About 'racist' remarks made by Andup

So I just watched the part where people are claiming Andup said “only Koreans should pass on SMTM” in regards to Vernon passing. Granted, Korean is not my native language but I know enough to assure y'all that Andup didn’t say jack squat about his race. He was talking about how he feels that Vernon doesn’t represent hip hop and given that SMTM is Korea’s only hip hop show, Andup said that only people who represent hip hop should be passed by the judges. That’s all he said. People who don’t speak or understand Korean are spreading around the mistranslation and not investigating further. I hate chosen ignorance and blind assumptions. Please be sure that an accusation is true before spreading it around and sending someone death threats via social media. Calling someone a racist is a big deal and that word shouldn’t get thrown around. I’m sorry this is such a long post but I really had to get this out there. Andup was not being racist so please stop posting and reblogging posts that are stating otherwise. Thank you.