actually I wanted to start this blog with some art, probably a quality photograph I took, but this pictures is one of these which don’t leave me cold at the moment.

On december 11th I was at the premiere of the movie ‘Jesus liebt mich’ in essen, germany. Indeed i got tickets for it 2 days before. Yeah, i admit i was there to see Florian David Fitz. i’ve always had a thing for him and was pretty excited, when he appeared on the red carpet. He directly walked into my direction and i handed him a pictures to sign. this was already more i could hope for. then i gave myself a start, because i knew this chance won’t come back again. i asked him if he would also take a picture with me and he said 'yes’ at once. there was still one woman left in front of me, but i guess she had no choice to give me some space after his acceptance ;-) since i was still nervous he grabbed my cam and took the photo.

all in all i think he’s stunning, because he was so calm and open-hearted.

next friday i’m going to see him again. i’m really looking forward to this!