vernis in love

Nail Polish Crush: Lancôme Vernis In Love Gris Angora 407N

Was at a L’oreal private sale the other day and picked up some varnishes going at less than one-third the usual price.

This soft grey with a hint of lavender, Gris Angora, is my absolute favorite polish shade right now. It is just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Enough to dedicate an entire post to it.

Neutral and polished, but never dull.

What more could a girl want???

I’m just wondering why I never noticed it until now. 


Vernier account of her Amazing experience watching Kristen Stewart’s directorial debut at High Watt in Nashville TN:

I arrived at the venue at 6:30 pm. All was quiet. I went inside to see what time you could go in. The guy at the door said 8pm. I decide then and there I would wait. I didn’t want to leave. I sit on the hood of my car and watched. 

I had been there about twenty minutes when a food delivery car from Chappy’s in Murfreesboro Tn. Pulled up to deliver food. 

At this point I saw CJ and who I thought was Suzie at the door to meet them. I wasn’t sure about Suzie at first till they came back. I started to get closer when I saw Kristen dart across the door behind them. They were still all inside I was in the parking lot, second row, and perfect vision to the entrance. They all headed toward the back. There was an outdoor balcony with a Tent up on the second floor. I saw CJ and Suzy go in there. There were other people floating in and out of there. I didn’t see K but I thought I heard her laugh. Couldn’t be sure but since they were eating it possibly could have been her.

I stood out by the steps and watched as all the different bands arrived. All were super nice and said hello as they past. People started arriving around 7:30 and waiting out front. About five minutes till eight the guy at the door came out and said they were running a little behind because they were setting the lights for the video. There were about twenty five people there then. I’m still the oldest one. By some years… lol lol 

He open the door and allowed us in. I was the first to head up. I past Suzie who was at the bottom of the steps we had to go up to the venue. She was on the phone. She is a really pretty girl. She is also a little taller than I thought. She is slim but not skinny. She has beautiful eyes but you could tell she was very cautious and watched everyone with interest. 

I went on up the steps and into the bar area. This is where I first saw CJ and one of K’s other friends. I was standing near the bar. He kept watching me. Remember I was the first inside. Older black lady (out of what they thought was her element) lol lol.

K was on stage kinda behind the scenes at this time. She would pop out for a sec and back in. 

They were trying to get a shot a certain way. When they hit the nail on the head she came out smiling and shouted yes and laughed. That smile light up the room. She is stunning. She clapped and patted the guys on the back. Others were trickling in and she went back behind the wall. 

I was still by the bar. Not drinking yet but still by the bar. Lol lol I look over and CJ and Suzie are watching me. The out of place lady lol lol. I smile at them both and they smile back. You could still see the apprehension in their eyes for their friend. CJ has a very handsome profile. He was a bit smaller than I thought. Him and Suzie seem to get along awesome. 

Kristen came from backstage to the bar and back she did this a few times. I was close enough to her as she passed. I did not try to talk to her or bother her. She was in her element working. She was standing about 8 feet from me with CJ and Suzy. They looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back. As K turned to walk back to the back stage a couple ask for a picture. She declined saying sorry but she was working. She smiled real sweetly and genuinely before she went on backstage.

I moved to the middle of the floor to get a better view. At this point is when she came out again and stood right by me. I nearly passed out but ladies I have you know I played it cool. Lol I was not trying to take a picture, speak, nothing. I was trying to stay standing. Now I love K but if it had been R I would have passed the fuck out… lol lol.

Any who she went back up and back stage. She came out and did this three more times. She is a tiny little thing. Not as short as I thought but still tiny. I am 5’11 and she came to my chin maybe. Her jeans waist was high. They actually looked like a new pair of Jeans. Now when I first saw her up close, with the white shirt tucked a bit in the back but hanging out in the front I was like “We are all so wrong. She is tiny and I don’t see anything. 

I was ready to go to Vanderbilt and kick the doctor’s ass and everything. Lol lol 

She was constantly walking leaned forward so her shirt hung loose with her arms hanging forward too. Then she relaxed into what she was doing and forgot. That’s when you could see a little rounded bump. Now standing near her I could see her black bra from the side. It is not a padded bra. Them there hooters are baby gurl’s own stewbies. Larger than they use to be in pics. 

At one point she jump down off the stage which was about at the most two feet high. She was constantly moving. Dropping to a stoop to get out of the shot as she followed the camera around. Almost crawling across floor under the camera to stay out of the shot. She was awesome. It left you in total awe at how professional she was.

She was always courteous to everyone around her and she does smile a lot. CJ was like her bodyguard when she was in the crowd. Him and the friend that looked like Alicia and Alana. Suzie helped out too. When she was directing on the floor is when I tried to ninja some pics. Now you know I was horrible at this but I did get something. She continually amazed me. Her skin is flawless except for the tat. She literally glows. She is a stunning girl who does not seem to know it. She was just down to earth doing her thing.

At one point she and a couple of others were headed out. One of the assistants handed her her coat. She said “Oh thank you,” and made a precious little squish face from the heart. About five minutes later CJ and Suzie followed her out. At this point I knew I needed to leave. I had to be up at four to be at work by five. As I headed out I saw K, Suzy and CJ on the deck. Some of the other people were smoking. I did not see any of them smoking. K only drunk water all night. I never saw her with any alcohol. CJ and Suzy had some but not her.

She was awesome and I think she was doing a wonderful job. She was not rude, stuck up or any of the bullshit any of the fools who thought she should stop working and pay them some attention. She smiled sweetly and declined like she hated having to decline. It was true from the heart. What the idiots should have done was stand back and watch her work. It was a sight to see. You know why R loves her so much and everyone enjoys working with her. She is just over the top awesome.

Side note. She has a lot of nervous energy. Her foot is always shaking or tapping or her leg is wiggling. When she is discussing something and getting her idea out she shakes her hands a lot. She plays with her hair a lot too. It was so precious to see. Just a lot of nervous energy to get it done and get it right.

It was worth being the old lady in the room. I stood back like a proud parent watching their child shine. She was amazing and I will never forget it. If I had been able to take a pic with her I would probably have fainted before they snapped the pic or been grinning so much they would have thought I escaped from the looney bin and took off running in the opposite direction. lol lol 

All the stuff other actors have said about her, the beautiful things R has said are more than true in my opinion. When you watch a person work and mingle for over two hours you see a lot. And what I saw was a very special person that justifies the protection we here give her and R everyday 24/7/365!!!!


Verni…I’m not gonna add a lot cause your account stands on it’s own.  I just want to thank you for sharing your pic and your account of your time in K’s company.  Thank you for representing us fangirls so well.  I’m blessed to know such wonderful women as you and all the ladies of HKN’s blog. 

HKN…a little shout-out to you for letting me join in with your blog family.  I truly appreciate it.  They are special woman.