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Global Warming
  • Zoe: It will be so warm.
  • Kim: So nice!
  • Zoe: We won't have to wear any clothes!
  • Kim: We'll be naked!
  • Kim & Zoe: We'll be naked and naked and naked and happy and free!
  • Kim: But Zoe...
  • Zoe: Yes, Kim?
  • Kim: What about the polar bears?
  • Zoe: Polar bears are already naked!
  • Kim: They can't take their clothes off!
  • Zoe: Oh no! The polar bears don't have any clothes...
  • Kim: They might expire, they might decompose! Oh what will we do to these poor polar bears?
  • Zoe: We can...Oh,I know! We can build them...A freezer!
  • Kim: A freezer?
  • Zoe: Yeah!
  • Kim & Zoe: We'll build a freezer for the polar bears, we'll build a freezer for the penguins!
  • Zoe: We'll build a freezer for the elephants!
  • Kim: But freezer's too cold for elephants...
  • Zoe: That's okay, we'll build them a fridge!

Vermillion Lies - Circus Apocalypse

Come down and join the circus all you dead boys and girls. If you still have a pulse we can remedy that. You can check your life while you check your hat.

I love them a bit too much…


Vermillion Lies - Circus Fish

hahaha this song is so freakin nuts