vermillion cliff


evosia Winter is coming. Snow storm at the Wave

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Gramps, Wallock, Dollster, and Drakester @ me 

It was so fun drawing all these gasters and I thank the creators for letting me. Just from one little sprite stemmed an outpouring of creativity; each gaster a separate character with their own unique backgrounds, traits, and personalities. The ECHO project showcased this, and it’s still an amazing thing. I know there are alot of Gasters I didn’t draw, but I can add more in if someone wants.


The Wave, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, incredible cross bedded sandstone layers on the border of Arizona and Nevada

Wholesome and chaste dreams I’ve had about attractive male celebrities

Dwayne Johnson trying to teach me how to drive.

Chris Evans + blackjack. I’m the dealer, he left a nice tip.

Davey Havok offers to babysit my little sister while I run to the store.

Jim-jam adventure with Benedict Cumberbatch, in cave.

Multiple Leonardo DiCaprios and I reenact scenes from Shutter Island and Inception.

Donnie Yen suggests the county fair, wins all the games.

Richard Armitage drops in for family dinner unexpectedly, is ridiculously charming.

Road trip to Vermillion Cliffs with Norman Reedus.

Lee Pace and I paint each other’s faces.

Scooby Doo style ghost hunting with John Boyega.

Jason Momoa gives me a calf massage.

CM Punk graciously agrees to distract the crowd as I sneak out of a turbulent political rally.


Fly over the White Pocket, Arizona


Happy anniversary to the Wilderness Act!  On September 3, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed this landmark conservation legislation. The BLM has stewardship responsibilities for 223 Wilderness Areas with over 8.7 million acres in 10 Western States. These areas are protected in their undeveloped state and offer outstanding recreation opportunities for visitors willing to experience nature on its own terms. BLM managed wilderness areas include vast southwestern deserts, red-rock canyons, rugged Pacific coastline and alpine peaks.


Epic night sky timelapse over Vermillion Cliffs National Monument - if you get to the 2nd half you’ll get a thunderstorm, star trails, and really creepy effect from clouds passing in long exposure/timelapse.


Original video caption:

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona hosts some of the most unique landscapes on the planet, from the red iron oxide cliffs of its namesake, to the Jurassic-era petrified sandstone of White Pocket. This area features what some have described as “brain rocks” and “cauliflower rocks,” possibly formed through earthquakes after the landscape was lithified from sand into rock. White Pocket sees very few visitors, due to an hour-long drive by strenuous sand roads often impassable due to rain and snow.

As the second part of a BBC Earth timelapse trilogy, our shoot consisted of two days and two nights of intense conditions, including high winds, thunderstorms, fog heavy rain, and other obstacles. Despite the adversity, the tempest broke and some incredible stars shone through to put on a show. Shot on Canon DSLR Cameras. Star trails created using rotation of earth’s axis and STARSTAX. Wide motion control cliffs shot achieved with Dynamic Pecrception Stage Zero Dolly.