veronica mars x buffy

the signs as cult tv shows
  • aries: buffy the vampire slayer
  • taurus: twin peaks
  • gemini: breaking bad
  • cancer: heroes
  • leo: lost
  • virgo: freaks and geeks
  • libra: veronica mars
  • scorpio: battlestar galactica
  • sagittarius: firefly
  • capricorn: doctor who
  • aquarius: the x files
  • pisces: supernatural
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Okay so I need more of these on my dash
The Walking Dead
New Girl (nickxjess,schmidtxcece)
Once upon a time (captain swan)
Grey’s anatomy (Japril,jolex)
Veronica Mars (Loganxveronica)
charmed (piperxleo)
buffy the vampire slayer (spuffy)
The OC (sethxsummer)
Lost girl
Arrow (olicity)

Pretty Little Liars (Ezria,Haleb,Spoby)


23 Ladies Who Would’ve Killed It As Vampire Slayers

These ladies would’ve slayed in more ways than one.