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“You know, I always knew you had a thing for me but I never thought you wanted me for my brain.”

Veronica Mars 30 Day Challenge - Day 16

Favorite friendship: Weevil and Veronica

I feel like I sorta should be picking Wallace and Veronica because of how solid they are, but it’s almost because of how solid they are that I tend to find them less interesting of a dynamic. Whereas Veronica’s dynamic with Weevil was also very fascinating to me.

Weevil and Veronica have this delicious balance of trust and suspicion, respect and animosity, attraction and repulsion with one another. They enter into this relationship of doing favors for one another, but not really adding up who owes who what - it just becomes understood that they will help one another out when they need what the other can offer. Sure, first they’ll act like they won’t help - but they always do.

They flirt outrageously, but never in a way that leads to anything sexual or romantic. It’s just part of their language. Despite being from very different worlds, they both approach the world around them in similar ways. They’re cynical, wary of those who wield power, don’t give their trust or respect out freely, and enjoy banter as a means both of keeping enemies off their guard and setting allies at ease. So, sometimes their flirting edges into the dangerous, and sometimes it’s just playful.

Weevil can get frustrated with Veronica when she starts to relapse into old habits of hanging out with her rich friends, and Veronica can get angry with Weevil when his violence hurts people she cares about or when his criminal activities go beyond what she finds to be acceptable. But underneath all of that, these two really understand each other. They have a grasp of the goodness underneath the other’s rough exterior and accept the other’s competence in their specialties.

Sometimes Veronica and Weevil are allies, and sometimes they are antagonists, but no matter what - they are friends.


Ride - Veronica/Weevil by greenfiend06

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REAL PERSON FICTION Robert Beltran/Kate Mulgrew

Questions for Veronica Mars fans (I’ve been a fan for quite awhile but yes, I just now finished the film. yeah, yeah. SHAMEFUL. I KNOW): Does anyone know what would have happened to Logan, Wallace, Mac, Keith and Dick in Veronica Mars: The FBI years? How did you guys feel about the direction the show would’ve taken? And were you happy/unhappy that Rob changed the direction for the movie? Do you think it made sense writing wise? Or was it just the fandom’s fantasy played out on film? (side note: pls don’t let the length scare you off) THOUGHTS???

I am shameful. I’ve been a fan of vmars for YEARS and I never saw the movie when it came out because I had wanted to rewatch the series but I never got around to it but I kinda binged a season and a half the other day and I was like fuck, I just wanna see the movie. So I did. And it was AMAZING. But I kinda have some questions/thoughts and I was wondering if anyone had the answers, and thoughts on this as well?

Veronica Mars: The FBI Years

  • LOVE this idea and direction- but I would have loved it much less if it meant we only got Veronica. Obviously Veronica is amazing and my girl. But the people around Veronica made Veronica… Veronica. Logan, Mac, Keith, Wallace, Weevil. The teaser for that season didn’t imply that we would see any of these characters. So…
  • Has Rob ever mentioned plans for the other characters in Veronica Mars: The FBI years? 
  • I know Mac and Dick were maybe supposed to have something (I think I read that somewhere). How would that have happened if we never saw them when Veronica was an FBI agent?
  • Anyone know the plans for Logan?? Were there any plans??? I know Rob has always pretty much supported Logan/Veronica and he said that the smile between the two of them at the end of season 3 meant something (I forgot where I read this, correct me if I’m wrong) so where would they be taken in s4? Or would they not be taken anywhere at all (as that would be more realistic BUT this was a tv show sooooo…)
  • Bc let me tell you rn that Seth seems very much like Ronnie’s Logan replacement and I see that partner of hers checking her out in the first 8 minutes. 
  • Although tbh if VMars as a show had started with her entering in the FBI I would so be down with her getting with her partner (I will begrudgingly admit that there was some chemistry there but it doesn’t even compare to LoVe). But then it wouldn’t be the show I love. And I already adore Logan. 
  • Also we would have been seriously missing Keith and his P.I. adventures and his relationship with Veronica. Where is Keith???
  • All in all, I really, really, REALLY loved the teaser. Critically the new direction worked very, very well and I would have enjoyed it, for sure. But as a fan of the show and the characters, I would have been crushed if Rob hadn’t brought back our supporting cast. Especially because LoVe is one of my all time favorite tv couples. 

Veronica Mars: The Movie

  • For the longest time, I really thought that Veronica as an FBI agent made the most sense for her career and her character development. Veronica Mars had a LOT of issues and I could really see her growing up and putting all that passion into working for the FBI because she would still be catching the bad guys (obviously, as that was the original plan).
  • BUT I LOVE what Rob did with the film because he was still true to Veronica’s character. He was true to her faults, her passion and her essence as a person. Veronica was all about catching the bad guys, but she was first and foremost all about JUSTICE. Her justice. 
    • For example, she knew all about Weevil’s involvement (though she didn’t know exactly how) in Thumper’s disappearance (and death) and she didn’t even blink. She knew what Thumper had done and had she truly believed Weevil was in the wrong, she would have turned his ass in. 
  • Veronica bolts. She bolts when she doesn’t have control or when she’s scared (we see this time and time again in her relationship with Logan) and it MAKES SENSE that she bolted after the end of season 3. It makes sense that she ran and hid from her passions (in an- to be honest- unhealthy manner) and came to the conclusion that the P.I. life wasn’t for her when it hurt her dad. 
  • And it makes sense that after all these years, she pretty much goes running back to Logan Neptune when she’s needed after 9 years because she’s so damn bored and she’s grown up and she comes to the realization that maybe she’s been hiding all this time and maybe she can’t help but come back for good one more fix.
  • Veronica Mars as an FBI agent would have made sense. It would have gone along with her character being destined for greatness, escaping Neptune and developing into adulthood. Most definitely
  • But Veronica Mars as someone who runs away and tries to make the “best” choices? Veronica as someone who tries to take control of her life by running away what created chaos in the first place? Veronica trying to pretend those darker parts of herself don’t exist? Also 100000% Veronica Mars. 
    • Remember in s2 when she was trying to “get back to normal” because she “doesn’t do that anymore”? And then she got “dragged back in”? Sound familiar?
  • The film deals with Veronica running away from herself instead of embracing who she is (while the lost season 4 would have been Veronica embracing who she was earlier and landing herself in the FBI instead of waiting 9 years to deny and then accept who she was) and it lands her right back in Neptune. 
    • Despite Veronica always being WAY too good for that town, she was always happiest bringing justice for the people that lived there and Neptune needs her.
  • Both relevant, believable plot directions. Personally,I prefer the movie version (despite how AWESOME season 4 probably would have been) because: 
    • A) It’s canon. Doesn’t matter whether or not if I would’ve preferred the FBI plot line over the almost-lawyer direction bc the almost-lawyer direction is the one Rob went with soo….
    • B) Logan and Veronica are endgame and it makes their togetherness canon. 
    • C) Not sure if we would have gotten all of our favorite characters in the lost 4th season like we did in the movie. 
    • D) We get closure on the Piz/Veronica thing in a believable way.
    • E) I kinda think that the movie is more true to Veronica’s character than the lost 4th season would have been. 
    • F) The Movie is dark and gritty and we see Neptune in a worse state than it was before and hell, that was just cool, okay?
  • Do you guys think Rob believes in this plot line as much as he did the FBI plot line? 
    • I mean obviously he had to, bc he fucking wrote it but it doesn’t really sit well with me when creators create canon content purely for fans bc it kinda feels like it makes it less true to the characters I think? Even though I literally just talked about how the movie was totally true to Vee’s character… 
      • I don’t even know what I’m trying to say anymore. Ignore me. If you think you understand my question and you feel like answering, then go for it. If not, forget about it lol.
  • Agree? Disagree? Is this just not relevant anymore?

Let’s chat ppl. 


How was this never a thing?

How did this never become a storyline, because !!!

They had amazing chemistry, and their story arc would have paralleled the Logan/Veronica/Lilly tragic triangle in so many ways.

Picture Molly having to hide another ‘cholo’ lover from her bigoted mobster family? It would have added an extra layer to the Thumper betrayal if the Fitzpatricks killed Weevil’s best friend, took his gang from him and then kept him from his girlfriend.

Maybe it started as a way for Molly to prove her uncle killed Felix? No way was she over what they’d done, she would have wanted revenge. But she wouldn’t have the balls to try it on her own, she would have been too afraid.

But then Weevil got mixed up with her family and she just couldn’t let anything happen to him, despite their mutual aversion to each other. Felix would have wanted her to help his best friend, and she owed him that much, since she was the reason Felix was killed.

So Molly would have propositioned Weevil with a partnership - the opportunity to work together to defeat a common enemy. For Felix.

But as they spent time together, Weevil might have begun to see what Felix saw in Molly. His feelings might have grown into something different? Something unexpected.

Imagine Molly trying to work some espionage in order to help Weevil, and Weevil going out of his mind with worry. Logically, accepting Molly’s help would be his best bet at proving a connection between Thumper and her uncle, since she knew where all of the bodies were buried. But at what cost? Liam was a straight up psycho and Weevil wouldn’t want to risk Molly’s safety just to get himself vengeance.

And to protect her, he would pretend to hate her, push her away, anything to keep her safe.

Molly wouldn’t listen, of course, because she was as stubborn as he was. She could see through his bullshit. She wasn’t one to take anything at face value. Weevil might have said he didn’t want to be with her, but she could feel him staring at her from across the courtyard, and you don’t waste your time doing that over a girl you don’t care about.

She was determined to avenge Felix’s death and keep Weevil out of her uncle’s crosshairs, even if that meant playing ball with the Fitzpatrick gang in a way she always swore she wouldn’t…