spenshi  asked:

V Important: If I went to The Coffee Spoon and told Mat to surprise me, what drink would he make

Leighton: We actually sat down and wrote an entire list of everything Mat serves at the coffee spoon. Enjoy:

Hot Cocorosie
Americano Football
Fiona Apple Juice
Philter Collins
Mocha! At the Disco
Decaf for Cutie
Chai Antwoord
Iced T
Odd Future Wolf Gang Coffee Them All
CappucinOK GO
Macchiato DeMarco
Iced Teagan and Sara
Chance the Frapper
Flat White Stripes
Froyo La Tengo
Damien Ricemilk
Passionfruit Tea Pit
Godspeed You! Black Coffee
Father John Misto
Blood Orange Juice
Decaf from Above 1979
Childish Mochaccino
Smashing Pumpkin Spice Latte

Whoops, a week and 10k+ likes later i forgot to post this on anything other than Twitter “^ ^

I intended on keeping this pic on the DL until i eventually sent it physically to the Grumps, but with Barry’s departure i thought best not let it expire. Game Grumps means so much to me and the love is unconditional, thanks for all you guys have done for me and so many others :)

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