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☪— Harper lie in bed, his amber eyes focused on his ceiling, he grew tired of how his ceiling looked. He longed for the sleeps sweet embrace but it seemed to him that tonight sleep would not grace him with its presence. He lie on his back, among his tangled and silken sheets, un-moving until the call of the birds warned him of the morning lights approach. 

Large pale hands covered the males face, his nails raking down his sullen face. His arms fell to his sides, pale lilac lids covered weary amber eyes, he lie there for a while longer, the sound of his breathing the only thing disturbing the large room. 

Morning light kissed his closed eyelids, and his eye lids fluttered open, a sigh escaped his lips as he sat up in his bed. Long fingers rubbed at his tired eyes, purple half moons hung under his amber orbs. He made his bed, arranging it perfectly. Next he moved to his closet, pulling out a white button down shirt and a pair of black trousers, he wasn’t going to bother with anything else today, he didn’t care enough, he slipped on his black shoes and headed out the door. He couldn’t bare the idea of locking himself away in his home all day.

The streets were mostly clear as the early morning hour, most were still snuggled inside their beds, sound asleep. His amber eyes scanned for the coffee shop he loved so much, the warm smell of coffee greeted him as he pushed the door open, sitting at a table and ordering himself a large cup of coffee with extra cream. 

A few minutes later his order was called, and he stood on shaky legs to go to the counter, on the way his foot caught on the edge of one of the tables a young lady was seated at, he braced his hands against the table.

“Oh, i am terribly sorry, i am not much myself today."