veronica dinner

After today I am going to forever ship Veronica Mars as Laura’s older sister who taught her all about being nosy and trying to do the right thing.

I can imagine little Laura following big sister Veronica around. And yeah she is annoying, but adorable.

Dad says no more cookies before dinner, but Veronica sneaks little sis a few anyways. They share a wink, but the expression looks goofy on tiny Laura.

When their mother leaves, Veronica is inconsolable. Laura isn’t quite sure what is happening except she knows her sister is suffering. She offers to share her dessert for a month if it will make her sister feel better. When their mother returns it’s Laura who refuses to forgive her. She can’t forget what this woman did to her family.

Veronica goes off to college leaving Laura heartbroken and alone with an overprotective father. She promptly starts researching out of country colleges.

I only have two more days here & I have so much to do…
Tomorrow’s check list:
Clean Jensen’s tank and feed her
buy shampoo/conditioner/body wash/scrub/facewash
Dinner with Veronica
Pick up euros

Set to Slip

With our new crew fresh aboard and nesting into bunks for the next few weeks, there is an air of bubbling excitement with thoughts about what awaits us. With no time to waste we have cast our lines and made a wee hop south to a spectacular first anchorage just below the island of Ryoya. With the small pontoon hut and fire place floating a mere and severely tempting few meters away, we divulged in a beautifully cooked lamb dinner by Veronica whilst discussing the past, plans and aspirations.

A significant observation on route demonstrated the rather quirky and variably visible markers and lighthouses. The Northern territories providing a diverse and challenging array of visual plotting aids lends itself to being a very new playing ground. With avid navigators and sailors in the crew, this could prove to be a very rewarding and insightful trip through some distractingly beautiful scenery.

A muffled hive of discussions and calculations are currently emanating from the saloon table as tomorrows passage plans are being hatched by Andrew and Erika. Meanwhile the rest of the crew begin to settle in for a first night on board.

So after a busy day of preparing, stowing and adjusting to the contrast in temperature from an unusually balmy London, as the darkness descends, it’s time to get our beauty sleep…

From Madeleine and the Hummingbird crew…