Don’t Worry Texas, We Haven’t Forgotten About You!

The information is trickling in slowly, but here’s what we know! The band is really eager to get back to Texas, and we were hoping to come back sooner, but at least you can look forward to this…

From Arron Von Blackwolf:

Skybourne Presents: Carnival Menagerie!

Friday, September 13th & Saturday, September 14th

Music Hall at Fair Park
909 First Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75210

A 2-day event hosting 10 of the greatest Steampunk bands along with circus and carnival performers from around the US, such as: Circus Freaks, Bizarro, and Carnival Epsilon.

There will be a dance each night, one hosted by DJ Infamous and the other by DJ Scarlet Scarborough from Vegas


Vernian Process
The Extraordinary Contraptions
Marquis of Vaudeville
Montague Jacques Fromage


Steam Powered Giraffe
Nathaniel Johnstone
Darwin Prophet & the Chronus Mirror

We will be announcing more performers closer to the date.
Tickets are now on sale!

We are taking apps for vendors now. Email for full details.

Early Pre-Reg
30$. This gets you in for both days and all 10 bands.

Early Pre-Reg VIP
100$. This gets you front of line access to concerts and autograph lines as well as early access to dealers room as well as a few more perks to be announced closer to show time. These are limited to 100.

These are 250$. this gets a private autograph session with all bands, seats on the stage with bottle service during the shows and an invite to the closed after party.
these are limited to 10 and only available by emailing me directly:

anonymous asked:

personal 188. 86. 79. 37, 27, 20

188: 1, 09 Rise- Unknown 2,The clock work Dolls- Clockwork Maid 3,Storms in Africa-Enya 4,Stars-Russel Crowe (from Les Mis) 5, Oz the Great and Powerful- Fireside Dance 6,Lover’s eyes- Mumford and sons 7,White Blank page- Mumford and sons 8,Favright-Scond 9,Vernian Process- Something wicked 10,Poison Girl- His Infernal Majesty (HIM)

86: 1, I wanna go back to Germany, and Switzerland 2, Canada 3, The Ghibli museum 4, Ireland and Scottland 5, Egypt with my auntie Lush.

79: My favorite Icecream: Cookies n’ cream.

37: My ideal bed and why, one that doesn;t hurt my back, why? my back is basically ruined from sleeping on bad beds from a young age… :3

27: rules about food? NEVER EAT SUSHI IF THE WEATHER IS HOT AF! I did that once and got food poisoning and was sick for 2 days after. didn’t help that it was the first thing I had eaten in a few days.

20: Right handed~