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Time for Skywings~ I wish there were more Skywings in the books, if I were a dragon in the Pyrrhia universe I would be a Skywing, even tho Icewings are my fav tribe

I made Scarlet a bit smaller then some of the others because she is described as small for an adult Skywing. In book 1 it says she is only slightly taller then Clay, who is still not even fully grown. The melted side of her face is on the right, shoulda thought of that before I drew them all facing left XD;

Most of these are pretty self explanatory. For Osprey, since he can’t fly I made him a little chubby, since he can’t really get around much and get exercise.

Also Pyrite is cute c: Wonder why she got a nose ring? Doesn’t seem like something Hailstorm’s buried memories would drive her to do.

Fun Fact: Kestrel and Flame are tied for my fav Skywings

A Game of Stars
Chapter Two: The Battle of Hoth

Jonsa • Star Wars AU

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The cold of Hoth’s atmosphere stung Sansa’s cheeks before Lady set one paw outside Echo Base. The Starks had all grown up in the snow—Winterfell was in the snowy, mountainous northern region of Alderaan, after all—but Hoth was nothing like Winterfell. Wind blistered her cheeks and she had to grip her furred hood in place to keep it from tearing away. Her eyelashes crusted with snowflakes and she squinted, turning Lady away from the wind.

A flash of gray. Nymeria was suddenly next to her, steam rising from her mouth. “Here,” Arya said, pressing a pair of goggles into Sansa’s gloved hand.

When she’d first arrived on Hoth, Sansa had wrinkled her nose at the goggles, swearing she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something so hideous. But now, she pulled them over her head eagerly.

They rode through the storm, climbing atop the nearest peak, the direwolves effortlessly scaling the hundreds of feet of treacherous cliffs. Grey Wind reached the top first. Robb sat astride his wolf, his eyes on the sky and a hand on the hilt of his lightsaber, as if any second he’d have to fight. Nymeria sidled up to him, and Sansa nudged Lady to join them, three direwolves standing strong against the cold.

Imperial star destroyers were dipping into the atmosphere. “Thanks to Bran’s warning, we were able to raise the shields to maximum power,” said Robb. “They tried to ambush us, but now we have the upper hand.”

“It doesn’t feel like it!” Sansa said. It felt like she was going to freeze, and die, and have the rest of her family taken away from her.

“With our shields up, they can’t attack from the air,” Robb explained.

“But won’t they be prepared for a land assault anyway?”

The hint of a smile grew on Arya’s face. “But not just a land assault. And not against wolves.”

“What do the wolves matter against AT-AT walkers?” Sansa asked, irritated. She felt like she was five steps behind her siblings. She wished now she’d paid more attention to the rebels when they discussed battle strategy or Imperial weaponry, but it was just so boring at the time.

But neither of them responded. They were staring up.

“Look,” Robb said, his voice soft as snow.

Above them, almost breaking the stormy sky in two, was a long, angled ship bigger than any other Sansa had ever seen. It had a thin, snakelike body and two wings that fanned out into sharp points. She could see the glint of green on the ship even from here, even with the storm. She breathed in too sharply and her lungs filled with aching cold.

She’d seen that ship before. It had come to Winterfell, and then it had left with her father.

Rhaegal.” Robb said the word like a prayer, or maybe a curse.

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I mean, if you're still taking requests, how bout some Qibli x Winter?

i’m so sorry this looks so rushed but it’s late at night and i’m tired and i could not stop thinking about this (which is what the drawings are based off of) and i’m also sorry if you were expecting something like the vermolder post but instead got a shitpost that took me over an hour to do

anyways, i’ve never drawn qibli before :v

The Signs as Colors

Aries: Vermilion- Bright, orangey-red, like a flame at it’s highest peak. An Aries is always ready to stir up some more activity, as if they were stirring the flames. Independent, aggressive, headstrong, not unlike the fire that vermilion brings to mind.

Taurus: Maroon- Deep, rich, intense color, like the comfort of your grandparent’s couch. Taurus is strong, and practical, though they love quality things. The calm warmth that maroon brings to mind can easily remind you of these stable, present people.

Gemini: Phlox- Electric, cool purple, like neon lights at midnight. A Gemini mingles freely, but tends to forget the chill they can have in their voice. They are of course bright and witty, but the cold shade to this purple is reminiscent of Gemini’s lack of care.

Cancer: Periwinkle- Gentle, soft blue, like the fragile shells of the creatures who share it’s name. Cancers are sensitive, and have an instinct to protect themselves. The innocence and caring touch of a small flower is just like that of a Cancer.

Leo: Gold- Bold and sparkling, like the sun we know rules Leo. A Leo demands lots of attention, and is very self-aware. Dramatic, but warm-hearted, the grand, royal touch of gold immediately brings to mind Leo.

Virgo: White- Pristine, reserved, like a magazine made home. Virgo is classical, with a quiet charm. The cool tone of pure white, but also the way it blends in easily with anything truly represents Virgo.

Libra: Cream- Soft and smooth, like a well-made coffee. Libras always want to appear perfect, but are excellent at balance. The way cream can be accented and completely changed by all other colors brings to mind Libra’s constant charm.

Scorpio: Navy- Demanding respect, possibly even fear, like the uniforms it was named after. A Scorpio never goes without notice, and when they are noticed, they exude power, often being intimidating. The deep, intense color of navy alludes to Scorpio’s mystery.

Sagittarius: Lime- Wild, enthusiastic, bright, like a shirt stained from hair dye. Sags are adventurous, confident, and restless, on a constant hunt for something bigger. The zest of lime can cue thoughts of Sag’s optimism and love for life.

Capricorn: Black- Modern and serious, like a pencil skirt or printer ink. Cap is responsible and more than competent of finding the security they’re looking for. The suave, stable sheen of black is perfect for Cap’s wisdom.

Aquarius: Yellow- Shockingly, almost uncomfortably bright, like rainboots on a sunny day. Aquarius is unique and don’t even know what the status quo is. The neon yellow can be standoffish and unchangeable, like Aquarius, but they share their quirkiness that makes everything better.

Pisces: Lavender- The gentle, dreamy tone like a sleepy flower meadow. A Pisces can change with the wind, from shy and muted to intense and passionate, feeling their way through life. Their soft-hearted personalities hate any labels that could tie them down, like the in-between lavender.


Sailor Moon Trivia:

The Origins of Fire Soul Bird / Supreme Thunder Dragon

These two attacks are likely based off two of the Four Symbols of the Chinese Constellations… The Vermilion Bird of the South and the Azure Dragon of the East respectively. 

The Four Symbols each represent one of the Cardinal Directions and one of the seasons each, as well as being linked to the Five Phases, the Vermilion Bird with Fire and the Azure Dragon with Wood respectively, they are also linked, therefore, directly with the planets Mars and Jupiter, fitting for power ups to the Soldiers in charge of these planets.

Unfortunately the respective Symbols for Mercury and Venus, the Black Tortoise of the North and the White Tiger of the West do not feature in this arc. Though it is possible that Artemis was originally intended to bring a link between Venus and the White Tiger in Codename: Sailor V, this is not really suggested in the anime.

I for one would love to see, if these attacks return in Sailor Moon Crystal, both Crescent Beam Tiger and Sabão Spray Tortoise!