veronica dinner

Steak Dinners

Veronica nodded as she started to cook up Stiles’ steak. She looked over at him before nudging him with her leg. “Hey. Eat so I can know if I cooked it well enough.” She murmured before looking up to give me a small smile. “I can’t uncook something but I can make you something different.”

She was trying. She was making an effort. And that was a lot for her. To push her pride away.

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personally if they censor any part of heathers when it goes to broadway i would be very sad. i would love to see them add to the musical; more set, songs, etc! high school editions of musicals are stupid but if on broadway songs like blue are changed into stupid raps ill be very disappointed.

I’m just scared they’ll make it worse all together. Already they fucked up with the regional script by having JD invite Veronica for dinner during the scene at his house, like that was fucked up! I just really really hope they don’t make it worse. I would honestly rather it just stay off Broadway than go on and be a Mess

OMG also you know what they changed in heathers 101 that rly grinds my gears?? jd invites veronica to stay for dinner. ????? i know its just one line but the fact that in the original jd wants veronica to leave is such a big deal? bc its him saying “um my creepy dad wants this girl i like to stay for dinner but he’s creepy and she’s obvi uncomfortable so yeeeaahhhh that’s gonna be a definite No” but they changed that??? why??? have i mentioned that i hate the writers?? bc i hate the writers