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So whenever I'm sad or stressed I just remember that the only time I've ever seen one Mr. Liam Payne have real sexual chemistry with any woman is when he was following around/flirting with/talking about and openly ogling one Mr. Zayn "Sexy Secretary Veronica" Malik and then I feel happy and at peace with the bullshit

I still don’t even understand what we did to deserve getting to see this play out?

Or why Liam felt the need to tell everyone about nakee Zayn with pillow-y boobs akimbo and his penis flapping about and making animal shapes in the shadows of the wall? But I’m just so grateful?

Limothy was defo super into “Veronica “Sexy Secretary” Malik 

LOOK how Harreh knows. OH, HARREH KNOWS. 

Harry also seemed to be super into Veronica Malik

To be fair though, who wouldn’t be? It’s almost unfair that beautiful man Zayn

 is also beautiful woman Zayn,

whereas I spend 47% of my taxable income at Sephora to look like I shouldn’t be chained in a windowless shed to not cause my neighbors distress. #my struggle