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In Piz's Defense (I can't believe this is actually a post I'm making, but here we go...)

First of all, it not Piz’s job to care about whether or not Logan gets the death penalty. Logan beat the crap out of him, so from that perspective, it’s actually cool that he was so okay about Veronica leaving to help Logan and didn’t try to stop her or pull the hurt boyfriend card.

Also, Veronica is the only person in the entire country capable of helping Logan select a lawyer? He can’t pay an expert for that or pay Keith to help him? Just saying, there is validity in Piz’s claim that she didn’t ‘have’ to stay in Neptune.

Above all though, I don’t think Piz was even thinking about Logan either way when he dumped Veronica. She told him she was going to be somewhere and didn’t have the consideration to even call him and tell him she wasn’t coming. His parents flew in to meet her and he felt rightfully humiliated, like he’d let them down by choosing somebody who so badly disregarded their time (and his) after he’d been talking her up so much.

I just… I really think none of this was a Piz v Logan thing. It was more of a Veronica being self-centered thing. She did the same thing on the show to almost every character at some point. Put her needs and interests above everybody else’s in a singleminded pursuit of something - even if it hurt them in the process.

Remember when Wallace was angry with her for making him feel used? Or Leo, who thought he had a girlfriend, but was instead being dated for access to police records? Even Weevil used to roll his eyes at her because she would ask him for favors so often.

I think Veronica should do whatever she wants - whatever she believes is right. This is her legitimate right…but! there is no reason she couldn’t have done it in a better way.

To not even pick up the damn phone to give Piz a heads up that she was blowing him off shows a total lack of respect for a guy who has basically been a good boyfriend and friend to her. It essentially says 'I think about you so infrequently that I can’t even remember to let you know I won’t be attending what you and your family consider to be a major event in your life’. Like, okay, maybe Piz isn’t her priority right now, but he should be enough of a priority to fucking call him, no?

It kind of annoys me when people say that Piz should have realized that Logan’s trial was more important than Veronica meeting his parents, because TO HIM, V meeting his parents was more important. And honestly, it should have been, because who was Logan to him other than a guy who beat him up once? If my girlfriend’s ex boyfriend were a millionaire who was in trouble with the law, I would wonder why he didn’t just throw money at the problem (like every other wealthy person) and hire experts to help him select a lawyer.

I think that fact that Veronica ditched his parents was red flag to Piz. It was kind of a neon sign that she wasn’t the one for him, and that’s why he dumped her. It wasn’t a matter of him throwing a tantrum or trying to be manipulative. It was about realizing that he was dating a person who valued him so little that she forgot he existed and that they had serious plans!

I guess that’s why I don’t get all of the Piz hate. He did literally NOTHING wrong. He was supportive when she wanted to go and sent Logan his best. He didn’t call her constantly or check up on her like an insecure psycho. I think he just didn’t want to be used as a space filler and realized at that moment that that’s what he was. And I can understand why he would find that hurtful and want to end things immediately.

Surely you all don’t hate Piz SO much that you would begrudge him dumping a girl for standing up his parents who flew across the country to meet her, without sending word? Even Logan (who felt he needed her) told her to go back to NYC so she wouldn’t mess her life up.

I’m sorry, but Veronica comes off looking like an asshole in this regard. It actually really disappointed me that she would treat Piz like this and I’ve never shipped the two of them a moment in my life. The fact that she told Piz she didn’t want to end things and then climbed Logan like a tree five minutes later doesn’t make her look any less heartless.

Unpopular opinion, but I personally think Logan and Piz come off well in this movie and Veronica seems like the maladjusted, selfish one. And don’t tell me she wasn’t selfish bc she was helping Logan, because we all know she went back to Neptune because she couldn’t resist the siren call of the PI business (and probably because she couldn’t resist Logan either).

Just sayin’….

The Thousand Dollar Tan Line Review and Recap (No Spoilers But Major Teaser)

[Disclaimer: This blog is a fan blog, which means the review will be coming from a fan’s subjective point of view. You may agree or disagree with the review; in fact, you are free to submit your own review to this blog. Everyone has their own opinions; that’s the reason why this blog exists, so everyone can discuss things. I’m not very good with Veronica Mars Meta discussions compared to other people who are very articulate expressing their opinions regarding the show. I’m just going to say what I feel and think about the book in my own words instead. I was so excited when @vintageanchorbooks publication messaged me and offered to send me Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line book. To tell the truth, I didn’t pre-order the book at all because I was waiting for everyone’s reviews. Imagine my surprise when they actually sent me an advance copy of the book. I feel like I received a golden ticket. The universe was trying to tell me something. Thank you for the opportunity.]


The Thousand Dollar Tan Line is very good. And it’s better than the movie. Don’t get me wrong; the movie is amazing, especially visually. But let’s face it, it felt rushed and they didn’t have time to explore all the characters and their storylines. The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, however, managed to do that and then some. It’s not perfect, but the book is very close to the spirit of the show.

The book has so many references and call backs with the series, I found myself giddy and smiling like an idiot when I read it. It’s not trying to please the new readers, but immediately jumping into the old rhythm that old fans are all aware of. The book is about Veronica, her relationships with everyone, and how she solves some mysteries. By itself, it’s pretty satisfying. It feels old school and will give the fans of Veronica Mars a nostalgic feeling; frankly, as a longtime fan of the show, I feel like I’m finally home.

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