heart ached. Your boyfriend continued, “On the good side, since your sister is moving out, doesn’t it mean that there’s going to be more place for me?” You teasingly hit him,

“Oh shut it you oaf”

He smirked and pressed his forehead against yours. His icy blue eyes piercing into your (y/e/c) ones.

“To answer that question of yours, yes, I’d like you to be my wife someday.” He titled his head forward and his damp lips met yours. The kiss was sweet but passionate. It probably would’ve lasted longer if you two hadn’t been in public. Or to be more precise, to your sister’s wedding. Just when you two parted away, your sister came up to you with a smile bigger than ever,

“Hey love birds, looks like you two are next.” With that, she walked away and left you a giggling mess in your boyfriend’s arms. Jughead smugly smirked at you.

“Can you at least promise me one thing

“Depends what.”

“That we’ll at least have nine kids.” You chuckled and wondered how you got the chance to have such an amazing boyfriend.