Shawol: I’ve got an empty notebook that I want to use. I’m currently taking suggestions from people on what to put in it.

Igot7: Put spaghetti in it.

Shawol: I am currently taking suggestions from everyone except igot7.

Carat: Put spaghetti in it.

Shawol: I am currently taking suggestions from everyone except igot7 and Carat.

Army : Put spaghetti in it.

Shawol : I am no longer taking suggestions


[17’S] 말레이시아 쿠알라룸푸르에서도 이어지는 세봉이와 캐럿들의 로세 물결~💖💙 자랑스러운 무대 영재천재만재 세봉이들🕺과 응원 천재만만재 쿠알라룸푸르 캐럿들💃 함께해서 아름다운 밤이에요🌙✨ 무대를 함께 즐겨준 캐럿들💎 다시 만나서 반가웠어요👍

(trans.) The rose quartz and serenity waves of carats which followed sebongies in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur’s 💖💙a proud stage of the gifted geniuses sebongies 🕺 with the cheering geniuses, Kuala lumpur’s carats💃a beautiful night together 🌙✨ the carats who enjoyed the stage together 💎 it was nice to meet you all again 👍 #SEVENTEENIDEALCUT

Jealousy - Vernon x Reader

Pairing: Vernon x Reader

Warnings: Jealous Vernon (not angsty though)

Requested: Yes

A/N: Well I tried my best. This is my first time doing “social media AU” (kinda?) but I wanted to try something new. Hope you liked it Anon, thanks for your request ~

His eyelids were feeling heavy as he kept scrolling on instagram. Anything interesting, but Vernon didn’t want to go back to bed yet even though it was almost 2 a.m. So he kept looking at his friends’ pictures and reading comments on his latest posts. Suddenly, a new comment notification appeared on his screen and a huge smile formed on his face. “yn.over.the.stars commented on your picture.” He opened it and read your comment.

yn.over.the.stars   Nice foot 😝

yaboy.chwe   @yn.over.the.stars 😏 wanna see more of this quality content?

- Wait… was that too much? Should I delete it? - for some reason he kept talking out loud even though no one could answer.

The truth is… Vernon had a little crush on you. Actually it was more like a big crush. You were both quite close and went out together very often, but more in a friends kind of way. He never had the courage to tell you about his feelings because he wasn’t sure you would feel the same way and he didn’t want to lose you. This was a heavy burden he was carrying since the day you met.

He decided to text you and see if you were awake too.

You both went for breakfast together. You were having such a great time that you almost forgot that you had something to do. You were going to meet Chan, who had been a good friend of yours for quite a long time. Your phone’s screen turned on and you saw it was a message from Chan.

- Vernon, I have to go, text you later okay?- You said getting up.

- Oh, okay, no problem. Do you want me to take you or…?

-No, it’s fine, I’ll go on my own.

You hugged and parted ways. Running was never your thing, but you tried your best to arrive at your house as soon as possible. When you arrived, Chan was already there with the promised food.

- Hey, why are we wearing similar clothes?- he said laughing.- This is gonna look like a date now.

- True.- you laughed too.

- Shall we get going?

- Okay!

You had a great time with Chan and even took a few pictures together. You decided to upload one of them to your instagram, to keep your feed alive and all that stuff.

Vernon found himself looking at your profile, in case you uploaded something new, and he noticed you had just uploaded a picture. It was you and another guy facing your back to the camera. He opened the picture to discover it was Bangchan from Stray kids.

- Do they even know each other? She never told me they were friends or something… Was that why she had to go?

He kept looking at the picture, and read the description. Vernon couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. Were you two dating or something? Does that picture mean he has no chances with you? Actually Bangchan was a cool guy, what if you liked him more?

He was worried about it and decided to text you.

He couldn’t stop thinking about that, almost couldn’t sleep, so the next day Vernon decided to text you again to ask you, and find out what was happening for once.

You sighed leaving your phone on the table. Today was your debut showcase and you couldn’t start the day in a better way. You felt upset when Vernon told you that he was jealous, but you were sure things would be fine since he is really mature and he was always kind to you. He wouldn’t want to hurt you.

You were getting ready with the rest of your members, your performance would start in a while and you were all really nervous. Suddenly you heard a knock on the door.

- I was just passing by and thought I could come and visit you. - Vernon said, entering the room with a cute bouquet of flowers.- These are for you.

- I thought you wouldn’t come… - you said, clearly surprised.

- And miss your debut performance? No way. - He smiled.- Also… I wanted to apologize for how I behaved earlier. I know I didn’t have any reasons to feel jealous, I’m really sorry.

- It’s okay, I already forgave you… But thank you for coming to say that. I feel much happier now.

Vernon smiled at you again, forgetting that the rest of the members were in the room, looking at you like they were watching a live dorama. Soon it was time for you to go on stage and perform.

Everything was great, you all did your best and the fans’ response was overwhelming. You were all really happy and satisfied with your performance. And you couldn’t help but smile when you looked at the flowers Vernon brought for you. He was definitely sweet and thankfully, the misunderstanding had already been fixed. You could just hope you would be really happy together.