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If Teddy Grant wrote to (#Scandal)

This is satire based on the ultra dramatic letters listeners of the podcast, The Read, send in every week. If you listen to the show, you will understand the spirit in which this is written. 



Dear Crissle and Kid Fury,

I am probably one of your youngest Readers (get it ^_^ ::wiggle::?), as you can see from the pictures I included. You’ll need them to fully grasp the situation I’m gonna lay out for you. I know you think that my young ears have no business listening to your show. In my defense, my mommy nanny, Marta, listens to The Read all of the time.   Marta takes care of me because my bitch ass parents are too busy fucking other people plotting each other’s demise.  

About that, I need your help. I have damn near reached the end of my crayon with everyone in this big, white house.  (Side note: I’m actually typing this on Marta’s iPad while she takes a nap.  Ain’t that some shit? I literally ran circles around her and she’s the one who’s tuckered out.  Oh, don’t worry about my command of the English language at such an early age. I’m the product of a Rhodes Scholar and former partner of a law firm, so obviously I’ve got my shit together. I just keep it private).

From what I can tell, my mom has hated my dad for infinite  X  my existence. I knew something wasn’t right before I even arrived on the scene. I have a single in-utero memory that is very strong—it was a warning text from Blue Ivy that read:

Next thing I knew, I was sliding down my mama’s thighs earlier than I was ready for. I found out that she induced labor to keep my dad from filing for a divorce…even though she thinks he ain’t shit and she’s the reason he exists.  So forth and so on. She’s even tried to play me like a pawn on a number of occasions against my dad. I know what you’re thinking: Teddy, your daddy is a fuck boy. Why would he threaten divorce against a super swole pregnant woman? Well, besides the fact that it’s War of The Roses up in this bitch most of the time between the two of them, my dad is in love with another woman. For, like, years and years from what I pick up. He’s been on his Drake steez (another artist Marta loves!) since before I got here—making her promises, dickin’ her down properly, talking about houses in Vermont, jam and caramel- colored brothers and sisters (yes, he swirls). But he’s not just a lookin’ ass ni**a  though (as Nicki Minaj would say). He actually did build that house for her. My mama doesn’t know about it. Yet.  

How does a little baby boy know all of this, you must be asking. And trust me, I’m gonna get to my actual question shortly. There’s just so much going on around here and you need to know in order to answer my question. Daddy has a very powerful job and hundreds of millions of people depend upon him every day. I know he’s not a total asshole because he’s the one who feeds me at night in his office before putting me in the bed (Marta has to go home at some point! She has children). We sometimes have daytime play dates in his office, just the two of us. They don’t tend to last long because of his job. 

When he thinks I’ve fallen asleep (I’m a muthafuckin’ ninja. These bitches don’t even know!), my dad calls his girlfriend. He puts on his velvet baritone for her. He seems really happy and calm while he’s talking to her. He even laughs sometimes. I can feel how his body relaxes when I’m fake asleep on his shoulder. But then he gets all depressed when he hangs up the phone, and then stares out the window like he ain’t got shit to do.

I wish he would just go be with her because the back and forth with him and mommy depresses me. I think the last time they had sex is when they made me. Even then my mom said he could barely get it up. Yes, she actually said this in front of me during yet another argument over how I should be fed. Can you fucking believe these people?!  At this point, I think my dad’s girlfriend might take better care of me. Then again she doesn’t seem to eat real food, so I don’t know.

Anyway, my point was my daddy is rich as fuck and could afford to give my mom whatever she wanted. But she just won’t accept a divorce from him. Sigh. She definitely thinks he’s a burden, but she seems to be really invested in his job. It makes her feel important, I guess. I think her problem is that she wants to be the most important. My mom totally doesn’t need my dad and I think she knows that. I don’t know what my mom’s afraid of. Maybe she just doesn’t want to lose? Or be alone? I’m not sure. She’s a smart, bold and beautiful woman. Not gonna lie though, the woman my dad actually loves is exquisite (how does old dude pull these ladies?!). Anyway, mommy’s known about my dad’s lover for a long time and encourages their relationship when it suits her, or if it helps daddy in his job.

My mom is no innocent either. Until recently she was getting some trim on the side. My much older sister hasn’t been the same since she saw our mom going to town on our uncle (not really our uncle but he’s been tight with my dad for a long time). She can’t even listen to Partition anymore. Just ruined.

I haven’t even gotten to the truly messed up part yet. Turns out my grandpa was the ultimate fuck boy before he died. He raped my mama back in the day before she had my older brother (who’s now dead). Not even my father knew about how big of a dick his daddy was until very recently. Guess who told him? His girlfriend. I swear on Beyoncé that this is true. My mom let the news slip out one day to her. My dad was shattered (but not surprised) that his own father did this to my mom, his wife. Mom and dad have embraced and quashed their war for now, but they still don’t wanna be together. I heard daddy’s girlfriend skipped town to get away from all this drama. I wish I had that option. Mom and dad take turns every day leaving voicemail messages for her, begging for her return…which is kinda weird. Do you see the fuckshit I’m talking about?

So here’s my question: what do you think is the best thing for everyone involved? And how can I help my parents see what is wrong with their lives?


Theodore Wallace Grant, aka Teddy

P.S. This is the kind of shit I go through. 

P.P.S Even though Marta introduced me to the show, I stan for you guys!


credits: fitz and teddy collage by livandfitz


How long are we gonna have to ride this merry-go-round?

Because I’m ready to get off.  First Olivia wants to be with Fitz.  Then she wants to protect his image and for him to be the President she voted for.  Then she wants to make jam in Vermont. Then she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.  Then she’s admitting to being the President’s mistress.  Make up your mind girl!

Can we talk about my Olake feels!?  At first I was confused like, are they about to have fugitive sex?  They are so comfortable with each other.  She just scooted over and let him lay down next to her.  She opened up to him and confessed she was scared.  He knew she wanted to cuddle without her even having to outright say it which meant they’ve done it several times before.  He makes her feel safe.  She trusts him.  He shows up to help handle her cases and shove people out of her way and lead her to safety.  Yet she still wants that eyebrowless, pouting, whiner, who hasn’t done anything but make her life a spectacle and hurt her “on the inside” as Huck would say.  And then she wonders how her life got so sucky.

Jake is the bae! He has never hurt Olivia on the inside. He’s been by her side even when she tossed him out like a used tampon.  He even told her it was okay that she loved the President even though he loves her and hearing about their BS is probably killing him.  Jake is a better person than I am because if an ex came to me, distraught about the choices he made after leaving me and looking for comfort, I’d be like:

Olivia, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  You gotta pick one of them.  If you don’t know what to do with Jake, send him my way. I could use a good spooning.  

anonymous asked:

An Olitz appropriate dance in her apartment (my mind is thinking inaugural ball dance not the silly albeit fun Olake dance but it's your call) then Sex on the piano. Whether she gets kidnapped after or not is up to you lol.

Thanks for the request anon! I always love writing Olitz fluff, especially considering the 4B craziness that we’re all in for. The song in this one shot is called . I grew up with this song, and its so light and personally I thought it would be a good song for Liv and Fitz to dance to. Its not a requirement that you listen to this song of course, but I’ll be posting it so you can if you want :) Thanks again for requesting!!

And as always, enjoy!

Its Been Too Long

“Some of these are older than me,”

Liv observed, turning over a dusty record in her hands. Fitz chuckled as he crossed the room, leaving the kitchen, holding a glass of wine for her and scotch for himself.

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I can get pretty frustrated when I think about trying to make it as a musician.  Since I don’t feel like I fit into a musical niche, I have a hard time finding people interested in my music and wonder if any venue will hire me.  Being a pretty avid phish fan, I recently picked up the book  Phish: The Biography which has given me a real sense of hope.  

One of the things I picked up from reading the book is how long Phish has been together as a band.  The fact that they didn’t achieve any financial success until they had been at it for nearly seven years is truly an inspiration. In their early days, it was hard for the band to get booked at many venues in their home town of Burlington Vermont because their sound didn’t fit in with any scene at the time. They did find luck getting booked at a club called Nectars however, and after playing there consistently for a year they ended up drawing so many people to the club that they actually out grew it.  Finally, in the early 90s, even when they were able to sell out venues in New England on a regular basis, club owners in Boston and New York City still weren’t convinced that booking such a quirky band would be profitable.  Their answer to this dilemma was to actually rent out the venue for a show. This way they could have full control over the event, get paid, and make use of a large venue 

Reading something like this gives me hope. Basically, in order to succeed with a creative career, you have to find your voice and develop it. After that, just keep working on it until you can create your own place for it. 

Olitz and their complications throughout the seasons so far

Love them or hate them but one thing is for sure  - they’re talked about. Olivia Pope and the President Of the United States, Fitzgerald Grant. Their love has been a rollercoaster so far. And the fall finale is proof of that. So, we wanted to go back to the beginning. How did it all start? Get yourself some popcorn and wine and we’ll cover it all for you.

Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant had a passionate affair during Fitz’s Presidential campaign. But Liv didn’t want to be the President’s mistress so when he got elected, she resigned and started OPA.

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Amanda Tanner

In the first season, Fitz needed Olivia’s professional help as a fixer to fix Amanda Tanner’s situation. She had slept with Fitz and he lied about it so Olivia chose Amanda’s side instead. But they needed to come back together at the end of the season because a sex tape leaked, their sex tape. Olivia and Mellie made a plan: it was going to be Mellie on the tape and Mellie would be announcing her pregnancy.

Fitz is shot

The next season, Fitz had forgiven the women and Olitz were phone buddies but Olivia didn’t want anything to happen because Mellie was pregnant with his child. It took him awhile to accept that, but he did and Olivia moved on to Edison Davis. But then, Fitz got shot.

He survived, of course. However, he realized he didn’t want to let go of her. He wanted her to wait for him and he wanted to divorce Mellie. Olivia finally decides to leave Edison and wait for him but it’s too late because Fitz finds out about Defiance. The election rigging. Both Mellie, Cyrus and Olivia were in on it and it crushes his heart.

After Defiance

So ten months later, he’s closer to Mellie than ever and she’s moving on to a new guy, Jake. Jake, however, isn’t a good guy because he’s working with the President to spy on her and he’s also working with Eli Pope.

Olivia finds out about who Jake is and what he does for Fitz and she’s angry at him. So there you have it, they’re both angry at each other. They’re both hurt and they’ve both betrayed each other. But they also love each other. So where do they go from here?

Mellie’s interview

And guess what? Mellie answers that question by leaving the White House and threatening Fitz. He either leaves her, or she’ll scream it from the rooftops that he’s got a mistress and her name is Olivia Pope. It’ll ruin his chances of getting reelected.

He calls her bluff for awhile but Mellie means business. Olivia’s told him; “Earn me!” and that’s exactly what he’ll do. He knocks on Olivia’s door and they sit and wait together until Mellie gives the interview. That’s how he’ll earn her.

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So Mellie’s not getting what she wants because even after her revelations on national television, the two of them remain love birds. Fitz wants her out of the White House and Olivia in the White House. But Olivia is almost killed because of their relationship and Cyrus reveals that Fitz killed Verna. To Fitz, he reveals that Jake and Olivia had sex.

So game over, they’re back to square one. And in the very last scene of season two, Olivia’s name is leaked to the press. In the season three premiere, the three parties try to handle the press and they agree on speaking the truth, a partial truth. That is until Mellie found out Fitz was the one who leaked her name. And both Cyrus, Mellie and Olivia’s team find a scapegoat. Another name. So Olitz can’t be together and therefore, Fitz declares war on his wife.

Meanwhile, Jake was captured by Olivia’s father (command of B613) because he dissobeyed an order. Olivia, who was grateful to him for saving her life twice, made sure he was released and he was staying at Olivia’s appartment. And they soon kiss, of course.

Operation Remington

Fitz, while he was in the Navy, supposedly shot down a plane and all the passengers, including Olivia’s mother, died. Olivia hears about it, confronts him about it but he denies everything. But then Fitz finds out that Command is Olivia’s father. And Olivia’s mother didn’t actually die.  And then he shows her the house he’s built for her.

She rewards him (very clearly from the gif above). And they agree they’ll both do everything to figure out why Fitz was ordered to shoot down that plane.

Sally murders her husband and then runs for President

When Scandal came back after winter break, they had put Operation Remington aside, for now. And Olitz is now back in action, especially because Olivia is Fitz’s campaign manager again. And Jake is the head of B613, so he’s out of Fitz’s way. But Sally made sure that rumors are circuling about Olitz again and Mellie wants Olivia to publicly date another guy. And eventually, she agrees. And she chose Jake. Ouch.

Jake and Olivia grow closer, Jake even asks Olivia to run away with him. But more evidence surfaces of Daniel Douglas’ murder and the cover-up. And not only that but Sally, the good Christian she is, wants to to confess so Cyrus and Olivia need Fitz to tank a debate in order for her not to say anything. And Fitz realizes that there is no Vermont, or jam. Reality is a lot more complicated. Especially because by the end of episode 13, Jake kills James and two other journalists for trying to leak what Sally did. That was tough. But as sad as it was, it puts it all to rest and countdown for the election can begin.
And Olivia also realizes that Jake might not be… ideal. Considering the fact that he murdered her friend and all. So back to Fitz (at least in secret)!

Mellie’s affair

Andrew Nichols is Fitz’s new running mate and old friend. He’s also very fond of Mellie and they have a brief affair. But Karen finds her mother on her knees (oh my!) and she tells Fitz. You’d think that wouldn’t bother Fitz but it does, he’s furious at both Andrew and Mellie. And he blames Mellie for their dead marriage because she had refused to have sex with him for so long, but did have sex with his friend. Little does he know that she didn’t have sex with him because his father had raped her.
Either way, Olivia witnesses how Fitz is outraged and realizes that she’s in the white house to do her job, she’s not part of Fitz’s family. But she’s a pro and gives Andrew an ultimatum. “Screw Mellie, be VP, your choice”, her words are clear.

Taking Down B613

Olivia realized that B613 is an evil organization that harms innocent people. So Olivia has sex with Jake to get information about B613 so she can take it down. She also later admits that, eventhough she felt like she betrayed Fitz, she did feel something when she slept with Jake. However, that whole B616 storyline is not over yet.

The death of Jerry

The season finale is a busy one. Papa Pope got stabbed by Mama Pope, Fitz finds out about Mellie’s rape, Huck finds his family, Sally Langston survived a bombing (also by Mama Pope) and most importantly, during a speech, Jerry (Fitz & Mellie’s son) is rushed to the hospital and dies. It’s soon clear he was killed. The irony of it all is that, because of the bombing Sally Langston rose to the occasion and almost won the election. But Jerry has died and people voted for Fitz anyway.

Fitz’ son has died and at the risk of sounding heartless… that also means that Olitz is dead too, at least for now. Especially now that Fitz believes that Olivia’s mother killed his son.

Olivia is convinced that the world revolves around her (it sort of does) and she is willing to run away. Jake wants to go with her, eventhough she explicitly tells him she’s in love with Fitz. And she does, she runs away with Jake. Of course, her time standing in the sun turns out to be just a vacation because she returns to DC for the fourth season.

Back in DC, Olivia and Jake are (sort of) steady. And Fitz stands by his wife while she’s grieving.

Fitz finally finds out that Olivia has been with Jake when Karen called Olivia because she went out partying and made a sex tape. And he’s not happy about both of those things.

You can’t take Command, son.

Later, he’s been given an actual reason to hate Jake. Because of Papa Pope, Fitz thinks Jake ordered a B613 agent/secret sercive agent to kill his son. First he arrests him, and then he hands him off to Papa Pope. Olivia is furious, she knows her father is going to kill Jake and she doesn’t believe Jake did it. She threatens Fitz. If he does this, their relationship doesn’t have any hope. Fitz asks her: “Is there hope now?”  Apparently, according to Olivia there is. Therefore, he doesn’t kill Jake. How nice of him.

Meanwhile, Papa Pope is laughing because he’s got his wife in a hole (eventhough he’s told everyone he killed her), he framed Jake and fooled both his daughter and Fitz. *insert evil laugh and possibly a long and boring speech about how powerful he is here*. But aha, Olivia outsmarts him and proves Jake didn’t do it and the three of them come together to take down Command. And they will try to do so for the rest of the season.

Liv gets kidnapped

Because they’re all working together, Olivia realizes that she doesn’t want to choose between Jake and Fitz anymore. But she won’t have to for awhile anyway because she’s taken out of her appartment. What follows are a few compelling episodes where she escapes (but not really),  she’s sold and released. But the question is: Why was she taken in the first place? The answer lies with Fitz. How could it not?

Long story short, Andrew wanted a war with West Angola, but Fitz wouldn’t budge. So Andrew found his weakness, the one person he would do anything for. His archilles heel, as Mellie once described it. And he did. Fitz went to war for her.

Once she’s home again, he visits her at home. But she’s furious at him. She can’t understand how he would go to war for her, how he would put thousands of innocent lives in harms way because of her. She yelled: “you didn’t save me! I’m on my own!”.

In light of the fact that Olivia was kidnapped, Fitz is worried about her and he made Jake spy on her again, like the good old days.

Either way, she’s dating again. Okay, not really dating but she’s sleeping with another man.

You can’t take Command, son. Part 2

Near the end of season 4, we’re back at destroying B613 and Papa Pope. The whole team is on it but Papa’s got a plan of his own and it involves Olivia’s new man. Her new guy stabs Jake and he almost dies. But Olivia saves his life.

The term “Foxtale” is introduced. Foxtale is ¨Papa Pope’s mission to blackmail Mellie. She gives him a kill list and in return, he endorses her. The list has all the names of the grand jurers on the trial against B613.

Mellie didn’t know who he is (the man who murdered her son) but Fitz does and he found out that Mellie and Cyrus had been working together to keep Mellie’s contribution to those murders quiet. So he kicks both Cyrus and Mellie out of the White House. She worked with the man who murdered their son, after all. Which means there is room for Olivia again.

But first, she has to take down Command. However, she can’t take down Command, we all know that by now. So she takes down Eli Pope, she downgrades him to a normal employee who embezzled money from his job. Clever. But we all know that he’s not going to be in prison long. After that, Jake says goodbye to Olivia on the grounds that he’s in love with her, but she’s in love with Fitz. He basically gives her permission to choose Vermont over the sun. So in the last three minutes of season 4, she is reunited with Fitzgerald Grant. It’s Olitz all the way, baby.

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But we’re not done yet. For exactly one episode, everything is going smoothly for Olitz. And Fitz actually files for divorce. But Olivia is ticked off because she doesn’t want to go public yet. She wants to slow down. But that’s not what Sally’s thinking because she’s leaked photos of Olitz kissing on her new show. I see you, Mr. President!

Olivia is America’s Mistress

I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this story before but o well. Olivia publicly admits she’s the President’s mistress by the end of the second episode. Fitz loves it. But Mellie points out to her that she’ll be giving up everything for him once she moves in the White House. Olivia quotes Fitz: “Sit down and watch me choose you!” she said when Abby threw Olivia under the bus. What follows is a media circus. And Fitz’s possible impeachment.

Fitz is risking impeachment

Against all warnings, Fitz takes Olivia out on a very public date and it pisses Mellie off, which means she’ll anything to get him impeached now. All the while OPA is trying to restore Olivia’s reputation and make Olitz work for the media. So Olivia does an interview and nails it.

Fitz also takes Cyrus back as his chief of staff because basically, he knows too much.

Next episode, Mellie testifies but lies and it backfires on her. So Fitz’s lawyer changes strategy: no one testifies anymore. Which means they’ll need a plan to save Olivia from testifying. And they find one: marriage. Olivia isn’t up for it. So she tries to find a different solution: her father gets released out of prison because he has files to blackmail all the members on the committee. But, she needs Mellie to release him first. Mellie won’t do it. At first, at least.

So Olivia finally agrees to marry Fitz. But then she gets the magical call: Mellie released her father and boom, impeachment is gone. And Olivia gave back her ring. And Fitz ain’t even mad because he didn’t want their wedding to be rushed either.

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However, he is mad when he finds out that it was Liv who released her father. So furious that he moves her in the White House. He’s so angry at her that he moves in with her. Doesn’t make any sense, right? But look, he’s keeping her on a short leach.

The Fall finale

So that leads us to the Fall finale. And It’s Christmas time! Olivia plays her role as First Lady and she plays it well, very well. But Liv has a secret, she undergoes a abortion procedure without telling Fitz about it. While she should actually be at a dinner. And then the fight begins. A fight that that changes everything. She says some things, he says some things. But in the end, they both agree: they’re breaking up. They tried and failed. And she moves out again.

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So where do they go from here? Seriously. The couple has betrayed each other and hurt each other in uncountable ways. Liv dates other men, such as Jake and let’s not forget about Edison. And on ocassion, Fitz stands by his wife. But they always find their way back to each other. In fact, Fitz has threatened with divorce a few times but in season 5, he’s finally done it. So you’d think Olitz would be inseparable. But you’re wrong because it’s a lot more complicated than that. And after playing the role of First Lady, Liv decided: that is not what she wants. They fight and break up.

We don’t have the answers either, I’m sorry. I guess we’re all going to have to find out what happens next on February 11th 2016. I suggest you bring wine.

 So, since I’m a glutton for punishment and don’t love myself I decided to watch the break-up scene again, or more aptly put the scene where Olivia stomps Jake’s heart into a million tiny little pieces. 

The interesting thing about Olivia’s speech is that it seems as if it were broke into two parts. The first part was her telling him things that I’m about 99% sure actually apply to Fitz, and not Jake. In particular, “You’re not good enough for me. You’re weak. You need me too much, need me to tell you what to do, how to feel…You were never an option for me. You’re an escape, someone to toy with, a yo-yo, a booty call, a sidepiece, and frankly it’s embarrassing that you haven’t realized after all this time that I would tear right through you, I would destroy you.’

Does that or does that not describe Fitz to a tee? He was always the one that Olivia to lead him by the nose. Life with him in Vermont with the jam and their 2 or 3 or however many children was always the dream, always their escape. She toyed with Fitz, she played him, she used him and in the end she tore right through him. Everything she tried to throw in Jake’s face at that moment wasn’t effective because it didn’t apply to him and he knew it Jake was never her side-piece. Jake was never just a booty cal, because hell, SHE wouldn’t let him be. They had an actual relationship, damaged though it may be, but it was always more than two people screwing around.

And Jake knew that, which is why he was still calm after she said all that. He knew she was full of shit which is why she had to pull out the big guns. This is where she got downright nasty. You can tell she didn’t want to go there but he wouldn’t let it go. He wouldn’t just walk away so she had to break his heart. 

Pulling the Fitz card was such a low blow, it was as low as she could go and she knew it. You could literally see all the fight go out of Jake when she told him that she was still in love with Fitz and she didn’t love him. It was over, his worst fear realized. Once again, she wasn’t choosing him. She was choosing Fitz. And to make matters worse she said that Jake was the lesser version of Fitz and Fitz was the man she deserved. That had to crush him, not just the Fitz of it all but her saying that he doesn’t deserve her. The one thing in his sad, tragic life that makes him happy and he’s being told that he doesn’t deserve it. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. 

And now I’m going to watch it again so I can cry some more. 

'Scandal': What Should Fitz Do When He's Out of Office?

APRIL 07, 2016  by Lesley Goldberg

“There is a plan,” showrunner Shonda Rhimes tells THR as the cast chimes in on what the incumbent president’s next act should be.

What’s next for Scandal’s Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) after he’s out of office?

ABC’s D.C.-set soap is in the midst of a presidential election storyline as a field of five candidates (three Republicans and two Democrats) are looking to become the show’s next president of the United States after Fitz’s two terms come to an end.

While Fitz is backing his incumbent vice president Susan Ross in her bid for the White House against his ex-wife Mellie Grant, it’s unclear what the sitting president will do once his second term is over.

“I can’t tell you any of that — but there is a plan,” showrunner Shonda Rhimes tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Tony is not going anywhere; where would he go?!”

While Fitz’s next act remains unclear for now and Goldwyn is staying put for the previously announced sixth season of Scandal, THR turned to the cast to get their thoughts on what the Republican with blood on his hands should do next.

Betsy Beers (executive producer): When Fitz is out of office, I think he do anything he wanted. I don’t want him to move to Vermont and make jam immediately — I’m not a big fan of that — but I think he could become an advocate, a judge, a private eye or join OPA or have his own post-Scandal show where he does anything. Spinoff! Fitz could do pretty much anything as far as I’m concerned.

Tony Goldwyn (Fitz): He’ll be much happier as the post-president than as the president. He’d want to do something like Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton did with the Clinton Global Initiative and use his leverage and influence to make a real difference in the world without all the politics. You really hope it includes Olivia Pope and a little jam. We’ll hire someone to make jam on weekends in Vermont! I’ve gotten many, many, many, many jars of jam in the mail from fans (laughing).

Kerry Washington (Olivia): He should probably start a foundation and do some good in the world. He’s got some demons to make amends for! So a good foundation that will do some good would be great!

Bellamy Young (Mellie): Swear Mellie in! I think he won’t be able to leave Washington and will try to be a bit of a mover and a shaker and find how that feels to not be the person whose finger is on the red button and to have to be a normal person. He’ll have to confront normal the way he had to confront alone this season. It’ll be a rather sobering experience but also very emancipating in terms of character growth.

Darby Stanchfield (Abby): Start his own OPA.

Katie Lowes (Quinn): What the hell is he going to do?! I don’t think he’s going to Vermont! I think he has to have some sort of second act and will stay in D.C. and be in a different position. But I don’t know what he could do — he could not work in OPA. God no! I don’t think Quinn or Huck (Guillermo Diaz) would have him! What’s he going to do, write a book? Tour around and give speeches?! It’s crazy to think about.

Jeff Perry (Cyrus): I’d love our show to invent a great role for a president after he’s out out office that would reverberate back to the real world. I admire what Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter have done. There’s things about Fitz that are so decent — despite his missteps — that it would be good to see him do something on the humanitarian side. He’d be happier than with all these political shenanigans.

Joe Morton (Rowan): Go drown himself! (Laughing.)

Portia DeRossi (Elizabeth): He should just retire! I can’t imagine a show without Fitz as president so I can’t even think about that! What’s he going to do?!? There is something poetic — maybe Mellie will be elected and Fitz will be First Gentleman. Hopefully that will mirror Hillary and Bill in the White House. But it’s all just conjecture. I have no idea!

Scandal Finale

“The Price of Free and Fair Election”

Everyone telling Fitz he is going to lose 

Abby and Harrison walking in on Huck and Quinn

Fitz and Olivia talking about Vermont and babies and jam

Olivia saying, “I love you too” to Fitz

External image

Oh noooo baby Jerry

Mama Pope be just walking around like

Olivia wanting to leave 

External image

Jake wanting to go with her

Daddy Pope

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5x06 Scandal Rant ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’

This is not a review but I have been asked what I thought about 5x06 episode of scandal and like majority it was not my favorite, however I am able to see what Shonda and co. are trying to do. The unholy trio seemed self-absorbed and incredibly dense.


That balcony scene was ugly yet there was truth. Cyrus, Mellie and Olivia all have called Fitz “romantic” idealistic” and Olivia herself told Fitz that what she does for him is ugly and ruthless so that he could “dream his pretty thoughts of Vermont and jam and me.” Fitz is romantic, the intricate details he put into creating a home for Olivia in Vermont “The ceilings are built from local wood…Vermont pine.  The fieldstone fireplace, they did that by hand.” Olivia has a piano in her apartment though we have never seen her play we can assume that she has, Fitz too has a piano in Vermont for her. Fitz dedicated his heart and soul into Vermont, creating a world for him and Olivia once and if they ever decide to leave D.C. Fitz made not only Olivia lady bits quiver but everyone’s lady bit quiver.

 The balcony scene- was not meant to be romantic because Fitz’s heart is not into marrying Olivia at this time, especially while still married and with their current scandal on the news, who would want to be married at this time? When Olivia has a panic attack that the sight of Fitz on bend knee, Fitz assumes Olivia does not want to share a life with him and he does retaliate by making it clear that “no man wants to do this” which I disagree with seeing how much time and effort he has put into Vermont but Fitz is saying that he does not want to do this as much as Olivia, but he is going to make the best out of that situation. This is where Fitz becomes a jerk and self-absorbed- he did not have to tell Olivia that because who would jump up and down at that but even though this isn’t want he wanted at this time- Olivia is still his endgame but he is uncertain if he is hers. Silence is golden and silence can kill and for Fitz, he is dying slowly because of Olivia’s lack of words.  

Everything about that divorce scene with Mellie was wrong. Fitz was acting like an alcoholic drinking like a fish muttering under his breath his disdain for Mellie which I agree with, but did Fitz not see Mellie being eerily quiet? When has Mellie ever been quiet? This scene could have ended on a good note, but that would be defeating the whole purpose.  It wasn’t Fitz that bothered me but that Mellie is always the victim and Fitz is always this deplorable asshole who is so self-absorbed he can’t see straight and views his ‘sweet’ wife as being Satan’s spawn, making Mellie into martyr. This is not our point of view but Mellie’s, even Cyrus has stated that Mellie never loved Fitz, but in order for Mellie to truly turn into a villain she had to remove her ‘love’ for Fitz and this could have only been done by Fitz being an asshole and in many ways dimming the light on him. Mellie is a villain and has turned to the dark side; I have said it before and I will say it again. Let Mellie be Mellie because she is her own worst enemy and I see this season as her being brought back down to earth.


Let’s make it clear that Olivia does love Fitz and she wants a life with him.

Olivia loves Fitz and she wants to be with him but she doesn’t know how to tell Fitz that they aren’t ready for marriage and if we are honest here-they aren’t. Olitz hasn’t had a real conversation since they were outed in 5x01. Many were angry and put off by Olivia saying the white house is equivalent to jail and she isn’t lying- Abby just said that same thing to her and for a women like Olivia who loves her privacy and space to think about marriage and actually putting on the white outfit for the altar says how much she truly does love Fitz, and how much she is willing to sacrifice to be with him. Olivia just goes about things differently, she communicates subtle and for Fitz he isn’t a mind reader, so Olivia needs to open her mouth and speak to Fitz the way she does Jake.

Olivia went home a nursed a glass of scotch, like many when separated from the one you love sometimes you sleep with their shirt because it smells like them and with your eyes closed- for a moment everything is back to normal. That can be said about Olivia instead of wanting the smell of Fitz, Olivia wanted the taste of Fitz on her tongue to ease her pain and her soothe her worry’s. Fitz has made his stamp on Olivia, and we see more now than ever that Olivia needs Fitz but she just doesn’t know how to tell him.

I am going to get hate but Olivia, Mellie and Fitz are all narcissistic and that is not being mean but it is the truth, but Olivia this episode truly showed layers to her narcissism and she should rightfully. Olivia has had her life completely turned upside down in a matter of months, that is scary and crazy and now she is feeling the pressure to marry the man she loves, so what does Olivia decide to do? That’s right call her ex. sidepiece. This is where Olivia’s self-centeredness comes to the forefront.

1)      As much as Olivia would like to forget about her history with Jake, and pretend he is her Stephen and knew found best-friend. That will not alter the past because she still had a relationship with him regardless of her moving on or not.

2)      Jake is in love with Olivia, he has made it clear to Olivia. But Olivia has assumed and thought that he has moved on and that he is totally fine with her voicing her thoughts about her current boyfriend (the one she choose over him). Jake too is flabbergasted at Olivia finding it appropriate to call him and talk about her marrying another man. Really Olivia?!?

3)      Olivia then decides to call Jake again to give him a heads up that she is marrying Fitz and for once I am glad that Jake asked Olivia “why are you calling me?” and it is once Olivia says “I need…” that Jake tells Olivia that he is done and that she needs to go to Fitz for now on and hangs up on her. I understand Olivia views Jake as being her friend and new found therapist but this shall end badly for Olivia with consequences on both sides. Is it safe to assume that Fitz is not aware of Olivia calling Jake and talking to him about their relationship? And if we are being truthful would Olivia been so understanding if the roles were reversed? Yeah, I think not. What’s done in the dark, will always come to light.


To put the cherry on top, Olivia wanting desperately to find a way out instead through decides to take her dad’s offer and run with it, by calling Mellie and asking her to forge Fitz’s signature and Mellie quickly caught that what Olivia wants is for her and Fitz to be in the White House-minus the marriage. Olivia is still suffering from daddy issues and this was stated clearly in (5x02). Regardless of what she claims Olivia loves her dad, and there is difference between hating him and knowing he is alive versus hating him and losing the only parent she’s ever known. Olivia saw that she could kill two birds with one stone:  

1)      Fitz will remain president and they don’t have to be forced into an arranged marriage that neither want.

2)      She doesn’t have to become First Lady

3)      Dad is still alive

Olivia was in a rock and hard place, she can marry Fitz but she and Fitz both know that is what neither truly wants at this time and not what they need. Olivia wasn’t thinking clearly and had she had known that Mellie has a history with her father, and that because of what she did Fitz kicked her out of the White House; I am certain that Olivia would have never went to Mellie but this is the problem that Olitz is now facing, they hide things they believe the other won’t be able to handle, and in many ways trying to protect the other.

For those who don’t believe or feel that Olivia loves Fitz.

One smile from Fitz, and all is right with world. This is first time Olivia actually smiled in this episode.

Olivia is not certain about anything in life really, but she does know that she loves Fitz and in his arms, is the only place she feels at home.


I have always found Mellie entertaining but I can’t begin to describe the queen of self-righteousness. While Fitz and Olivia are self-absorbed at times they are more dedicated to each other than to themselves. Mellie has always been team Mellie, and some reviewers have addressed the Mellie issue in ways that I couldn’t but I will say that the time has come and Olivia will finally rip Mellie a new asshole. Did anyone not see Olivia squint her eyes at Mellie when she talked about her and her father, I need more than a glare from Olivia and I believe and hope we will get it. Mellie this episode disgusted me, her mocking Olivia because she thought Fitz kicked her out because of her ( Fitz would have kicked Mellie regardless of Rowan) or the fact that she is working with the man who killed her son- there are no words to describe Mellie.

It is ironic that the one searching for the ‘get out of jail free card’ actually ended up in jail. Rowan, and Mellie got what they wanted yet Olivia shall be the one to carry their burdens and worst of all she has lied to Fitz. I hope Olivia will tell Fitz sooner rather than later but I understand her fear: Fitz left Mellie for working with Rowan what is to say he won’t do the same with Liv, these are valued feelings.

Sidenote: I am ready for Olitz to have a showdown, and I mean a real fight were they stop pretending and actually be honest with one another and voice their fears and concerns, and call each other out because for this season though we have Olitz together we haven’t see much of them actually being together, and I feel we are heading in that direction and I am looking forward to it.

When do you think Olivia will tell Fitz about Rowan or do you think he will find out on his own?

Am I the only one expecting Olivia to chew Mellie out because I feel it coming?

This episode wasn’t horrible but it was my least favorite of the season, but I hope you guys don’t lose faith over one episode.

Until next time…xoxo

“You liked me unavailable...”

And that right there to me is the death toll for Olitz. Not the lies, or the betrayals, but the fact that Olivia doesn’t want Fitz–not all of him at least. 

You can forgive someone for betraying you, and you can look the other way when they lie but when somebody doesn’t want you, the real you? There’s not coming back from that IMO. 

Olivia has not interest in being Fitz’s First Lady. She has no interest in being his wife or the mother of his children. That is not what she wants from him. She doesn’t want a white picket fence, or jam in Vermont. She wanted a part of Fitz when it was convenient for her and that’s pretty much it. 

The way Shonda (and the writers) broke down Olitz was something of a master piece. I know some people are acting all shocked and surprised that this is happening but Shonda has been planting these seeds since Season 1.  Olivia always ran because Fitz wasn’t what she wanted. She ALWAYS ran. This is not brand new information. The only difference now is that Fitz effectively caged her in almost every imaginable way until she had her back against the wall. At the point she was getting free by any means necessary, first by releasing her father (and removing the need for a wedding), then by the abortion, and finally by breaking things off with Fitz and leaving the White House.

I guess there is always a chance that Olitz could happen down the line, but seriously, why would either one of them want it?  Every suggestion that Fitz ever had for them (marriage, babies, house in Vermont) Olivia shut them down decisively. She doesn’t want it. The question is though, does she simply not want that life or does she just not want it with Fitz? 

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