These days everyone knows that you can’t take advertisements at face value.  Photoshop, misleading wording, deliberate omission of certain facts – all frequent techniques that advertisers use to toe the line while they’re pushing their product down your throat.  Of course, sometimes that toe crosses the line – or rather, sometimes a company blows that line away with a bazooka.

With the help of the Don Draper of image manipulation AuntieMeme, here are those companies with egg on their face with a bazooka in hand.

Many of these baffle me – how can they think “you should be able to realize we’re lying” is a valid legal defense?

Don’t Eat That

The Round Explorer uses that most massively useful tool, a towel, to distract an enormous beaked lizard-thing away from eating the flag.

Of course, yesterday’s catastrophic communications outage took out AT&T and Verizon cel service, and Qwest/Century Link Internet. So, this is yesterday’s drawing, done yesterday, but stuck at home until I had inter webs at work.

Sprint and Verizon Agree to Illegal Billing Pay-Backs

Mobile Carriers Will Refund Current and Former Customers

Sprint and Verizon Wireless customers: You may be entitled to refunds for illegal charges “crammed” onto your bills over the past five years.

Both companies have agreed to pay back customers for letting third-party vendors charge them for unauthorized services like premium SMS or text messaging.

If you don’t know whether you were billed for these services or not, you can view summaries of your charges on the claim submissions websites starting in July. Former customers may apply. See this Consumer Financial Protection Bureau blog post for the details.

My iPhone has arrived.  I thought this day would never come.  I don’t even know what to do I’m so excited.  OMG OMG OMG. I didn’t even put makeup on to post this picture I’m so excited. 

And lastly, I know a lot of people suggest waiting until June for the iPhone 5.  I don’t care.  I have been waiting to have the iPhone since it came out.  I highly doubt the added features that I would get in 4 months will outweigh the amazingness that is about to come into my life over the next four months.  It took so long for the iPhone to come to Verizon, what if they don’t give Verizon an updated phone for a year… just saying.

AHHH I’m so excited.  I’m also giving away a Polar Heart Monitor this week so make sure you read your newsletter!  If you have not signed up yet, that’s too bad.  Check out my twitter for a link to read it online.  

PS like my new running top? CS by City Sports Stride ¼ Zip Long Sleeve in Nail Polish Pink - I got it on sale this weekend for just $35 at the store :)  


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Did Sansa get raped? :(



The Amazon Fire mobile phone is teetering on the edge of oblivion

The Amazon Fire mobile phone is teetering on the edge of oblivion

The Amazon Fire mobile phone is teetering on the edge of oblivion, and there are signs everywhere.

I haven’t noticed one fireplace mobile phone within the wild since it shipped in late Gregorian calendar month, and Amazon has countless greenbacks in unsold inventory. Even AT&T, that Amazon partnered with, seems less than enthused about the mobile phone.

A look at the carrier’s web site tells you…

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Vodafone’s shareholders have overwhelmingly approved the company’s sale of its 45% stake in Verizon Wireless to Verizon Communications. The deal which is one of the largest acquisitions in corporate history, consist of $58.9bn in cash and $60.2bn in Verizon stock.

About $84bn will be returned to shareholders and Vodafone claims this is the single largest return of value in corporate history. The deal effectively gives Verizon, which has close to 100 million cellphone subscribers in the US, 100% ownership of its wireless business.

The many faces of Eve - Paris 2015 Art in the street. Not really sure what this piece is called but it was quite fabulous.

Here is what I can tell you about Paris- I fucking loved it, 3 days was not near enough and I will be back. 

- Paris is notorious for pick pockets, so be mindful when you are near a big tourist attraction.

- Bread, oh mah gawd the bread and pastries are off the chain. 

- dont trust friggin street maps if you are walking to the Eiffel Tower, just a few connecting streets left off of the directions can have you wandering for hours. This caused some very badly barking dogs that caused us to have to forgo meeting a group of very talented street photographers for a Saturday walkabout. (still kicking myself in the ass for this Maud).

- If Verizon gets the chance to screw you, bet it will happen. They terminated my global data a few days before I got to Paris and that really cramped our access to maps etc. I’m not saying it was done on purpose, just seems par for the course. This combined with a UBER cab driver that had his head up his ass cost us the chance of having dinner with a friend on our last night. (still pissed at that driver Clok)

- A visit to the cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried is a must for Rock music fans. RIP Mr. Mojo Risin.

- the cab from CDG Airport into Paris is going to run you a bit over $50 Euros, the airport is way out of town.

- the language is beautiful and when a lovely woman is speaking in French its music to the ears.

-the buses are great, take advantage of them- I did not get the chance to ride the metro,  that will be next time.

-Did I mention the coffee yet? It’s damn good. and there are street cafes all over.


Ed Sheeran | Make It Rain | Dallas, TX | Verizon Theatre | May 7, 2015 | Video by Me