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Fly over the White Pocket, Arizona

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It was so fun drawing all these gasters and I thank the creators for letting me. Just from one little sprite stemmed an outpouring of creativity; each gaster a separate character with their own unique backgrounds, traits, and personalities. The ECHO project showcased this, and it’s still an amazing thing. I know there are alot of Gasters I didn’t draw, but I can add more in if someone wants.


Epic night sky timelapse over Vermillion Cliffs National Monument - if you get to the 2nd half you’ll get a thunderstorm, star trails, and really creepy effect from clouds passing in long exposure/timelapse.

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Snowing on cross bedded sandstones at “The Wave” feature, Vermillion Cliffs National Monument


Happy anniversary to the Wilderness Act!  On September 3, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed this landmark conservation legislation. The BLM has stewardship responsibilities for 223 Wilderness Areas with over 8.7 million acres in 10 Western States. These areas are protected in their undeveloped state and offer outstanding recreation opportunities for visitors willing to experience nature on its own terms. BLM managed wilderness areas include vast southwestern deserts, red-rock canyons, rugged Pacific coastline and alpine peaks.


A timelapse tour through the deserts and national parks of the US West, during Monsoon season


Traveler strolls through the White Pocket, Vermillion Cliffs National Monument


Sputnik – Part Three

So this is the third part of my Bucky x reader fanfic! This one is based on the song Ophelia by the Lumineers. Enjoy!

P.S. i’m sorry i’ve been so inactive lately (cause it’s the first week of coming back to school again) so I’ll try to complete most of the requests over the weekend :)

(Let me know if you wanna be tagged in future parts) (( @hymnofthevalkyries @potterhead7656 @starstar1012 @redstarstan ))

Part One – Hysteria
Part Two – I’ll fight


Ah, ah, when I was younger

Bucky, who had been asleep in his seat, had woken up groggily. The ride had been quiet since their little argument, and it was a good thing, since (Y/n) needed peace to navigate. When she first got her hands on this copter, she had nowhere in mind where she could go, she just wanted to go away from Wakanda. Then she had a destination in mind, and headed there.

The stealth helicopter was amazingly fast, faster than S.H.I.E.L.D’s quinjet. And the stealth mode was off the hook. Even though she had no permission to enter the United States, nobody confronted them, and thankfully, nobody blew them up with a missile.

That made her wonder how many times unauthorized Wakanda vehicles had entered a country without permission.

I, I should’ve known better

Bucky blinked awake and looked sideways at (Y/n). Though she seemed to have taken no notice, she knew he was awake, stealing glances from the corner of her eye. Bucky sighed and looked out the window. He could see the soft green grass underneath the air vehicle. They were landing.

Where were the landing?

Bucky, who was still slumping in his seat, slightly jumped up, looking alert. “Where are we?” He asked. “Some place safe,” She answered blankly and landed the stealth helicopter. Bucky could see that she was trained with air vehicles. The landing was very smooth; Bucky hadn’t even realized they landed until she turned the engines off.

She slid the door open and jumped on the grass, and Bucky followed her example.

Bucky thought the grass would be soft. He was wrong.

It was sharp, and they felt like soft needles prickling his skin. If he was in his full suit, he wouldn’t have felt it. But he was still dressed in the white attire he used in the cyrofreezer, the white pants dangling loose off his legs that ran just above his ankles.

And I can’t feel no remorse

“Come on,” urged (Y/n), who had the bag that contained his metal arm over her shoulder turning him the other way around.

There was a small house.

It seemed serene. Nothing he ever had in his life was serene. The war, Hydra, the life he had now? That was anything but serene. It was chaotic, living in constant fear.  

The walk to the house was not long. It took them at least five minutes to get there.

When they reached the doorstep, Bucky saw that the house was painted pearl white, though he could sense the house was old by the creaking noise of the wood he stepped on, age did not change the color. She fiddled with something under her black shirt; it was a necklace, with a key as a pendant. (Y/n) yanked the key off and inserted it in the keyhole.

“Do you always wear that key?” asked Bucky. He said it casually, like he never called her weak.

“For emergencies only,” She muttered coldly under her breath. Bucky felt like she was quoting someone, although he didn’t know who.

And you don’t feel nothing back

She pushed the door open, and it was dark, except for the sunlight streaming from the windows. It was four in the afternoon, and both were still jet-lagged.

(Y/n) was shaking. She was holding back the tears pressuring her eyes, threatening to stream out.

She turned on the lights and Bucky realized it was he childhood home. He could see the pictures lined on the drawers, gathering with thin dust, which gave him the sense that she hadn’t been here in a while, but she frequently visited to check on the house.

I, I got a new girlfriend

Bucky set himself down on a couch just next to the fireplace, finally relieving his back from the hard seat of the helicopter. The couch was white, like most of the things in the house, giving it an odd look of purity.

“Are you going to fix my arm?” asked Bucky. (Y/n) gulped of the two glasses of water she was holding and sat across from him, taking in the heat. She gave Bucky the other glass, and he gladly accepted it. “No,” she answered softly, “I don’t have the technology to do that. That’s why we’re going to see Hank Pym tomorrow.”

“Hank Pym?” Bucky repeated his name inquisitively.

“Scott’s mentor,” (Y/n) explained, “The original ant-man.”

Feels like he’s on top

“We’re taking a car there,” continued (Y/n), “It should just take an hour or two.” Bucky nodded reluctantly before raising his eyebrows. “Where does he live?” he asked.

“San Francisco.”

Bucky nearly choked on his drink, making his shirt wet. “Where are we?” (Y/n) could sense the confusion in his voice. She would’ve been, too, if she was asleep the whole ride.

“Ross, California,” said (Y/n), shrugging. She grinned, unable to hide the fact that she was amused that Bucky was startled. It’s not every day she gets to see the winter soldier panicking, and she had to cherish these rare moments.

Bucky’s eyes widened, but he relaxed into the soft cushions of the couch, too tired to react.

And I don’t feel no remorse

There was a long silence.

(Y/n) was looking down to her glass, and Bucky did not realize he was studying the scar of the cut on her chest, just under her neck. The scar was thin on the ends, thick in the middle. Only vibranium can cut through her skin, thought Bucky, recalling her files that he read, she must’ve cut herself with her chakram, because it was made of the strongest metal in the world.

But she said it was to save him. Why did she hurt herself to save him?

Bucky wanted to ask, but he restrained himself, keeping his thought down. If (Y/n) was not enhanced, the cut would’ve made her bleed to death. But because she had a powerful healing factor, the scar healed, even with no special treatment. But her healing factor was nothing compared to Alex Hayden’s.

And you can’t see past my blindness

“Would you do it again?” asked (Y/n), suddenly. She swallowed as Bucky gave her a slight tilt in the head.

“Do what?”

“The war,” she croaked. Bucky followed her eyes, and it landed not on him, but on the cupboard of picture frames beside him. He did not know which photo she was looking at.

“Why would you ask that?” said Bucky, not wanting to answer her question. It brought back too many memories, good ones that he’ll always remember, bad ones he wishes he could forget.

“Because,” said (Y/n), sighing heavily, “My grandfather was a war veteran. I asked him the same question, and he said, ‘Yes, for you.’”

Oh, Ophelia,
you’ve been on my mind, girl, since the flood

I would, if it was for you, too, Bucky wanted to say, but he managed to keep his mouth shut. “Oh,” he said, looking sideways. He could see photos of a young (Y/n) next to an old man with a military uniform, similar to the one Bucky had owned back in the 40s.

“Where is he now?” asked Bucky, and once he did, he regretted it. Her grandfather would probably be dead by now.

“In a nice senior home,” she smiled, and Bucky was relieved, like a ton of weight was lifted off from his shoulders. He had done nothing to offend her.

“Where are your parents?” Bucky asked.

Oh, Ophelia,
heaven help the fool who falls in love

Surely, if her grandfather is still alive, then her parents must’ve been, too.

He was wrong.

“They died,” said (Y/n) calmly, but he could see glimpses of pain under her eyelids, and Bucky felt like the weight was put back on his shoulders, this time twice as much. “Nobody ever knew why. They found their bodies next to Vermillion cliffs when they went to a S.H.I.E.L.D. base somewhere in Arizona. Some people say they jumped off, committed suicide, but I don’t think so.”

“I’m sorry,” said Bucky, feeling guilty that he even ever brought the subject up.

“I was just seven,” she looked down, as if she was trying to hide her face, “They were S.H.I.E.L.D.’s best nuclear scientists, and they were the reason I first got my powers.”

Radiation, Bucky realized, because she was not the first enhanced human he met who got her powers from nuclear radiation.

I, I got a little paycheck

“When they died, I had nobody,” she said. There was a slight strain in her voice, indicating that she was emotional, “none of my uncles or aunts wanted me, because I was not like them.”

Not like them.

What she really believed was that she wasn’t human anymore, isn’t someone who could be normal. She believed that she was someone set apart from society.

“Fury took me in, and trained me,” she explained. Bucky felt a wave of guilt. He remembered the day he attempted to kill Fury. He failed, but that was only because Fury faked his own death. He wondered how much rage she felt when Fury ‘died’.

You got big plans, and you gotta move

She looked at him with teary eyes and said, “I- I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” His expression softened. He wanted to wrap an arm around her and comfort her, he wanted to hold on to her until he knew she was strong enough for him to let go, but instead he said, “You don’t have to.”

Another silence filled the room, and this time it was frustrating.

“Let’s talk about Hayden,” said (Y/n) urgently, like she needed a distraction from their previous topic, “What you knew about him, why he might want my blood,” she offered.

“Hydra hired him,” said Bucky, “To kill somebody on a mission. With me.” Bucky hated talking about his past. The only reason he did was because (Y/n) needed him to, and he did it.

And I don’t feel nothing at all

“We were assigned to kill two scientists. I don’t remember their names,” said Bucky frustratingly as he tried to snatch the names from his mind, but failed. “The point is, he’s dangerous, but I don’t know why he might ever want your blood.”

(Y/n) nodded. She seemed like she had slightly recovered from her grief.

“What were your parents’ name?” asked Bucky suddenly. The words have come out from his mouth without filter. He hadn’t meant to say that, but when he saw the photos beside him, the faces of the two adults besides a young (Y/n) were much too familiar.

“(F/n) and (M/n) (L/n),” she said, quietly.

Bucky’s heart dropped. No wonder, when he first met (Y/n), her last name had been so familiar.

Because Agent X and The Winter Soldier had murdered her parents.  

And you don’t feel nothing small

Bucky lowered his face to shield himself from her gaze.

“The fire,” he started, “In your room. What was in there that was so important?” asked Bucky. He was finally relieved he could talk about anything else but his Hydra days.

For the first time that day, (Y/n) blushed. “Research,” she said sheepishly, her cheeks flushing red in embarrassment. Though that was all she said Bucky could see something more to it.

“It’s not just research,” he urged her. He didn’t know if he had the right to, but he did it anyway. “Letters,” she admitted, “For you.”

Had she really cared this much?

Bucky felt his own cheeks redden. “What did you write in them?”

Honey, I love you,
That’s all she wrote

(Y/n) remembered pouring out her feelings into every letter. But now, with him across from her she could only say, “Nothing much, just your progress.”

“Oh,” said Bucky, looking down. Judging from (Y/n)’s expression, he knew that was the truth, just not the complete truth. He decided not to push her.

“You should get some rest,” (Y/n) suggested. She got on her feet and gently pulled Bucky up, guiding him to the stairs. Bucky followed obediently, too tired to ask where they were going.

Oh, Ophelia
You’ve been on my mind, girl, like a drug

“Take my parent’s room,” said (Y/n), opening the door to a room colored in white, like the rest of the house, except for the navy blue curtains covering the windows. Bucky gulped and stepped in the room that used to belong to her parents before they died.

Before he killed them.

“If you need anything, my room is just down the hall,” she pointed.

Bucky nodded gravely before stepping in the room. He heard (Y/n) close the door. He threw himself on the bed, trying to sleep.

It wasn’t long before he found out that he couldn’t.

Oh, Ophelia
Heaven help the fool who falls in love

Bucky twisted and turned, but he can’t sleep. Every time he closes his eyes, he sees a familiar face:


He would never want to tell her what he’s done, but (Y/n) deserved to know.

But he was not going to tell her any time soon. He wasn’t ready to face (Y/n) that way, to see her face written with anger and rage, to see Tony Stark’s reaction in her. He didn’t know when he was ever going to be ready.

Her voice rang in his head, if you need anything, my room is just right down the hall.

Oh, Ophelia
You’ve been on my mind, girl, like a drug

She looked around her room, lying half-awake in her bed. She was facing sideways, her eyes wandering all over the place.

This room was a memory of her childhood, the only memory in her childhood she ever wanted to remember. She wanted to forget her parents were dead, she wanted to forget she was enhanced.

She can’t.

Because it was already part of her, something she had to live with for the rest of her lives. She was happy she had a new family, The Avengers. When the accords happened and she decided to take a side, Steve’s side, that was when her family was broken for the second time in her life.

She heard the door squeak open, but she didn’t make an effort to move. A single arm closed around her waist as the figure pulled her against him. (Y/n) could feel herself relaxing to his touch, and finally shutting her eyes.

“Goodnight, James,” she mumbled under her breath.

Oh, Ophelia
Heaven help the fool who falls in love

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Sun setting over the White Pocket, Arizona