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It’d been the first time she’d felt complete in a long time.

LOGAN ECHOLLS : Naval Aviator/Cagefighter : EDIT

inspired by machaswicket & her amazing crossover fic.

The idea that the Movie was wrong because Veronica “stupidly left her whole life behind at the drop of the hat purely for Logan Echolls, essentially cutting out any agency she had” is so odd to me. Firstly becuase on what planet would you want Veronica Fuckin’ Mars to be a corporate drone who would be involved in helping “primarily Fortune 500 companies. Our job is to make sure that frivolous lawsuits disappear before they reach the courtroom.” This is Veronica Mars we’re talking about. Any universe where she’d happily help giant companies similar to places like, say.. Kane Software. Is not a universe I’m interested in.

The movie fairly well stated that she lived a “normal” aka respectable life for 9 years and the first opportunity she had to chuck it all out the window, she did. That was the ultimate point of the movie, she could live a well to do life, marry Piz, work her way up the corporate ladder, make her dad happy because it’s the safe thing to do, the “right” thing. But easy and boring are not Veronica.

I think some of this comes from people not being a fan of Logan or not being into LO/VE and it’s fine if you don’t like that, I get that we all have different opinions and feelings. But I feel like a lot of people think she threw away her life solely to bone Logan Echolls - which isn’t the case. He’s a big part of it for sure but ultimately she wants to be a P.I, she wants to dig up corruption in Neptune. She knows it can lead down a very dark road but she doesn’t really care because she needs that adrenaline and intrigue, she knows deep down, who she is and want she wants.

Though I do still think that she should finish her law degree as it would be silly not to, and may actually come in handy now and again, you know, to help save Logan from another murder charge or something ;)


Okay Tumblr VM community, this is for you.  

All three teasers/trailers sliced up and reassembled into one long hopefully (but probably not even close) chronological video laced with sarcasm that you’ll probably hate if you’re not used to me.  

Most are grouped by outfit, but I think Veronica wore the two-toned gray trench on the first two consecutive days, so I tried to find a logical order.  

Not a fanvid.  Didn’t even attempt to lyric match or to match action with the beats.    

Sorry for the silence at the very beginning.  I couldn’t find a long enough span of background music without some cast member or another speaking over it.  Already thinking of audio I could have put there, but as it took over an hour to upload, I’m leaving it alone. 

Actually the audio tracks are a hot mess all around, but audio has never really been my thing. 

“I have always wondered exactly what Veronica Mars has taught us and I think the movie sums it up and that’s why I like the movie so much:

  1. She taught us that you really should change things if you can, even if it disappoints the ones you love the most.
  2. Love isn’t being inseparable, it’s being separated and nothing changes.
  3. Life has so many ups and downs but life difficulties can be overcome, be brave, strong and don’t be afraid of changes
  4. Anything can happen in this life, no human is capable to learn without a mistake and making a mistake is not that bad.
  5. And if you want to be more like Veronica, you really should be someone whom you can trust with your life.”