veronica mars x buffy

the signs as cult tv shows
  • aries: buffy the vampire slayer
  • taurus: twin peaks
  • gemini: breaking bad
  • cancer: heroes
  • leo: lost
  • virgo: freaks and geeks
  • libra: veronica mars
  • scorpio: battlestar galactica
  • sagittarius: firefly
  • capricorn: doctor who
  • aquarius: the x files
  • pisces: supernatural
Favorite Female Characters

@flo-nelja  tagged me to list my ten favorite female characters. It wasn’t easy to make my choices but  here they are!

  • Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Veronica Mars
  • Rogue (X-Men)
  • Sarah Connor (Terminator Franchise)
  • Lois Lane (various Superman canons)
  • Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • Ellen Ripley (Alien Franchise)
  • Gwen (Merlin BBC)
  • Aerith Gainsborough (FFVII Franchise)
  • Tifa Lockhart (FFVII Franchise)
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Okay so I need more of these on my dash
The Walking Dead
New Girl (nickxjess,schmidtxcece)
Once upon a time (captain swan)
Grey’s anatomy (Japril,jolex)
Veronica Mars (Loganxveronica)
charmed (piperxleo)
buffy the vampire slayer (spuffy)
The OC (sethxsummer)
Lost girl
Arrow (olicity)

Pretty Little Liars (Ezria,Haleb,Spoby)