• Shark Serenade
  • Vermillion Lies
  • Separated by Birth

I am a shark
I’ve got to keep moving
And if I don’t move I will die
If you hold me here
I’ll just disappear 

won’t I, won’t I?

pretty white teeth
in pretty white rows
eyes open wide
even while in repose
if you hold me here
I’ll just disappear

won’t I, won’t I?


Vermillion Lies - Shark Serenade (Lyrics)

Global Warming
  • Zoe: It will be so warm.
  • Kim: So nice!
  • Zoe: We won't have to wear any clothes!
  • Kim: We'll be naked!
  • Kim & Zoe: We'll be naked and naked and naked and happy and free!
  • Kim: But Zoe...
  • Zoe: Yes, Kim?
  • Kim: What about the polar bears?
  • Zoe: Polar bears are already naked!
  • Kim: They can't take their clothes off!
  • Zoe: Oh no! The polar bears don't have any clothes...
  • Kim: They might expire, they might decompose! Oh what will we do to these poor polar bears?
  • Zoe: We can...Oh,I know! We can build them...A freezer!
  • Kim: A freezer?
  • Zoe: Yeah!
  • Kim & Zoe: We'll build a freezer for the polar bears, we'll build a freezer for the penguins!
  • Zoe: We'll build a freezer for the elephants!
  • Kim: But freezer's too cold for elephants...
  • Zoe: That's okay, we'll build them a fridge!