Also known as Spring Fever

I couldn’t find much about the etymology, but someone anonymously sent me this message:

vernalagnia probably comes from vernal (of, in, or appropriate to spring). As for the suffix, I’m finding little information about it. The closest thing I can think of is the latin agonia.

“Agonia” is Latin for agony or victim

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Unusual Word Headcanon Prompts #1
  • Acersecomic: How much effort do they put into personal grooming and hygiene?
  • Biblioclasm: Is there something about themselves they wish fewer people knew about?
  • Cacodemonomania: Do they believe in the paranormal? If so, have they had any supernatural encounters?
  • Dactylion: What are their views on swearing and profanity?
  • Enantiodromia: What's the most extreme personality shift they've gone through in their life?
  • Fanfaronade: Are they one to boast? What things are they prone to brag about, if any?
  • Gorgonize: What distracts them when they're trying to get things done?
  • Hamartia: What is their worst character flaw that they themselves don't recognize?
  • Infandous: What topics will they refuse to speak about?
  • Jettatura: If they could place a magical curse on their worst enemy, what would they want the curse to do?
  • Ktenology: Have they ever planned a murder, whether serious or not? If so, describe what they planned to do.
  • Leptosome: How is their body image?
  • Montivagant: How often do they get lost?
  • Noegenesis: Are there any topics that they love to think about deeply?
  • Ostentiferous: What's the unluckiest thing that's ever happened to them?
  • Pogonotrophy: What are their thoughts on facial hair, both on themselves and/or others?
  • Quockerwodger: Who do they most often mock?
  • Recumbentibus: What was their greatest victory?
  • Scripturient: Are they a good writer? What do they usually write, if anything?
  • Tarantism: Describe their dancing style.
  • Ultracrepidarian: What do they think they know more about than they actually do?
  • Vernalagnia: Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how?
  • Welter: What subject will they never fully understand?
  • Xenization: How do they feel about interacting with strangers?
  • Yonderly: What kinds of things do they think about when they zone out?
  • Zugzwang: What's the trickiest problem they face in their life right now?

hi-names-x  asked:

hey! do you have any drama blogs you recommend? maybe some like yours that are more opinion oriented and less gif oriented? thanks :)

Sure, I can definitely give you some recs. Although, I am terrible at this, just to warn you. I always forget someone I should have included. Hopefully my followers will help me out with other recs in the replies.

Some of my favorite commentary heavy blogs are:

@outside-seoul (I would also recommend following her sideblog for episodic commentary episodes-outside-seoul), @brainless-out, @kdramastuff, @rughydrangea, @dramatic-Gwynne, @audreyskdramablog, @lavenderbyun, @vernalagnia-blog, @mywebfoot, @haaneuls, @the-feminine-grotesque, @nabongsun, @kdramaxoxo, @scoundrels-in-love

This is almost definitely not a comprehensive list but it’s all the ones I can think of at the moment, vaguely in the order that I followed them in. The insidious thing about commentary on tumblr is that it almost always lurks in the tags. I like blogs with commentary filled tags. Not everyone is like me and won’t shut up writes verbose analysis about everything.

If you’re one of my mutual or someone I talk to and I left you off the list I’M SORRY I’M LIKE THIS! Please leave your blog in the replies so I can get you added.


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Vernalagnia for Unknown? I hope you're having a nice day! ^^

Thank you, dear!  I am! ^^

  • Vernalagnia: Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how?

Definitely. He feels the most peaceful in spring, when the flowers start to bloom and he can hear birds chirping once more. He likes to lay in the grass and watch the bees zip from flower to flower in the fields. It’s his favorite season, and he feels full of hope and renewed energy.

 Fall would be a close second, as he enjoys the changing of the leaves. He loves the chilly winds that start to blow, and although it is cold, he feels happiest with a soft scarf around his throat and ice cream in hand as he takes a walk through the park with you or maybe Yoosung. 

He is a bit more aloof and closed off during winter and summer. Though, during winter he enjoys having the excuse to cuddle close to you since it’s so cold. 

The Signs as Words

Aries: Enantiodromia: The conversion of something into its opposite.

Taurus: Montivagant: Wandering over hills and mountains.

Gemini: Recumbentibus: A knockout punch, either verbal or physical.

Cancer: Esoteric: Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

Leo: Xenization: The act of traveling as a stranger.

Virgo: Scripturient: Possessing a violent desire to write.

Libra: Tarantism: A disorder characterised by an uncontrollable urge to dance.

Scorpio: Vernalagnia: A romantic mood brought on by Spring.

Sagittarius: Infandous: Unspeakable or too odious to be expressed or mentioned.

Capricorn: Noegenesis: Production of knowledge.

Aquarius: Welter: A confused mass; a jumble; turmoil or confusion.

Pisces: Ultracrepidarian: A person who gives opinions and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge.

anonymous asked:

Do you know if any good fan fictions have been written about goblin ?

Ah… Surprisingly most of them just either started or have yet to start - but there’s not a lot of fan fics of Goblin yet since the drama is still ongoing (perhaps people will start to write more once the drama finishes?). It also depends on what you’re looking for: canon relationships, non-canon relationships, etc. Most fan fiction stories I’ve seen are either Kim Shin x Grim Reaper or Kim Shin x Reader, which I don’t really read because I’m not invested in those pairings (as much as I love Gong Yoo… it just seems weird for me to read a fan fiction of a real life person paired with me haha). Particularly for Goblin, I much prefer the canon relationships, lol. But I have read some Kim Shin x GR and Kim Shin x Reader stories… cause why not? They’re very fun to read! ^^

These are some that I’ve read and please check them out! I’ve organized them by genre and pairing to suit your needs/tastes. I think it’s wonderful how people write fan fics and they are the MVPs to fulfill our desires that the drama doesn’t give to us - whether it be canon relationships, non-canon, etc.

Genre: General/Fluff (the cute and bubbly stuff for your happy needs)

1. No Particular Pairing

2. Pairing: Shin x Eun-tak 

  • Roommates by FreakingOutGirl (Family-centered) 

3. Pairing: GR x Sunny

4. Pairing: Shin x Grim Reaper 

5. Pairing: GR x Eun-tak 

Genre: Angst (the box of tissues stuff if you haven’t cried enough) 

1. No Particular Pairing

2. Pairing: Shin x Eun-tak 

3. Pairing: Shin x Reader

4. Pairing: Shin x GR 

  • Gonma by galerian_ash (touch of NSFW)

Genre: NSFW (the sexy stuff for your thirsty desires)

1. Pairing: Shin x Reader

Uneori îmi vine să îl privesc fără-ncetare, să nu-mi mai pese de nimic şi să-i văd stelele din ochii care mă-ndeamnă la visare şi la un abis în care sufletul îşi ascultă ecoul.
—  Vernalagnia