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Queens from the past

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My wishes for Riverdale S2

Neve Campbell cameo, in any form. Is it wrong I would really wish to see her as a LI for FP Jones (played by Skeet Ulrich *cough cough Billy Loomis*, who seriously is still just as hot-if not hotter, than he was back in the 90s)??

I think it’d be cool to see Sabrina be a darker character, in all honesty.

While I am diehard Bughead trash, I really want some more Beronica. Or honestly, a wlw couple at all really.



Rare interview by Gianni Versace for “Masters of Beauty” 1992

PLL Season 5 Finale Analysis, Clues, and Theories

After watching “Welcome to the Dollhouse” 5 times I finally feel ready to talk about it. Doesn`t mean that I`m any less confused than I was before, but I`ve nit-picked the entire episode scene by scene, so this is as much as will understand until 6A premieres and we get some more clues and information. So, here we go…


One of the things I missed when I was watching the episode on TV was ‘A`s’ schedule. ‘What`s that” you ask? Well, when I watched the episode again, on my laptop, I noticed that in the scene where Spencer wakes up in her fake bedroom, there is a whiteboard on the wall. On the whiteboard is a schedule that -A has left, so they`d know what to expect. Here is a screenshot of it —>

MONDAY - Meet and Greet, Tea Time 

TUESDAY - Assign Prom Committee



Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are left blank for a reason, but I`ll get to that later…So 5x25 gives us 4 days worth of stuff. Let`s analyze what goes down…


The girls are being transported to jail. Someone has spread a rumor that Ali and the girls are planning something big in jail. Aria says this - 

This jumped out at me because Marlene tweeted a picture of Aria and her pig toy ‘Pigtunia’ and said that it was going to re-appear at some point in the show. That pig was in the barn when Ali disappeared, Aria took it to Iceland, and then brought it back to Rosewood. It`s seen a lot and I think that there is a bigger meaning behind it…

Then -A takes control of the van and kidnaps the girls. 


The girl wake up in their rooms, only that they`re replicas of their rooms. Does -A shop at “IKEA”? One of the many questions we didn`t get an answer to in 5x25…The scene with Aria in her room caught my attention, specifically, the photo -A decided to put in her room.

My theory is that the mannequins we see in the photo, and later in the secret vault, represent Charles` family. From the rest of the episode I gather that Spencer is the one most likely to be related to Charles, so why put a photo of his family in Aria`s room and not Spencer`s? 

Moving on…

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