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Hi! I'm kinda new to the fandom I wanted to ask you something I've been hearing: Is it true that the script for Heathers is changing? And if it's true, do you know why?

From what I have heard some of the writers for Heathers is changing up some of the songs and may be removing some of the lines. They have already made one change that was in some of the shows back in 2014/15.

In the original script when Big Bud Dean asks Veronica to stay for dinner JD originally told him no and insisted that Veronica go home. They changed that scene so that JD invites Veronica to stay for dinner. This change did make that scene closer to the original movie version. However with the changes they had made to JD in the musical that made him different from his movie counterpart some people felt the change wasn’t needed and didn’t suit his character.

More recently there has been talk of the writes scrapping the song “Blue” and replacing it by “You’re Welcome” which is the song they use in place of “Blue” in the Heathers 101 version. If you don’t know Heathers 101 is this edited, censored version of Heathers that is meant for high school.

Honestly I find it stupid as several of the line or lyric changes that is made in that version is stupid or could have easily been replaced with something better that would have still avoided the subject matter they wanted to edit out in the first place. (Such as in Dead Girl Walking in Heathers 101 where they spend most of there time holding hands and try to kiss but bump heads instead. Yea…)

Anyway on the twitter of one of the writers for the Heather’s script (I’m sorry I can’t remember his name) he confirmed that they did officially replace “Blue” with “You’re Welcome” which beyond sucks because I have read the lyrics for “You’re Welcome” and it’s awful.

I have heard rumors of them potentially changing or removing other lines (I’ve heard one rumor that they are going to remove “Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw!”) but I haven’t seen anything to confirm it or move it past simple rumors.

I don’t like the changes they are doing to Heathers. I like it how it was and I hate that they are messing up an already awesome musical.

There have been rumors that Heathers might be coming back possibly on Broadway, and several of the original actors have said that they would do the show again if it came back. So I was really excited at the possibility of seeing Heathers preformed by the original cast. But with the recent changes to the script, even if they got the entire original cast back, I wouldn’t go see it. I have this image of the Heathers I love in my head and I don’t want it tainted with this screwed up version of Heathers.

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I HAVE SO MANY ITS INSANE *WHIPS OUT MY HEADCANON BOOK* (also this is all pure AU and modern) 

  • Veronica and JD have spontaneous road trips together after graduation. They would open a map of North America and close their eyes and randomly select a point to go to. They don’t bring anything with them but themselves, some money, a backpack of their clothes, and JD’s motorbike. BONUS: During one of their spontaneous road trips, JD gets to pick the location and brings Veronica to Seattle and proposes there because dEAD GIRL WALKING   

  • JD buys a polaroid camera and tries to take countless photos of Veronica, but Veronica is highkey camera shy; so all of his photos are her trying to cover her face using various objects like books, vases, and sometimes animals. (REFER TO THIS ARTICLE)

  • MODERN & PURE AU: one night, they plan to have a stay in date night; JD returns from work, usually dinner (especially if it’s a stay in date night) would be made because Veronica is an overachiever and makes it a goal of hers to be the dominate person in the relationship (in both ways wink wonk) He searches for Veronica, but nobody is found. Instead, there is a note on the counter and a nerf gun. The note is from Veronica, it says; the first one to get hit with a bullet makes dinner. 

  • Veronica is a crazy Disney fan, she loves old and new Disney (unless it’s the Disney Channel shows cause those are absolute trash) she cried for a good 2 hours when Girl Meets World series finale finished but literally exploded with joy at the announcement of ‘Raven’s Home’ and the Tangled TV Series. She’s a sucker for Disney Movies and always watches them much to JD’s dismay (he’s never liked them because it reminded him of his mom; Veronica accidentally showed him Bambi and JD didn't talk to her for a few days). However, when they watch Descendants and new more improved Disney movies/shows, JD’s heart explodes and his whole view on Disney changes. They take a spontaneous road trip to Disney World. And they go as dead versions of Mickey and Minnie during Halloween much to Martha’s disagreement of how the two mice are supposed to be happy people. 


FP Jones/Andrew’s Family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 10

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AN: Here ye are, hope you’re enjoying this fic :)

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Three)(Part Four)(Part Five)(Part Six)(Part Seven)(Part Eight)(Part Nine)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 3,252

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic,

You reentered the gymnasium just as Archie and Veronica took the stage. 

“Hey, you okay?” Your dad caught your arm as you past him. His face full of concern as he had noticed you didn’t look too happy. 

“Yeah, fine. I just… I should probably get back.. over there.” You forced a smile onto your face in order to escape further questioning. You slipped away without a fight and stood a little behind Jughead and Betty.

You watched Archie and Ronnie perform but you couldn’t enjoy it. Not with the nauseous feeling that sat in the pit of your stomach after Archie’s confrontation. 

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Lies [j.j.]

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so I got inspired to write this so if you haven’t watched the latest episode avoided it bc like…spoilersssss ((also let’s pretend Beronica is real pls)). also sorry xx i’m in a depressing mood whoops.


You flinched as you felt a hand latch onto your arm, dragging you away from Kevin and Joaquin and out into the hallway.

“What’s going on?” You hissed, finally coming to a stop and facing the redheaded boy and the raven haired girl.

“It’s Betty, she…” Veronica quieted down as you all heard the sound of heels clicking on the tile floor. You turned around to see an angry Betty, causing you to step back slightly and hide behind Archie.

“What did you do now Ronnie?” you asked under your breath, being met with nothing but a harsh glare that basically screamed at you to shut up.

“Whatever. She’s your girlfriend,” you muttered, shrinking back when Veronica shot you yet another harsh glare.

“Before you get mad,” Veronica began. “Let me explain.”

“Explain what? That you’re working with my mom behind my back?” Betty asked, exasperated.

“ I’m sorry, B, but you know FP had some kind of arrangement with my dad,” V replied. “I had to make sure it wasn’t about Jason Blossom.”

“And what’s your excuse?” Betty turned to Archie.

“I was looking out for Jughead in case FP was doing shady stuff,” Archie replied honestly.

“To protect him,” Betty said in disbelief.

She turned to you. “What about you (Y/N)? What did you do?”

You shrunk back at her harsh tone, hiding behind Veronica as her eyes softened.

“Blame me, Betty. I asked Archie to help me,” the raven haired girl spoke.

“Help you do what? What did you two do?” you asked, not knowing what was going on.

“Hey guys what’s going on?” Jughead asked as he approached, drawing your attention to the way he was dressed, looking simply perfect in his suit and beanie. “Woah, why do I feel like I’m suddenly left out?”

“Do you want to tell him? Or should I?“ Betty asked impatiently.

Veronica stepped forwards. “We went to your dad’s trailer. To search it.”

“Why would you guys do that?” Jughead asked, playful expression falling off his face.

“My mom put them up to it,” Betty interjected.

Jughead looked around in disbelief, eyes widening as he noticed you. “And (Y/N)? Was she involved in this too? Was she supposed to distract me?”

You shook your head furiously as you stuttered, trying to get your words out. Jughead scoffed.

Veronica approached him. “Do you really think she had anything to do with this? (Y/N)’s in love with you for God’s sake!”

Jughead’s eyes widened and your face flushed red. He started walking towards you before you managed to open your mouth, shutting everyone up. “I don’t like Jughead!”

Jughead slowed, eventually coming to a stop and giving you an unreadable look before shifting his attention to the ground and backing away from you.

“Yes she does!” Veronica protested as you hit her sharply.

“I do not love Jughead Jones!” you shouted exasperatedly, effectively shutting everyone up.

“Betty’s mom was convinced FP was hiding something about Jason,” Veronica said lowly. “We were wrong. All of us.”

“We didn’t find anything,” Archie chimed in. “And Jug, we were only doing it to prove that-”

“That my dad wasn’t a murderer?” Jughead cut him off. “You went behind my back, Archie? How did you- when did you guys know to go to my dad’s trailer?”

“We knew he’d be at dinner with-” Veronica began.

Jughead cut her off with a sigh. He turned to you and Betty. “No. That’s why you invited my dad and I to dinner? So these two could break into his trailer while she interrogated him?”

You stepped forwards. “No, I didn’t know what they were doing.”

“But yes, that is why mom invited you guys,” Betty whispered.

“To think I was gonna pass on moving to Toledo with my family for you,” he whispered back.

You let out a tear-filled gasp. “What?”

“When we went to my dad’s trailer, you asked me if I believed him. I said I did. Wasn’t that good enough for you?” He asked.

“It was,” you and Betty replied together.

“It was good enough,” Betty continued. You couldn’t speak. “I didn’t… I tried to stop her.”

“You could’ve told me, you could’ve warned me about this,” Jughead yelled.

“You were so excited, Jug, I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

“So instead you lied? You all lied to me?” Jughead asked.

“There they are,” Kevin said, running around the corner, followed by parents.

“Betty. Thank God-” Alice spoke.

“Mom, don’t,” Betty interrupted.

“No, you have to listen,” Kevin said. “All of you. My dad just told Mayor McCoy about your dad, Jughead.”

You turned to Jughead, who opened his mouth to speak. “What about my dad?”

“He was just arrested. For the murder of Jason Blossom.”

You ran after Jughead, ignoring Archie and Betty who were calling out after you. You followed Jughead to his dad’s trailer, having ditched your heels a few blocks down.

You arrived just in time to see Jughead slide down the wall, sobbing into his hands.

You approached carefully, wincing when you stepped on broken glass, and settled down next to Jughead. He leaned his head on your shoulder, still sobbing.

You began running one hand through his hair and intertwining the other one with his.

“They all lied to me (Y/N/N),” he whispered.

“I know,” you said.

You spent a few more minutes in silence before he shot up straight.

“They all lied to me,” he repeated hashly. “FP, Archie, Betty, Veronica. They all lied.”

You held on to his hand, not knowing where he was going with his little speech.

His eyes hardened as he looked at you. “You all lied to me. You all tricked me.”

Your eyes widened as you shook your head. “No Jughead, I never- I didn’t even know what they were doing.”

“Don’t play dumb with me (Y/N),” Jughead spoke. Tears sere streaming down your face.

“You’re a liar,” he spat. “What did you lie about?”

You sat in silence, not answering his question. Fed up with your silence, Jughead scoffed and got up, storming out of the trailer and leaving you in tears.

“I lied when I said I didn’t love you.”

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Honestly, I need to rant about how shitty of friends Archie and Veronica were tonight. They not only lied and went behind Betty’s back, but Veronica literally threw Betty under the bus, making it seem like she was involved with what THEY did. Betty believed Jughead. Veronica HEARD Betty say she believed Jughead. Heard her say she wanted no part in what was going on. But Veronica making that dinner comment made it seem like Betty was part of their little scheme to get inside of FP’s home. I don’t know. I’m just annoyed. I already didn’t like Archie and Veronica, but this really was the cherry on top.

When Betty said she never wanted to talk to them again I was like 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

God I’m salty.

WOw FP IS BEING FRAMED??! WOW BETTY WAS RIGHT IN TRUSTING JUGHEADS DAD WASNT INVOLVED IN THE MURDER?? Smh. Literally last episode as well, Archie was a shitty friend to Jughead. Oh, and wait, he was shitty to him in the baby shower episode as well. LMAO PSA: ARCHIE IS A SHITTY FRIEND AND VERONICA JUST WASNT BEING THE BEST TONIGHT.

(in no way am I saying you can’t have these as your fav characters. Everyone has their own opinions, I just needed to rant)

Reggie X Reader : Throw Your Heart To Me (Part III)

Warnings :
- I’m pretty sure this minific will have lots of chapters/parts
- But don’t worry there will be a happy ending….

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

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Dating Veronica Lodge Would Include...

Dating Veronica Lodge Would Include…

  • Milkshake dates at Pop’s
  • Secret dates on a school night
  • Cuddling together at the drive-in until Kevin comes along with a love crisis and snuggles in between you both

  • Being super protective over your friends together
  • Betty being a go to support for you both
  • You’ve both got a love/hate relationship with Cheryl
  • Lots and lots and lots of texting

  • Playing with snapchat filters together
  • Your phone lock screens coordinate
  • She brings you flowers at school
  • She doesn’t care about PDA, she kisses you whenever she wants

  • She likes to sit in your lap, or at the very least pull you into hers
  • She’s always playing with your hands. When you cuddle, when she’s nervous or upset, just all the time
  • Cuddling everywhere- in bed, on the couch, even just out in the middle of a field somewhere
  • Veronica likes to be big spoon, but sometimes if she’s really tired or upset, you get to be big spoon

  • Super-tight hugs
  • Sharing clothes- particularly jeans, jumpers and jewellery
  • She wants your opinion on all her outfits before she buys them
  • Putting on her cheerleading costume to turn her on

  • Veronica likes to tease you with kinky nicknames because she knows you hate it (very secretly love it)
  • Always grabbing at her ass, because both of you love it
  • In turn she likes to grope your boobs
  • She’s more of a giver in the bedroom

  • Veronica gives great lap dances and likes to spoil you with them
  • She just likes to spoil you full stop. She’s always buying you things
  • She steals alcohol from her mum for the two of you when you have movie nights
  • Hermione always inviting you over for dinner

  • Supporting Veronica through her family troubles
  • Veronica destroying anyone who tries to hurt you
  • She always talks about getting a little puppy when you move in together
  • She likes to buy you promise jewellery

  • Putting her glasses on to make her laugh
  • Being each other’s favourite person in the world
  • So much “I Love You”


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for the otp prompt thing, 2, 3, 11, and 22 for bughead please!!!

Who sleeps in the other’s lap?
Jughead’s lap just looks so inviting to Betty as he sits sprawled on the sofa that she can’t help but curl up with him. It starts off next to him, tucking her legs underneath her and burrowing against his side until he huffs out a laugh, throwing his arm around her shoulders. She constantly shifts though, ‘trying to get comfortable’ she says as he smirks down at her with unfiltered affection. He knows what she wants but refuses to say. He indulges her for a few more minutes before sighing, lifting her up slightly until she’s settled against his chest, legs flung over his and head tucked beneath his chin. He listens as her breathing slows, delicate snores - that she’d totally deny happen - drifting into his ears. His leg goes numb eventually, but he doesn’t really care.

Who walks around the house half-naked and who yells at them to put on some clothes?
Betty is constantly stealing Jughead’s shirts. He’ll wander sleepily into the kitchen on late Sunday mornings to the best view of her reaching up to pull two coffee mugs out of the cupboard, hem of his flannel grazing the soft swell of her ass. Even if he wasn’t half asleep still it would take him a good while to kick start his brain again, eyes roaming down her body appreciatively before he comes up behind her, wraps his arms tightly around her waist as she squeaks in surprise, planting warm, lazy kisses down the side of her neck as his hand creeps beneath the material. The only time either of them have to yell at the other to put clothes on is when Betty has invited Archie and Veronica over for dinner and Jughead is still sitting on the couch in his boxers working on the latest chapter of his novel. He groans, telling her she’s interrupting his ‘flow’. It only takes the tiny threat of withholding a certain after dinner activity later on that night to get him up the stairs. 

If they were about to rob a museum, which one does backflips through lasers and which one is strolling behind with a bag of chips?
Jughead is surprisingly agile, being able to twist himself into the smallest place like he did when he was sleeping from closet to closet. Betty is always prepared with the snacks though, for when they complete their mission, the only dodging she has to do once Jug has disarmed the traps is to keep his prying paws off her chips.

Who makes the bad puns and who makes a pained smile every time the other makes a pun?
Betty is a complete and utter dork. While Jughead’s snarky quips always pull a sneaky smile onto her face, Betty’s jokes have him rolling his eyes but laughing nonetheless - never at her jokes, just at his adorable girlfriend and her attempt at humour. 

If You Could See Me

After 1.06 what if Betty and Jughead decided to keep their relationship a secret, or rather attempted to. 

A fic about Betty and Jughead working out the facts of their new relationship and cute, fluffy moments… also how the group finds out about bughead. 

Slight AU does not follow the events of 1.07 onward

———————————— Chapter 2 —————————————– 

It all felt like a dream. Two weeks had passed and it never stopped blowing Jughead’s mind when Betty’s hands so naturally held his own, or how their lips fit together perfectly like two pieces of a puzzle.

The young pair had agreed that keeping their relationship a secret was in both of their best interests. With everything else going on it seemed nice to have something just for the two of them. A place of comfort that truly no one else knew about, something no one could push them out of.

What the two didn’t expect was how difficult it actually was to keep their budding relationship a secret. The little movements, the small things that began to change as their relationship moved forward that threatened to blow their cover.

They sat in the student lounge, Jughead talking relentlessly about how their English teacher was hindering his creativity. Betty couldn’t take her eyes off of the dark haired boy, and as a few strands of hair fell forward onto his face. Betty felt the urge to draw them back carefully with her hand. Little moments like that made their secret difficult. If everyone knew not only could Betty brush his hair back, but lean into his side and hold his hand in her own. But they didn’t know… so she could, as much as she wished she could.

“Betty?” She heard Jughead ask, breaking her out of the internal fight in her head.

“Sorry, what was that?” She replies, looking dumbfounded as Jughead laughs next to her.

“I asked if you agreed that we should be given full creative freedom when writing for our English class,” he explains. “We’re asked to do creative writing but we can’t actually write creatively.”

“I guess, but it’s not like out teachers are looking for our own version of A Modest Proposal,” Betty smiles at him understanding his frustration. She’d most likely hear more about it later.

Jughead continued his rant that if he were given the freedom he desired maybe he could write something like A Modest Proposal. Honestly, Betty just wanted him to stop, to make an excuse to get him to go with her to the Blue and Gold just to have even a few moments to be them, be together.

Without thinking, Betty rested her hand on Jughead’s lower thigh, a subtle message that he almost instantly understood to slow down and take a breath. He figured it meant that she understood, and he could breathe and take a break.

Jughead closed his eyes and put his hands up in defeat. The two recovered quickly remembering where they were. Recovering not before Veronica noticed something change between the two.


The pair thought they got away scot-free as they worked together in the Blue and Gold office later that same afternoon. They had been working for just over thirty minutes before the conversation they had almost every day began. “This is getting more and more difficult each day. The hiding.” Jughead states, turning swiftly in his chair to face Betty sitting comfortably on the couch.

“We could just tell people,” Betty stated, half joking.

“I guess, but I have to say, I love having this all to ourselves,” Jughead smirked as he pulled his knee up to his chest.

“You know Juggie,” Betty started, getting up slowly to stand infant of Jughead. She put one hand on either side of Jughead, resting them the table behind him to lean in closer. “I’ve never had a secret like this before,” she whispers.

Jughead put a hand to his chest in faux shock. “Is that all I am to you, Betty Cooper? The dirty little secret to launch your impending teenage rebellion? I’m hurt.” Betty laughed, playfully slapping Jughead’s shoulder. She leaned in quickly capturing his lips with her own.

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*Sorry if you’re name is Veronica..feel free to change it.*

Y/N was surprised when Veronica opened Joe’s door, eyes narrowing into a glare as they traveled the length of Y/N’s body. She shifted under the gaze, knowing her rumpled look after a long day was nothing compared to the perfect look that Joe’s girlfriend was sporting.

“What are you doing here?”

“Is Joe home?” Y/N asked sweetly instead, tilting her head as she met the other woman’s stare.

“He is.” Veronica replied just as sweetly, her grip on the door tightening.

“Then let me in.”

“You never said what you were doing here.”

“I came to see my be-“

“Who’s there, Veronica?” Joe’s voice cut my off, and before she could reply, he appeared at her side, smiling brightly. “Y/N!”

“Hey, Joe.” She offered him a small smile in return.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, sounding a whole lot friendlier than how Veronica asked it, reaching out to pull her inside. “Not that I’m complaining. But we didn’t have plans. Did we?”

“No,” She shook her head, laughing softly. “I just, I had a bad day and was hoping for some best friend time. But you’re busy…” Y/N glanced over her shoulder at Veronica, who had crossed her arms and was staring angrily over at Y/N.

“Yes. He is.”

“No, I’m not.” Joe corrected his girlfriend, shooting her a confused look. “We were only doing dinner. Y/N, you can join us.”

“i don’t want to intrude…”

“Then leave.”

“Veronica!” Joe snapped, before softening his gaze as he looked at Y/N. “You won’t be. You never are. Besides, I want to hear all your bitching.” He winked at her before heading for the kitchen.

The two women stared each other down before Veronica flipped her hair over her shoulder and sauntered over to Joe.

The tension was high throughout dinner, and Veronica continued to be snippy towards Y/N, which only agitated Joe. When they were cleaning up, he turned to Y/N.

“Did you want to talk about today?”

She glanced over at Veronica, who was leaning against the counter, mouth pressed together in a hard line as she stared over at the two, before she met Joe’s stare.

“Uhm, no. I think I’ll leave it for tonight. But can I steal your laptop for a minute?”

“Of course. It’s just in the bedroom.” Joe nodded towards the stairs, offering her a gentle smile as she slipped past him.

Y/N had just reached the top of the stairs when she heard the heated words being tossed back and forth. Flinching at the harsh sound of Joe’s voice as he spoke to his girlfriend, she made her way too Joe’s room. This was not something she was meant to hear.

The laptop was just an excuse to get out of the room, a break from the tension and hate filled stares from the other woman. So Y/N just laid on Joe’s bed for a few minutes, wondering how long she should give them before the fight would be finished.

Except the voices only grew louder, until there was the sound of a door slamming closed.

Pushing herself off of the bed, Y/N crept towards the door. She stood there, with it open, listening to the noises from downstairs. But there was none. So she hesitantly headed back down the stairs, pausing in the doorway to the kitchen and living room as she noticed Joe standing there, arms braced against the counter, his head hanging down.


His head snapped up, eyes widening as he met hers.

“Shit. Y/N…I’m sorry. You didn’t need to hear that.”

“I didn’t hear much.” She offered, shrugging.

“Thanks for lying.” Joe laughed, walking around the counter and towards her. “Come here, I haven’t even given you the hug you were probably looking for.”

“It’s my fault, I mean, I intruded on your company.” But she still wrapped her arms around him, burying her face into his shoulder as he hugged her.

“You didn’t intrude.” He sighed, resting his chin on her shoulder. “And I’m sorry for her. She shouldn’t have treated you like that.”

“She’s your girlfriend. I’m just the best friend.” Y/N mumbled.

“No,” Joe pulled back, meeting her eyes. “She was my girlfriend.”

“You broke up with her?”

“Yes. Anyone who treats my friends like that, especially my best friend who’s had a shit day, doesn’t deserve to be kept around.”

“Joe…” She blinked, trying to not cry.

“Hey, you aren’t supposed to cry.” He frowned, reaching a hand up to cup her cheek.

“It’s just the first good thing about today.” She let out a small laugh. “I think it’s all just hitting me.”

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled, pulling her back into the hug. “How about we eat some ice cream, watch a shit movie, and bitch about people?”

“Yes please.” She giggled into his shoulder.