Also known as Spring Fever

I couldn’t find much about the etymology, but someone anonymously sent me this message:

vernalagnia probably comes from vernal (of, in, or appropriate to spring). As for the suffix, I’m finding little information about it. The closest thing I can think of is the latin agonia.

"Agonia" is Latin for agony or victim

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Spring has hit the southeastern US full force. There are bees a-bumbling, geese a-laying, swans a-swimming, hormones a-raging. Pollen is a-streaming into every facial orifice and a-coating every car. Students and workers are staring out of every window, desperately longing to be outside, forgetting that they typically spend their down-time maintaining their internet addictions and running errands, not frolicking in fields of flowers.

Nevertheless, the cold seems to have broken, and there’s something going around, in addition to what I hear is a very intense and nasty yet mercifully brief stomach bug: vernalagnia! It’s just another word for spring fever, whether a romantic, dreamy mood brought on by spring or a seasonal increase in sexual desire.

While I encountered both definitions in abundance during my research, the origins of vernalagnia seem more in line with the latter one, with verna, meaning “of spring,” synonymous with vernal, and -lagnia, meaning “lust.” I like to imagine a frustrated high school teacher hurling it at their students: You were my best-behaved class! Now you’re just a bunch of vernalagniacs!

invintersend asked:

Vernalagnia // or in this case beyond seasons moving North/South

Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how?

Not particularly; she’s somewhat emotionally disconnected from the world around her, so it doesn’t noticeably affect her mental state. If the Fade has an equivalent of seasonal changes, she’s more likely to be affected by that.

hxyeonsoo asked:

Fanfaronade, Gorgonize, Vernalagnia, Yonderly, Zugzwang

Fanfaronade:Are they one to boast? What things are they prone to brag about, if any?

In front of his friends, he is the kind of person who boast, however he will only do that because it is the normality between the circle of friends he have. He will showcases new branded cloths, the places he’s been to  and such. 

Gorgonize:What distracts them when they’re trying to get things done?

There are a lot of things that can distract him from work (because he is easily distracted) but the best candidate would be his cat ( he likes to play with Meatballs so much) and comedy shows on tv. Usually, when he’s into the zone he is very hard to pull away.

Vernalagnia:Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how?

Sometimes. Minho gets particularly excited when spring and fall comes because it’s usually the fashion week event. He dislike summer because it means his friends would ask him to go with them on beaches and alike, and he just feel particularly sad on winter.

Yonderly:What kinds of things do they think about when they zone out?

Funny as it sound, life. He thinks about life so much. Philosophy, history, psychology. However, when asked why he is in zone or thinking about, he will tell otherwise. He will exploit a joke, and usually the most stupidest idea because he doesn’t want to be seen as a serious person. He likes the way the people see him as a goofy, dork man. 

Zugzwang:What’s the trickiest problem they face in their life right now?

Mainly depression. It reaches to this point where it affects his work. But Minho tries to battle against it. He wants to win. For the first time in years, he finds the inspiration to win. 

anonymous asked:

Vernalagnia: Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how?

I imagine Minrathous doesn’t usually have harsh winters, but if there’s an off-season for growing, and if we compare the city to let’s say Istanbul, there is still winter there, and that would definitely impact him. He’s not a fan of winter; with his family it wasn’t so difficult, the change in mood wasn’t so evident. As a child and also with the loss while an adult, not as pleasant for him. Seems like the time for despair. Alexius likes spring and even autumn until everything starts looking run down and dead. During those seasons, his output and mood is better; however in Spring, he wants go outside more and do things, he’s less serious about work than ever (especially back in his student days). Autumn is the time of his greatest accomplishment.

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Vernalagnia: Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how?

Vernalagnia: Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how?

Wynne tends to keep a leveled head throughout the seasons, she always felt a person shouldn’t let the physical aspects around oneself to dictate how they behave with others. If anything her outlook on life is formed from the cycle of the seasons themselves; life is abound in the earlier months and matures to a point where it becomes part of a grander scene, time passes by until all things begin to wither and eventually all things pass into another state of being. Then the cycle begins again, the world continues to move on and people must continue themselves less they find themselves swept away and lost in life.

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VERNALAGNIA: It doesn’t really, but I guess she’s a bit more irritable and moodier during the summer since she hates the hot weather. 

WELTER: Pop culture. 

XENIZATION: Unless it’s absolutely necessary she’ll avoid interacting with anyone she doesn’t know if she can help it. More often than not helping other people is just a nuisance — and she doesn’t have anything to gain from it either. 


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are your character’s moods effected by the weather? if so, how? 

           i wouldn’t say that christine is extremely effected by the weather around her. like anyone, on rainy, grey days she’d much rather curl up inside with a book rather than climb out of bed and get on with her day. however, she doesn’t feel sad when the day’s weather is “bad,” nor does she feel overly happy when the day is nice. if she had to choose which weather she liked best, it would most likely be cold, dull weather. her reasoning?

                                ❛ —— i can put on as many clothes as i like.
                        there’s a point where it’s no longer socially advisable
                                                to take off my clothes. ❜