veronica dinner

Riverdale Gay Ships 7 / ?? || Welcome to night Vale AU 

“Welcome to Riverdale !, Now the news, Sheriff Keller has ask to inform you to ignore the two-headed dragons outside Pop’s dinner, do not talk to the dragon, do not touch the dragon and most importantly do not believe in the dragon. In other news Riverdale Vixens performed in yesterday’s the blossom’s annual maple celebration, as usual, Cheerleader Co-Captain Veronica Lodge was able to outshine the event itself with her presence coal hair,  red rose lips and perfect skin an- Sorry I’m getting out of topic. In breaking, news Riverside killer has finally been identified sadly in short after everyone related with the investigation got their memory erased the only thing anyone knows is that body, keep piling up.Finally, you love him, you hate him, its time for the weather with Archie Andrew and his BF Reggie Mantel.”