veronica stark

Steve: [leaning against his motorcycle] As a rule, I like to start every day with a hot brunet waiting for me in the parking lot. 

Tony: Me too. 

Steve: [frowned at that] I’m not a brunet. 

Bucky: [walks up and wraps an arm around Tony] Or hot. 

My dash is dead!

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Drabbles and One-shots

I really need some inspiration to continue my other stories.. so I thought maybe we could do a night of one-shots and drabbles to get some ideas flowing. 

 I am going to be up until 3 AM (I am most of the time anyway…)  so I figured that while I have some sort of will to write, I should do something fun. 

-You can request anytime and it doesn’t have to be tonight

-I will write LITERALLY anything, so don’t be afraid to request

-I will write from various fandoms, such as Harry Potter, Marvel, Riverdale, Supernatural and more. 

Heres a list of numbers to request with (you can use as many as you like)

1. “After everything that we’ve been through?”

2. “With that, she walked into the rain and didn’t look back. That was the last time anyone ever saw her.”

3. “And suddenly, the world filled with color turned black and white.”

4. “Why did he have to die?”

5. “It’s okay. It’ll all be okay.”

6. “Don’t you see? It will never be okay!”

7. “I’ve always loved you. You know that, right?”

8. “I’m pregnant…”

9. “Why?”

10. “Because I love you!”

11. “Is something burning?”

12. “You’re the devil.”

13. “I’ve never been happier.”

14. “Help me, please…”

15. “How did this happen?”

16. “I’m so sorry…”

17. “What do you mean? I just saw him a second ago…”

18. “So… how about dinner?”

19. “I am starving.”

20. “Get your own blanket!”

21. “Who keeps eating all my food?!”

22. “I lost him… I lost our son.”

23. “Code Red!”

24. “What’s Code Red?”

25. “I need you!”

26. “Hey there.”

27. “You can’t just go through stores and try on every single piece of clothing they have!”

28. “But it’s fun!”

29. “I think we need some privacy.”

30. “Take me away!”

31. “I am going to go jump out of this window.”

32. “Why’d the power go out?”

33. “What did you do?!”

34. “I hate all of you right now.”

35. “He was my world, my everything and now he’s gone.”

36. “You can’t drink your problems away. You know what? Forget what I said, I’m joining you.”

37. “We should go trick-or-treating.”

38. “You are such a nerd.”

39. “You stole my blankets!”

40. “Why risk it all?”

41. “Memes. Memes are my life.”

42. “Meme war!”

43. “What happened between us?”

44. “Hold me. Hold me tight and never let go.”

45. “Don’t leave me.”

46. “Okay, so just ease it in there- no, no, no not like that- what the fuck?! You had one job and you broke the stupid thing!”

47. “I have something very personal that you all should know about me… I am in love with unicorns and I aspire to be one someday.”

48. “Who wants to go trick-or-treating?!”

49. “For Narnia!”

50. “I am superior in almost every way. You all bore me.”

51. “I’m invincible!”

      “Yeah, right. Keep thinking that.”

52. “I thought you would finally listen to me and get your act together, I guess I was wrong.”

53. “Guys, this isn’t a drill…”

54. “Oh, that? That’s a ‘mystery cookie’. She refuses to tell us what’s in it.”

55. “I think we should prank him.”

56. “Dear Diary…”

57. “Why is it that every time I see you, you’re always eating something?”

58. “If you really want to make me happy, take me dancing.”

59. “You are my lucky charm.”

60. “I can’t right now. I’m doing chores.”

61. “Yes, I’ll have three strawberry milkshakes. No, they still have to order. That’s just what I want.”

62. “I didn’t know you could draw.”

63. “There is a murderer on the loose and he’s searching for US.”

64. “If our town isn’t the definition of messed up, then I don’t know what is.”

65. “Stop playing games, I know it was you who turned the lights off.”

66. “I will always forgive you.”

67. “I can’t believe that worked.”

68. “Let’s assume this has happened at least once.”

69. “Oh, come on! You would do it too if you had this unicorn mask!”

70. “Why would they do this to my locker? It’s horrible!”

71. “I can’t believe they did that to her.”

72. “Yep. I knew it. We’re all going to die.”

73. “I dare you to kiss her.”

      “I dare you to kiss him.”

74. “I’m never going to let anything happen to you.”

75. “Something always goes wrong! Why can’t we just stick to the instructions?”

76. “It was never really yours to take.”

77. “I would do anything for her… you know that.”

     “I would do anything for him… you know that”

78. “It wasn’t ever going to work out.”

79. “I’ve never loved anyone this much before…”

80. “Why does it hurt so much?”

81. “Just kill them. That’s how I solve all of my problems.”

82. “What’s it like… dying?”

83. “It’s like, three in the morning. Why are you eating pancakes?”

84. “(Y/n) no!”

     “(Y/n) yes!”

85. “Ha! Uno!”

86. “Why are you naked?!”

87. “Not that I’m complaining…”

88. “You have a WHAT?!”

89. “I thought you were dead!”

90. “Stay. Please.”

91. “I could kiss you

92. “What the fu-”

93. “Trust me.”

94. “I’m sorry for interrupting, but I’m pretty sure that what we are doing, is in fact illegal.”

95. “I’m doing it for him, not you.”

96. “I love you, gosh I love you! I love you too much and that’s why I’m leaving.”

97. “Come on! You’re not even trying.”

98. “I killed a man once… Stop looking at me like that!”

99. “Did you ever even think about how this might just be the worst idea you’ve ever had?”

100. “Stop messing around we know it’s you!”

101. “Let’s just go home.”

Fuck my life

I have 9 long ass assignments to complete for school I have 4 tests and 2 quizzes coming up and instead of I don’t know finishing my work or studing I am scrollimg through all of my favorite wlw tags for the 500 time.

fight for me

((I hope this isn’t weird, but your post gave me the idea. I’m not a great writer but hopefully you like it.))

Heather Mcnamara spit out the last of the pills she had taken on the bathroom floor. With tears in her eyes, she looked at Veronica, sitting next to her on the cold tiles. Heather Duke was such a bitch. She wasn’t any better than Heather Chandler, maybe she was worse. Heather Mcnamara hadn’t ever really thought about suicide before Heather Chandler drank drain cleaner, but she didn’t encourage it, like Heather Duke. It wasn’t fair. Why did Heather Duke get to be in charge? It wasn’t like she was any prettier than Heather Mcnamara, or Veronica, for that matter. Veronica, as Heather Mcnamara was noticing, had such big eyes. Clear skin, too. She didn’t know what Heather Duke was talking about when she said Veronica was fat, that was so out of left field. Obviously, Heather Mcnamara always knew Veronica was technically hot since she started hanging with the Heathers, otherwise it would never be allowed to happen. But it was only there, on the floor, when she saw that Veronica was beautiful. 

Veronica leaned forward, gently moving Heather Mcnamara’s hair out of her face. Veronica was smart, she had been her whole life. Smart enough to know that any feelings she’d been having for the girl in front of her were just happening because her brain wanted her to stop any and all feelings for JD. Heather Mcnamara was just a distraction. Or…was she? Veronica’s feelings for Heather Mcnamara were so different than her feelings for JD were. With JD, everything was rushed, powerful, scary. With Heather Mcnamara? It was the opposite. Her feelings were soft, tender, loving. She felt protective. Veronica had taken the stark difference to mean that her feelings for Heather Mcnamara weren’t real, but maybe they meant something different. Maybe they meant that Heather Mcnamara had the goodness that JD lacked. Maybe they could be happy. 

Veronica was totally taken off guard by the lips that suddenly were kissing hers. Heather Mcnamara’s lips were so soft, nothing like JD’s at all. Veronica, after a second of hesitation, kissed back. 

Heather Mcnamara pulled back, slowly, after a few seconds. A bittersweet smile came over her face. She was happy to have kissed Veronica, but she still had to face everyone outside. Heather Duke would never let her live her confession down. But maybe with Veronica, she could survive it. 

“Veronica?” She asked, in a voice that sounded almost shy, compared to her usual tone. 

“Yeah?” Veronica was looking in her eyes, totally attentive. 

“Will you fight for me?”


January 19th is the premiere of Agent Carter. This is one of those posts designed to get you to watch! It is aimed at people who are not aware that AGENT CARTER premieres on JANUARY 19. (On the other hand, if you watched last year and didn’t think there was enough representation,  feel free to scroll by this post. I’m not the boss of you.)