veronica sullivan


Veronica sits there pouting.
“You’re still sad about Allison? Really?”
“Of course I am, I haven’t heard from her at all and I can’t track her down. Her old number and email don’t seem to work anymore, like she’s completely erased..”
“She’s a big girl mom, she’s your daughter too and knows how to handle herself. She’ll contact us when she’s ready to, like Eve did,” Demi tells her.
“Yeah, but at least I could call Evelyn and ask her things. I can’t do anything to get to Allison and it worries me! What if she’s lost or hurt-”
“Mom, calm down. I’m sure she’s fine,” Demi says trying to calm her down.
“I hope so..”


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I don’t use overlays or contacts, default custom skins and eyes (wasn’t clear if I should’ve uninstalled them for this so I didn’t) and I don’t edit every picture. So, I just got rid of the make up of Veronica. That lipstick plumped her lips lol

Why Veronica? Cause technically she’s the founder of the Sullivan’s plus Eve’s been seen without make up and Ally is uhhh can’t be reached atm lol

I tag whoever wants to do this that hasn’t!


“I’m gonna be a grandmomma fang again! How many?”
“Trust me mom, I don’t plan for more than 2 or 3 kids. I know Will would probably want more than 1,” Evelyn tells Veronica.
“Why not more than 3?”
“I don’t think we could handle more than 3,” Evelyn laughs.
“Hmm..alright. I could always help. I am your MOTHER.”
“Yes, I know and if we need your help, we’ll ask.”
“Fine,” says Veronica as she and Evelyn get up.


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I very rarely build non-residential lots, but why not try for a follower gift? And I needed it. It’s already uploaded to the gallery as ‘Forgotten Chapel’ no cc but a lot of it is from the Vampire pack.

The old Forgotten Hollow Chapel got renovated by Veronica Sullivan’s request as she wanted it for her second oldest daughter, Evelyn Sullivan’s wedding. Years ago, this old chapel was the one where Veronica and Toby wed as well.

The description is along those lines lol