vernacular photograph


Three smoking women wearing fur coats smoking in the tall weeds, no date / src: simpleinsomnia


Women standing beneath giant redwood trees, no date / src: simpleinsomnia


ENGULFED BY FLAMES” - a brick house completely completely consumed by fire, even the tree and nearby power lines are ablaze. No flash needed for this nighttime snapshot thanks to the intense light of the burning building.


Woman climbing a leaning tree. ‘Monkeyin around’ handwritten on bottom of snapshot. / source: simple insomnia

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Woman stands next to a small boat, no date / src: simpleinsomnia

quick stop in a lechonera after “finishing” that day’s trip driving and shooting across the island with the help of christian yamil. the place, with an open facade, was completely empty and just glowed in the middle of the night like a lantern. as if it was begging for it, i had to stop and photograph it.

“ok..” said christian half-asleep being a good assistant.

kodak portra 160

mamiya rz67 pro iid

hatillo, pr