The Mortician

A mortician’s (Method Man) life is suddenly changed when a dead woman’s body comes into his morgue jolting old memories from his past. As days go by he discovers a young boy hiding out in his morgue. When confronted the mortician learns that the boy is there to see his dead mother one last time while hiding from his father, who wants him dead. This triggers something inside the mortician and he is determined to help the boy escape from danger and is prepared to kill anyone who stands in the way.



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Eye Candy: Footballer Vernon Brooks

Eye Candy: Footballer Vernon Brooks

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Tonight’s eye candy is Vernon Brooks, formerly a linebacker at the University of Kansas. The 27 year old’s football career likely was stunted following a 2010 Kansas City home robbery with fellow player Jamal Greene, were both were held on $100,000 bail. His 3 years of probation is up this year for breaking into another student’s apartment to steal drugs and money after being kicked off of the…

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