Fic rec | sterek

Title: Sometimes I dream of you  || tumblr

Author: veritas_st || tumblr

Words: 1960

Summary: He’s right though, sitting there in his goddam red hoodie, milkshake dripping condensation all over himself, and Derek can practically taste the fucking thing, Stiles is right, Derek doesn’t want him gone. No matter what he says he never wanted him gone.

This was… sad. And beautiful. And… I cried. But you need to read it.

Betting on forever

Author: mrstotten, veritas_st

Status: Completed - 1/1

Summary: It’s not like Stiles spends a huge amount of time thinking about it. But when he does it seems strange, good strange, but strange nevertheless, he cant really put a finger on when they decided to become civil to each other let alone friends, best friends even. Him…and Derek Hale. Can you imagine it?

Link(s): Ao3
Of Princess Cupcakes and Permanence
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary:  When a baby girl gets dropped on Derek’s doorstep, the first person he calls, well the first person who answers anyway, is Stiles. Turns out Stiles is a natural with kids.

Rating: Mature

Author:  veritas_st

WC: 16,139

Notes: Part 1 of Talia Hale Junior, Princess of Pink.