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What are your favorite Brotps? You can do like bromances mixed with intergender friendships lol

Ooh yay. Thanks for clarifying that I can use mixed genders, lol. 

Now these aren’t in any order, just as they come off the top of my head. 

  • Arrow: Dig and Oliver - no explanation necessary, really
  • Arrow: Tommy and Oliver - again, obvious.
  • BtVS: Willow and Xander - I loved the Buffy/Xander friendship too, but this one lies deep in my heart. They’ve been friends since they were children (apart from that one time when he stole her Barbie and they broke up. They were five); Xander’s love for Willow literally saved the world from apocalypse. They were always there for each other, through break up and heartbreak and magic addiction and years of demon slaying. 
  • Veronica Mars: Veronica and Wallace - I love how they start. The first time Veronica sees him, he’s been tied up to a flagpole by the school bullies. She’s not looking for a new friend; she’s lost all her old ones and has become the outcast after her best friend’s murder and her father’s subsequent investigations. So when she sees this boy being mistreated, all she can see is injustice, and she’s sick of it. Wallace decides that being friends with the school outcast is a hell of a lot better than being friends with any of the other people who simply stood by and watched as he was bullied. And so starts a beautiful lifelong friendship. I love it because there is never any hint of romance between them; and they are never afraid to get in each other’s face and tell them how stupid the other person is being. 
  • One Tree Hill: Lucas and Haley - there’s a moment in season 1, when Haley is distraught because she thinks she’s been played by Nathan, and she’s sitting on the floor of Karen’s Cafe crying. Lucas comes in and asks her what’s wrong, and she says, with a heartbreaking tone “…once again, the smart girl is really stupid.” The first time I watched this scene, and saw the way Lucas turned to her, touched her face and softly said, “Hey! You are not stupid”, I thought: oh great, they are going to get them together at some point in the show. It’s a real…shipper moment. I mean, if you watch it now, you could totally imagine Oliver and Felicity in that scene and see exactly how the meaning could be deeper than “just” friendship, down to the softly spoken “hey"s. But I am so glad that they never went there with Lucas and Haley; that throughout the life of the show they were shown to be each other’s strength and support, but always in a platonic way. There are too few platonic m/f relationships on TV. 
  • Nikita (CW): Nikita and Birkhoff - Nikita couldn’t trust anyone in Division. Even Michael at times. And yet, despite often being on opposite sides, she could never hate her "nerd”; and by the end, there was a very big sister - little bro relationship that developed between them.
  • Arrow: Felicity and Diggle - again, no explanation necessary. 
  • Arrow: Roy, Thea and Sin - I really enjoyed this friendship. Someone on Twitter said the other day it was like Teen Arrow, and I really miss their wacky adventures; solving crime and getting Sin dressed up for dates and whatnot. I’d rather Roy be part of this team than Team Arrow, tbh. 
  • 30 Rock: Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy - Lemon and Jack! I adore how this relationship evolved. He came in like this wrecking ball, determined to change everything about Liz’s show, her baby. It so easily could have gone the “bad boss, exasperated employee” way, but their bond grew so deeply as the seasons went on. I love how indulgent Jack was about Lemon’s quirks, and how quite often she was the one who had to calm him down and stop him making stupid mistakes. 
  • AoS: Melinda May and Skye - I like how, after the Ward reveal, the relationship between these two has only strengthened. So often you see women fighting over men, or blaming each other instead of the dirtbag who used them both. But from the moment that it was revealed that Melinda and Ward had a relationship, there was no jealousy, no sniping or hard faced looks from Skye. And when they both discovered his deceit, they simply banded together to teach him a lesson. In season 2, their relationship has been one of my favourites to watch: seeing May become almost like a surrogate mother to Skye, protecting her and teaching her the skills to be as strong as she possibly can. I love the trust that Skye has on May, the matter of fact way she says “you leading?” whenever they go out on an operation, the way she accepts and respects the teachings of her SO. I look forward to seeing their relationship develop once everyone discovers Skye’s new “Quake” status. 
  • Doctor Who: Twelve and Clara - I have loved Clara’s progression in series 8. With Matt’s Eleven (whom I loved), I always thought Clara was underused; rather, she was treated as this great big mystical special snowflake, an idea rather than a human girl. But she’s really come into her own with Capaldi’s Twelve, so much so that series 8 was jokingly called Clara Who (and I don’t see that as a problem at all). I love the way she takes no shit from the Doctor, the way in which she actively rejects his overprotectiveness, rudeness and often patriarchal views. And I love how, when she does that, he checks himself and realises that what he is saying is problematic. There’s a wonderful moment in Kill The Moon where Clara realises how selfish and hurtful the Doctor has been to her, and she tells him this. He is genuinely shocked because he thought that he was respecting her the agency of making her own decisions vis a vis her world, and she tells him, in no uncertain terms, that friends don’t patronise their friends; that just because he isn’t human doesn’t make him better than her, doesn’t mean that he’s above her, and that if he doesn’t understand that after all these centuries of hopping in and out of peoples’ lives, then he doesn’t deserve them. That’s the moment, for me, that Clara Oswald really comes into her own. And the Doctor, who thought he was doing something right, realises that he’s been doing it all wrong. 
  • Happy Endings: Max and Penny - because these two are ah-maa-zing! ;)
  • Suits: Mike and Harvey - I’ve spoken about this before, so won’t elaborate too much. 
  • Suits: Harvey and Jessica - I love that there is an incredible woman (a black woman, no less) at the top of the food chain, who runs her own goddamn business and doesn’t take shit from anyone, not even Harvey. I also love that she took a look at this young, talented guy sitting in her mailroom, put him through law school and basically gave him a fighting chance in life to really become something; the way that someone had once done for her. Which of course Harvey then pays forward with Mike (and I hope that Mike will some day pay forward for someone else). I love the respect that these two have for each other, not that that stops them from doing things they believe to be right regardless of what the other person thinks. I love their bromance, their “mom and dad”-ness and the fact that when the chips are down, they can always count on each other.