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Writing prompt: Chansaw. Veronica is working really hard on her schoolwork at the expense of her health, and Chandler has to physically force her to take a break. Snuggles ensue. :D

A/N- So sorry for how late this response is! School and such D: Made it long though! Hope you enjoy as I loved this prompt :DDD

Veronica glanced at her history book with tired eyes which were adorned with dark, purple bags. She was at the point of not knowing what she was reading anymore.

Exam week was getting closer and she had to pass. History wasn’t exactly her best subject, so she decided to study every night for the past week. She’d also been studying every other subject along with it. It was a Saturday night and she was writing a practice essay her teacher had given the class to help them prepare for their exam.

Veronica hadn’t realized she’d been typing in Spanish (yet another exam she was studying for) until she finished the entire first paragraph.

Letting out a long groan she gently slammed her head on her desk. Tears welled up in her eyes. She didn’t know why, it hadn’t even hurt that much. She was assuming it was just her reaching the point of mental breakdown status. She was about to simply fall asleep on her desk when she heard her mom yell for her.

“Honey! Heather Chandler’s here annnnnd she’s already walking up the stairs,” Mrs. Sawyer called from downstairs.

Veronica didn’t register what her mom said until her door opened and she heard the click of heels come from behind her. Her eyes widened and she snapped up, going to push down her hair and fix her glasses. Veronica turned around and saw the ever so judging stare of Heather Chandler directed at her.

“You were supposed to meet me at the Westerbean 25 minutes ago to help me study for my English exam. Why the hell were you not there?” The blonde questioned as she arched her brow and cocked her head causing a strand of blonde hair to fall over her shoulder. A purse rested on the other shoulder.

Veronica frowned and furrowed her own eyebrows. She thought to when she promised Heather she would help her study and it didn’t click for a few seconds. The brunette let out another long groan as she put her face in her hands, remembering she promised the blonde that previous Tuesday she’d help her. Veronica looked up the blonde.

“Shit, Heather, look… I’m really sorry. I’m exhausted and it must’ve slipped my mind,” Veronica said as she went to stand up, “, can we just do it here instead?” The brunette questioned.

Heather sent a glance around Veronica’s messy room, and Veronica’s personal state of distress. It was like looking at someone who hadn’t slept in weeks, which was probably accurate. The brunette had dark purple bags under her eyes and her hair was frizzy and miskept. She wore a blue tank top that hung off one shoulder and sweatpants that were loose around the waist. Rolling her eyes at the sight, Heather pointed to the bed.

“I want to do it where I’m comfortable, so follow.”

Heather sat on the bed, removing her red bomber jacket on the way over. Now clad in a simple gray camisole and leggings, she allowed herself to relax against the headboard of Veronica’s bed.

Veronica followed and sat next to Heather, eyes drooping as soon as she sat on her comfortable mattress. Shaking her head, she widened her eyes. Focus. She needed to focus.

“Okay, do you have your notes? Or your laptop, something we can base our study session off of?” Veronica questioned, shooting a glance to the blonde.

Heather grabbed a laptop out of her bag and opened it. She typed in an 8 letter password to reveal her homescreen. It was of the Heathers and Veronica at the fair only months before, smiles on their faces as they huddled close to each other for warmth, as it had been late October. Veronica smiled at the photo, if only for a second before the smiling faces disappeared to be replaced with the Spotify homescreen.

Veronica watched as Heather clicked to play a study playlist, allowing soft music to begin playing from the computer. The brunette felt her eyes getting heavier as the song went on. Hearing Heather hum quietly to it as she pulled up her English notes made her head loll.

Suddenly, she was being pressed down to lay her head into Heather’s lap, the Laptop being moved to sit next to the blonde’s legs. A blue blanket was lay on Veronica and Heather patted brunette hair.

“You won’t be able to teach me in this state. Learn to sleep every now and then Sawyer. Now take a nap,” Heather commanded.

Veronica didn’t argue, although her face became flush as she felt long fingers tangle in her hair. She felt herself relax more and more on the blonde’s lap until she eventually fell asleep.

Heather continued to comb her fingers through the frizzy locks, attempting to read the English notes, until she herself began to feel exhausted. Shutting her computer, she scooted down until Veronica was now laying in her chest. Resting her head onto soft brown hair, she dozed off.

When Mrs. Sawyer walked up with simple snacks for the two an hour later, she smiled at the sight she walks in on. Heather and Veronica curled into each other as they slept peacefully, light piano music playing in the background.

Heathers arms were wrapped tightly around Veronica, and a leg was possessively thrown over the blanketed body. They rested their heads on each other, allowing their breaths to mingle.

Mrs. Sawyer snapped a quick photo and sent it to her daughter with a gasping and a smiley emoji. Laughing quietly as she shut the door, a thought came to her mind. Only Heather Chandler could convince that girl to sleep.


“ Dreams don’t come true ”