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Day 28 • Colourful Cover

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Divergent: Fans to Tris

Dear Tris,

I just wanted to thank you. You have taught me so much. How to make the best of everything in everything you do. How to strive for what you want and not accept any less.

Most importantly, You taught me to be brave. No matter what the situation. I know that it is hard to always do the right and brave thing. And sometimes it can cost a lot. But it’s worth it. Being brave isn’t just about standing at the edge of a cliff and pushing off; it’s about standing up for the little things. The things you believe in.

It’s also about standing up for yourself.Not letting anyone take advantage of you and knowing what you want.If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know who I would look to for bravery and for courage. 

Please know that you have inspired so many and that you will be missed. Have the courage to stand up for yourself, wherever you are now. And make sure to perform some ordinary acts of bravery. I know I will.


Your fans