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Heathers AU with sassy Veronica
  • Heather Chandler:  Um... Excuse me?
  • Heather McNamara:  Hello?
  • Veronica Sawyer:  (looks at them) What?
  • Heather Chandler : Who the fuck are you?
  • Veronica Sawyer :  Who the fuck are you?
  • Heather Chandler :  I asked you first.
  • Veronica Sawyer : I asked you second.

Fake Social Media Imagine {12} - Cheryl x reader

Hi Guys! This is for the request “Can i get one where cheryl references her girlfriend on social media and cheryl likes to play around with everyone and has them guessing who it is but they know theyre dating so cheryl just laughs at them for not knowing” hope y'all enjoy:) request if you have any ideas!

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Photo dump part one of the 2017 Animazement Convention! I’m sad to say I won’t have as many photos as last year as I wasn’t actively taking them in worry of memory on my phone, but that won’t stop me from sharing them anyways!
As it always goes, if you see yourself among my posts for conventions, by all means let me know! I can tag you or remove your picture if you’re not comfortable with it being posted. Don’t be afraid to tell me!

Altean Lance: @pretty-princess-eren (Ah! Finally got their account

cherylblossom ( + toni topaz ) instagram!au

 “ trick or treat with this puppy girl ”

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Fake Social Media Imagine {6} - Cheryl x reader

hello! This was for the request “Can i request a Cheryl and photographer!Reader who just love to post photos of her girlfriend all the time? Please and thank you.” hope everyone enjoys! request if you have any ideas:) thanks to everyone who has sent in requests I’ll get to then as soon as I can:)))


I just realized that the colors of the Heathers’ clothes correspond to their Hogwarts house!!!
-Heather Chandler is a Gryffindor and is dressed in red, with gold accents like jewelry and her hair. She’s the bravest and is a natural born leader, even if she is a huge jerk.
-Heather Duke is dressed in green and black…Slytherin colors. In a way, even though Heather Chandler is the leader, she turns out to be the most ambitious because she is eager to replace her.
-Heather McNamara is dressed in the colors of a Hufflepuff. She has the characteristics of a Hufflepuff-she’s sweet even though she doesn’t show it and she’s a follower because she thinks it’s the right thing to do.
-Veronica is a Ravenclaw because she’s dressed in blue. In “Beautiful” she sings about getting out of her school where nobody actually cares about their education, and she says she’s waiting for her letter from Harvard, Duke, or Brown, showing she cares about her future and values her intelligence like Ravenclaws do.
Somebody probably already realized this but oh well I’m behind in everything. 😂😂😂