veronica x logan


Veronica: “So what are you like now?”

Logan: “You know, tortured… ever since I got my heart broken.”

Veronica: “Hannah really did a number on you, huh?”

Logan: “Come on, you know I’m not talking about Hannah. I thought our story was epic, you know, you and me.”

Veronica: “Epic how?”

Logan: “Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined, bloodshed. EPIC. But summer’s almost here, and we won’t see each other at all. And then you leave town… and then it’s over.”

Veronica:” Logan…”

Logan:” I’m sorry about last summer. You know, if I could do it over…”

Veronica: “Come on. Ruined lives? Bloodshed? You really think a relationship should be that hard?”

Logan: “No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.”

My OTP list as of 2017 (who says you can only have one?! Pfft)

If you want any metas on these couples, I’d be more than happy to write it. (I have no life)

In no particular order


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1) Sherlock is emotionally constipated and Molly is the best optimist. She brings out he’s humanity in the best way. From knowing he fucked up and apologizing for real for the first time, then trusting her with his life. Wanting the absolute best for her, wanting her to be happy and safe and loved. And then… Finally realising he loves her. It’s just so damn beautiful, I can’t even explain.


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How do I put into words how thoroughly these two have fucked me up?! I can’t. She has loved him through everything. They’ve died (him twice) for each other, just for the hope that the other would live and be safe. And I cannot explain to you enough how chapter 499 screwed with me, I was crying for a week on and off. My family though I was was bat shit…They were probably right.


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What can I say? This couple gets me, the angst, the will they won’t they, the obvious soulmate aspect? These two break me. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. I got into Fandom because of Olicity, I started writing fanfic because of them. I will always watch them because they are perfect for each other…I’m just waiting on the wedding to be honest.

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No scene available…

But the truth is that these two

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have one of the best fandoms out there. With a bunch of fanfics, fanart and all sorts that got me hooked immediately. Seriouslys guys do you know how much fanfics I’ve read…soooo many. I love them. 

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Do I need to say anything else?..I shall though.

One of the may reasons I adore vegeta is he is the most developed character out of DBZ. He went from not giving two shits about Bulma dying (Cell Saga) to surpassing Goku when Buma got hit. He is a loving father and a more than loving husband now, and I get all the feels even thinking about it. My brother and I have many conversations about DBZ because he’s favourite character is Goku and mine is Vegeta, (so if you want me to tell you more just ask I’d love to go more indepth) but I have loved this couple ever since they surprised the hell out us.

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And last but not least


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No one can tell me that his couple wasn’t endgame because they fucking were! All my hate for season 7 and Sam and Fez. No. Hyde grounded Jackie and Jackie gave ‘Steven someone to love. Seriously fuck the writers I will always have love in my heart for this couple and a rage that won’t quit for the people that fucked them over.

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Honorable mentions:

Logan x Veronica: LoVe

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Steroline: Stefan x Caroline

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Jughead x Betty: Bughead

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