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2014 was the year “Veronica Mars” fans got their wish and saw their favorite teenage detective return. Seven years after The CW canceled the series, loyal viewers saw a “Veronica Mars” movie hit theaters as a result of their crowd funding. Since that release and the subsequent premiere of The CW’s “Play It Again, Dick” web series, star Enrico Colantoni has felt the fervor for more of Veronica’s adventures die down.

But he tells Zap2it he hopes it’s only a matter of time before the show gets another season – fingers crossed. “Secretly I hope that it’s inevitable that it comes back,” he says while promoting his arc on “Person of Interest.”

“That would be great, because I think ’Veronica Mars’ is too big for movies. Her life is too big, it’s too epic. It needs to spend 10 to 13 episodes just to get how rich she is.” (X)


Logan’s car

…but sliding into the car always gave her a little thrill. And it wasn’t just that the dashboard looked like that of a spaceship and the leather interior was a soft as a cherub’s backside. A faint smell, warm and woodsy, lingered in the driver’s seat - the distant notes of Logan’s aftershave. And when she curled her fingers around the steering wheel she could almost feel his hands there, under hers. The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. Rob Thomas.