women’s appreciation weekFavorite WOC (we all want to see more representation on TV and in film, this is your chance to appreciate one/many of those WOC that you adore and/or would like to see more of.)

Santana Lopez; Glee / Braeden; Teen Wolf / Wendy Watson; The Middleman / Veronica Fisher; Shameless / Kira Yukimura; Teen Wolf / Mercedes Jones; Glee
runner up: Scott “the hot girl” McCall

disney presents: shameless [listen here]
i. almost there - the princess and the frog (fiona gallagher) // ii. one jump ahead - aladdin (lip gallagher) // iii. i can go the distance - hercules (ian gallagher) // iv. when will my life begin? - tangled (debbie gallagher) // v. i just can’t wait to be king - the lion king (carl gallagher) // vi. fixer upper - frozen (mickey milkovich) // vii. part of your world (reprise) - the little mermaid (mandy milkovich) // viii. honor to us all - mulan (karen jackson) // ix. you’ll be in my heart - tarzan (kevin ball) // x. can you feel the love tonight - the lion king (veronica fisher) // xi. a girl worth fighting for - mulan (jimmy lishman)